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Mank (2020)

Biography | Drama 
Rayting:   8.0/10 42181 votes
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Kyloren14 15 November 2020

Acting is perfect, directing is outstanding, score is fantastic and very very movie of the year for me

nurgalini 15 November 2020

After reading a few early reviews from some of the renowned film critics, who talked about Fincher's genius on one side and inaccessibility of the film to the general public on another, I became a little bit sceptical that this film would actually deliver. But did it deliver! The film is a technical masterpiece with a compelling story and career defining performances from Seyfried and Oldman! This film is Fincher's best work to date and one of the greatest films of the last decade! An absolute marvel of a film!

starwarsromania 15 November 2020

Fincher does it ! A amazing 2020 movie ! He succeeded in bringing an amazing story to screen.

reddyashwas 16 November 2020

Another awesome movie by David fincher , gary oldman and Amanda Seyfried were amazing too , this movie deserves an Oscar

smithjordan-69654 18 November 2020

With Mank, Fincher is able to capture the essence of Citizen Kane. It is widely regarded that Citizen Kane is one of the greatest movies ever made. Orson Welles managed to create this masterpiece during his first spin in moviemaking: writing, directing, and producing it on his own. What many people don't know, and what Fincher is trying to tell us, is that the screenplay was primarily written by Herman J. Mankiewicz. Starring as the titular Mank is Gary Oldman, in another Oscar worthy role. Tom Burke plays the legendary Orson Welles, portraying him as kind of an annoying show off. Of course, Welles had a right to be prideful, he was making the greatest movie ever made. Fincher's Directing is sublime, I'm hoping with this he can finally win the coveted best director Oscar, which he surprisingly hasn't won yet. Also the cinematography is spot on, perfectly matching the feel of Citizen Kane. Ultimately this is a must watch for movie fans and i would be very surprised if we don't see plenty of this movie during awards season.

Joker_36 16 November 2020

As of now the best movie of 2020 for me, Gary Oldman, and Amanda Seyfried both gave amazing performances. And the directing, cinematography, and score were all amazing. Definitely recommend.

Eric1485 21 November 2020

"This is a business where the buyer gets nothing for his money but a memory. What he bought still belongs to the man he who sold it. That's the real magic of the movies."

David Fincher puts it all on the line in his latest film, Mank. The result is a gorgeous and heartfelt film that takes the viewer back to 1930's-40's Hollywood.

Gary Oldman is great as the cynical, alcoholic writer who has no filter and rarely has anything nice to say. He is surrounded by a terrific supporting cast that makes each scene and interaction truly enjoyable. It is obvious that everyone involved in this project, took thier roles seriously.

This is a much different film than the gritty, violent, and dark pictures Fincher has become known for. However, the attention to detail, editing, gorgeous cinematography, and use of lighting and sound is still as effective as ever.

I expect Mank to be popular when the Academy Award nominations are announced, as it deserves.

sxm-58555 15 November 2020

Mank is an amazing movie. Everything is so well shot and made. From the cinematography to the acting to the script, everything just blends together perfectly. Mank is easily the best film of 2020 and as of now, is easily the winner for Best Picture imo. Highly recommend this film

Noel_dasilva 22 November 2020

Let me start off by saying that this movie is not going to be for everyone, and I fully understand if anyone ends up feeling bored or dislikes the movie. It's wordy, complicated and doesn't try to push the audience in any particular direction. I however loved it.

There are very few things Mank doesn't achieve in an almost perfect fashion, this is a passion project and a love letter of the highest caliber. The acting is superb all around, Gary Oldman delivers one of his absolute best roles ever perfectly embodying the tormented but talented Mank, Seyfried shines as a cleverer than you think movie star and everyone else helps you forget you're not watching the real persons themselves.

The biggest highlight of this movie however is the incredible visuals, the best cinematography Oscar is practically in the bag already. Very seldom do you watch something that so perfectly captures a different era, this one being of the old Hollywoodland, with great compositions, lighting and mood this is truly a feast for the eyes in every possible way! I truly felt transported to another world and what i wouldn't do to experience that old Hollywood glamour just for one night, corruption and backstabbing aside!

There are many more things to discuss but I'll leave it to you to experience this firsthand, overall this is an excellent return to the big screen for David Fincher and Im beyond excited to see what he can cook up next. Highly recommend!

Score: 9/10

bastille-852-731547 21 November 2020

I'm a huge fan of both "Citizen Kane" as well as David Fincher's films, so I was extremely excited to see this. Because of how much I enjoy Fincher's films as well as how good the trailers looked, I wanted to (safely) see it on a big screen rather than wait until Netflix. Needless to say, this is a good movie, but not a great one--and it does not quite live up to the quality one would expect from a Fincher film.

