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Malasaña 32 (2020)

Rayting:   5.5/10
Country: Spain | France
Language: English

A family moving to a new house to live the dream of the big city. A house where dreams turn in nightmares.

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monchomata 19 January 2020

Good horror movie, Excellent production values, actors range from good to average, but the movie really abuse of the scarejumps. Although thats a good thing if you like it. The plot its ok, but it could have been better. It looks like a excuse for the scarejumps, although there arent plot holes, ( the reaction to an event could look a bit weird for modern standards, and it could look like a plot hole, but its understandable in the context of the family) and there are some ok twists, and they tried to make an interesting history. But they abuse so much of scarejumps, and use so much tropes of the clasic haunted house movie, that the plot would be a 5 or a 4, and its the weakest part of the movie. But still an interesting movie if you like haunted house movies, and i think its an interesting and decent horror movie overall. The movie happens in the 70s, in spain, so maybe the setting can be a bit alien to american viewers. Take in account that it was a very traditional and catholic country, divorce and abort were still illegal, that explains some of the bits in the story. Franco died the year before, the country is still a dictatorship. The protagonists are a family of farmers, with almost not skills, trying to get a better life in the big city. They find an old and big apartament in a classic neighbourghood of madrid. I liked how it solves the "why the protagonist just dont run away from haunted house"?. You wont regret watching this movie, but maybe youll think that it could have been better

joseandresbriceno 19 January 2020

Well, as horror movies fan, this movie is nothing special or original. At the beginning I got a feeling like it was some kind of a Spanish version of Poltergeist, however everything falls flat as it develops. I felt the story a little bit forced, and there really isn't enough time for you to care about the characters. Initially there is a lot of suspense, and there are some scary scenes where you can almost feel a terrifying atmosphere, but then it becomes way too repetitive and it takes a long time for something to actually happen. Compared to other Spanish horror movies, it's not very good. I would say it is almost a decent popcorn horror flick; I would recommend you to wait until you can watch it at home like on a Friday or Saturday night.


ops-52535 26 October 2020

Slow horror movies with lots of mindfull content, lingering around the predigital era of the 20th century spain, with a production design and well equiped and well maked up locations with very good darkfilming and well acted scary moments then its a recommend from the grumpy old man.

its well over american average horror flicks made lately so see this its creepy.

jp_91 6 March 2020

"Malasaña 32" is a great horror film with influences about "The Exorcist", "The Conjuring", and Polanski's apartment trilogy. Set in the 1970's, the set decoration and costume design are cool. The script is creepy, the acting and direction are amazing. The special effects are great. The story is thrilling, a classic haunted house mistery and even sadly scenes, some jump scares but not easy ones, a very good film. A classic for the 2020's decade.

albertomtz 6 July 2020

Every horror movie needs a scare jump, or many for sure. But to abuse the scare jump and use it every single minute of the movie is overkill, and it's what gives scare jumps such a bad reputation.

In this movie they use the most monotone situations to use scare jumps along with an extremely annoying volume boost. So yes, at the 5 minute mark I started rolling my eyes, but the atmosphere sort of gave me something to keep watching.

Then again, lighting is all over the place, they open the door and its a pitch black apartment, next scene theres a lot of light coming in from the windows, it uses light to their convenience and not in a realistic way.

It is never clear why the characters are acting the way they are (brother, grandfather, girl in wheelchair (and her mother)), and even worse, the movie concludes with a "resolution" that doesn't really explains those situations.

I'm sad I wasted my "free On Demand movie" code for this. It is a waste of time, scare jumps and money.

redtiago 8 September 2020

Spanish horror movies have great quality. And this one is no exception. But like the japoneses horror movies sometime ago, nowadays they produce good quality horror movies but very similar. We see one excelent, two ok still excelent, then the next ok it's good but already seen this. Even so i still recommend it.

leonidasstathopoulos 23 July 2020

Nice story line,without exaggerations... Some parts smart, some cliches, but it was worth watching it, at an open air cinema in the middle of the summer

basilakos26 28 August 2020

A decent film..although is mixing any possible element from other horror classics it doesn't make it annoying It keeps you till the end

kosmasp 15 August 2020

As in the thing you live in - though as the rating suggests here, some may feel that is also true as an adjective about the movie. Horror movies can have it hard. They are succesful but also very open to criticism, especially from hardcore horror fans. This isn't the best horror movie I've ever seen, by a long shot. A bit too much in the jump scare department for my taste. But having said that, technically this is more than sound and the story works too.

The movie starts off with one of those "come on, are you kidding me" scenes. But it has a story behind it and it does tell it quite nicely. Even the reactions from the characters are easy to follow and make overall sense too ... give it a try if you will, and try not to be too judgemental of the flaws. Very nice cinematography too

helena_sanchez 30 January 2020

What a bad horror movie! It is all about scare jumps all the time, bad actors, and what's worse, the plot. After watching 80 minutes of nonsense scare jumps, the plot is just some cheap political propaganda. Don't waste your money!

nutzzynutz 9 July 2020

First I like span movie It's cool some I think it doesn't make me scary Some scene makes me laugh haha But I like editing color it's perfect

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