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Malignant (2021)

Crime | Horror | Mystery
Rayting:   6.3/10 39K votes
Country: USA | China
Language: English
Release date: September 2, 2021

Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.

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holt-rh 14 September 2021

This was so much fun. Old school horror vibes. I feel like people are rating it low because the took it way too seriously. Just sit back and have some fun.

Austintatioussss 12 September 2021

People are always whining that no one tries anything new in Hollywood, well here it is. Sure it borrows elements from other movies but it's a fresh take. Turn your brain off and just enjoy the ride. If you're a true horror fan, I mean one who devours all things horror, you'll love it.

mjlyl1982 13 September 2021

This is the most fun I've had in awhile - so many twists and turns and surprises. The effects are amazing and well done, the story interesting. I immediately came away feeling satisfied.

Ken_ZomgWtfBbq 11 September 2021

This movie was fantastic.

Unrestrained horror ridiculousness.

Don't take it seriously, because it certainly doesn't take itself seriously.

And you'll have a great time.

theroscoevine 13 September 2021

Look at all the people coming on here and saying anyone who liked this movie has no movie credo. Whatever. This is just a very FUN horror flick. I have NO interest in a sequel, because it could ONLY be stupid. There is NO further story here!

Don't let anyone spoil it for you, and don't read any descriptions. I'd also avoid all trailers. I went into this movie totally blind. I had no idea what it was about. I thought it might be a haunted house movie, but no. Just watch it. It's really violent and fun, which are two of my main points for enjoying anything.

davidgiorgione 13 September 2021

You just can't please everyone... horror movies are either paced too slow or too fast, too gory or not gory enough, overly campy or too serious. It's best to just ignore the people that share these hysterical opinions and decide for yourself if this looks like a movie that interests you.

The movie, in my opinion, was sincerely bonkers. It started off as a paranormal-esque thriller with some real creepy moments and slowly transformed into a mystery, action, stylized gore-fest extravaganza with some light humor mixed in the middle. James Wan continues to show off his unique blend of cinematography and over the top visions on this one.

For those saying the movie wasn't self aware of it's "campy" dialogue and murder scenes, come on, this is the same guy whose worked on the Conjuring, Saw, and Insidious franchises not to mention Fast & Furious 7... he 100% knows when he's being cliche and it was undoubtably intentional. Not liking it is one thing and perfectly okay, but to say this film is "garbage" or an "embarrassment" is absurd.

This movie was great, not perfect, but not horrible either. If you're one of the few sane people on here who can still enjoy a good time and turn their brains off for a little insanity then give this one a go, otherwise continue to live a mundane and boring life ;)

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