The story focuses on Herman Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman,) the screenwriter who worked--often tempestuously--with Orson Welles to write "Citizen Kane." However, the amount of time the film spends on material related to "Citizen Kane" is relatively little. Instead, the film tends to focus more on Mank's political activity, personal life, ascent into the movie business, and alcoholism throughout the 1930s. Oldman does a good job playing Mank, and is completely believable in the role. As one can expect from a Fincher film, the editing and cinematography are top-notch. The stylish, black-and-white aesthetic that feels both slightly understated (in the best way possible) and posh is beautifully complemented by a relatively steady camera and editing techniques common to films of the 1930s and 40s. The screenplay is generally well-written as well, although it doesn't feel as taut as you would expect in a Fincher picture, and the leisurely pacing is very well done.

Despite these strong qualities, "Mank" unfortunately is not quite great. The film develops Mank as a character, but he is portrayed in too static of a manner to really make for an engaging protagonist, or even one that can simply have clear ripple effects on the rest of the film's narrative and the characters around him. His characterization is not especially interesting. Fincher probably uses flashbacks a bit too much in the story, as many of the flashbacks to the early 1930s don't do too much to provide additional context to Mank as a character or the time period as a whole. Also, the supporting characters (such as the roles played by Amanda Seyfried and Lilly Collins) are not especially well-developed. As a result, the film doesn't completely work as a character study. However, it is still a generally well-acted and well-shot depiction of early film history that is worth seeing for viewers interested in the subject matter. 7/10

thedonblanca 20 November 2020

This film is beautiful. It stands high from absolutely every stand-point. It's a masterpiece of cinematography, score and acting. Thank You Mr. Fincher and get that Oscar.

frankde-jong 27 November 2020

"Mank" from David Fincher is a Netflix production. This provider of streaming services has produced a couple of good films the last few years, such as "Roma" (2018, Alfonso Cuaron) and "The Irishman" (2019, Martin Scorsese). For Fincher it was his first feature film since "Gone girl" (2014), and a very different film then the ones I have seen from him thusfar. Apart from "Gone girl" I have seen "Seven" (1995), The game " (1997) and "Zodiac" , all films with touches of crime in it. The script of "Mank" is based on work of the father of David Fincher, Jack Fincher.

For me "Mank" is above all an ode to the Hollywood studio system at its peak in the late '30s and early 40's, just like "Blancanieves" (2012, Pablo Berger) is an ode to the silent movies and "The artist" (2011, Michel Hazanavicius) to the early talkies. Not that Hollywood is depicted as a sort of heaven on earth, see the malicious manipulations with respect to the election of the governor of California in 1934, but in the other mentioned films the sun does not always shine either.

The main character of the film is Herman Mankiewicz. A perfect role of the versatile Gary Oldman. Herman is the older brother of director Joseph Mankiewicz (1950, "All about Eve") and has been somewhat forgotten. He has (co)written the scenario for films such as "Dinner at eight" (1933, George Cukor), "The Wizard of Oz" (1939, Victor Fleming) and above all "Citizen Kane" (1941, Orson Welles).

In the 70's film critic Pauline Keal wrote an article in which she claims that the scenario for "Citizen Kane" was not a co production between Welles and Mankiewicz but actually written solely by Mankiewicz. This theory has since become obsolete. As a matter of fact I think that the article of Keal has to be interpreted in the context of a discussion she was involved in with the directors of the "Nouvelle vague". These directors saw the director of a movie as the author of the movie. Keal saw a movie as team performance. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. The relation of a director to his movie is different from the relation of the writer to his book or the painter to his painting. Nevertheless the director still is the central point where all the creative decisions converge.

Does "Mank" try to revive a theory which has already been found incorrect? I don't think so. The films ends with the first draft of the script, which is the point in time where the role of Mankiewicz ends and the role of Welles begins.

The subject of the film is the making of "Citizen Kane" (1941, Orson Welles). "Mank" tries to do that in the style of this film. Therefore "Mank" is (of course) in black and white. The film uses also many flashbacks. The present is Mankiewics working on his script in a remote country house, the numerous flashbacks tell the story of his Hollywood past. In one respect "Mank" falls short of his subject film. In "Citizen Kane" we get numerous opinions (and thus a multi facetted image) of Charles Foster Kane. In "Mank" we see all the action through the eyes of Herman Mankiewicz himself.

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