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Mahaan (2022)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   8.1/10 8.3K votes
Country: India
Language: Tamil | Malayalam
Release date: February 10, 2022

Gandhi Mahaan, a school teacher, is abandoned by his family after he decides to live a life of his own, with personal freedom.

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GuardedEdits 10 February 2022

The first Karthik movie I've watched was Petta and I liked that movie then on Pizza - was outstanding horror film and jagame thandhiram - a gangster movie but I didn't like. Well this movie was excellent and every I got thrilled. It is excellent I've watched. I'd recommend this movie to be watched...

personalacc-87247 10 February 2022

Despite a simple/predictable storyline, the film moves pretty quick.

It would've been different if ANIRUDH continued this film.

Pros: Chiyaan Vikram and Dhruv's acting skills. Both of em nailed it!!

Cons: Movie length, Predictable storyline, Basic album and BGM, same old Kartik Subaraj casting team.

It's not the best, but way better than Jagame Thandhiram


nallaiah 10 February 2022

Asusual it's a pointless Karthik subburaj story and no connection.

A triangle friendship story that got distrusted during childhood and got united during 40s ..better they shldnt get united as there is no use of their friendship..the story was mild predictable and the first half of movie which everyone says better was also sluggish..and second half was taken only to complete the connection and not to entertain us.. The only reason to watch this was because of the real life dad son combo..yet it disappointed us because of the useless gangster story.. though it was spicy and action packed it was of no use .. overall it's a forgettable overlong movie with the unique performance of the dad- son.. As usual the director made a movie for namesake and it ruined well .

TreeFiddy53 10 February 2022

The only good things about the movie, IMO, are that you get to see Vikram back on the screen, and 1-2 scenes with stellar acting by him and Bobby.

You're likely gonna be like "Vikram oda kozhandhai yevalo azhaggaaa avan ah madhriyeeee irukan!"(pinna, vera yepdi irupan!?) and if that's enough to make you watch this movie, go for it.

I don't see the appeal otherwise. I felt like it was a waste of ~3hrs but you may not. It's unnecessarily drawn out and predictable. 8.7 on IMDb is emotional scoring, don't fall for it. It's an average masala movie that should get a 50-60% score on whatever scale you follow.

joppanLive 11 February 2022

It started nicely, then excited me, then thrilled me,.... And, then disappointed me heavily...and, then ended in a very strange manner... So, in other words, the story is not an easy one to digest for anyone... If you can accept that fact, then watch it. Good luck.

( P. S. if you liked Mani ratnam's "Chekka Chivantha Vaanam", then you might like this one)

magadalwarmayur 10 February 2022

Predictable yet a decent watch. Karthik's way of telling a story is carried here too in a convincing way than his previous film.

Vikram nailed the show. 2nd half's writing elevates the movie at parts. Amazing visuals and background score.

A neat action drama that packs in a strong cast, enjoys the sail throughout the film and more. Though there are a lot of predictable stretches, Chiyaan Vikram and Dhruv keep the ball rolling and make it a watchable ride.

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