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Mark of the Devil (2020)

Rayting:   3.2/10
Country: Mexico
Language: English

Karl, a man who suffers a demonic possession, together with Tomás, a priest with addiction problems, embark on a hunt for demons, finding the case of Camila, a girl who attacks her family ...

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lilianqueirozcomex 10 April 2020

I cannot believe I wasted my time with it. This is one of the worst things I've ever looked at. Please note that I am including everything else I have laid my eyes on since I was born. This is so trash. If I were the people who worked on this movie, I would be ashamed to leave my house. I would change my name and move to another country.

I want to start a campaign for Netflix to remove it from its catalog, because this is an insult to all of the other movies there (good and bad). It is so terrible I wanna cry. Seriously, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT. Do anything else. Walk your dog, exercise, do chores. But please do not waste your time, like I did (sad song).

lopezpatricia-06139 1 April 2020

Truly awful film had to switch it off 44 mins in. The fact it was dubbed added to the abysmal acting.

tamalskh 28 March 2020

Ok, I wasn't expecting a masterpiece with a 3.8 rating on IMDB but this , this surpassed my imagination by a mile , should have set the bar lower than ground zero.

The top billed actor doesn't show up until a good 30 minutes into the film, has so little screen time it could be easily termed an extended camio.

After seeing many horror films and reading materials of this genre I could make a guess as to what was the explanation for all that but seriously wasn't that the film's responsibility to do the explanation? Not like spoon feeding the audience but like making sense of everything.

It really hurts to see Eduardo Noriega in something so poorly made. He is better than this, he deserves better than this.

Film was made like 3 years ago, released only this year in thetres in Mexico and now on Netflix - making it evident nothing good was to come out of it.

But it goes beyond that, it hurts to see a film this bad.

jcbvalderrama 5 April 2020

Do yourself a favor. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME BY WATCHING THIS MOVIE. Do chores instead.

I madean account here just to write this review. Consider this a gift!

charlesartbr 30 March 2020

The first 5 minutes make me thought "this will be a good movie", but I was wrong, this movie sucks, looks like a mexican soap opera, with scenes that were made to be scare but they were not, it is ridiculous. Very bad scripting and directing.

PassengerB 27 March 2020

This movie appears to be made up entirely of different movies: Some "Evil Dead" of course -- the book in question looks exactly like the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, although only Lovecraft's Necronomicon is being referred to. Some "Practical Magic" -- bahahahaha, wait for it. And this isn't a spoiler but it's a scene that literally had me laugh out loud. Remember the scene in the "Practical Magic" movie in which Sandra Bullock takes her possessed sister's hand, etc, pp? You'll know what I mean once you get there. And of course there's some "El Dia de la Bestia" in this movie. A band of misfits that fate threw together come to stop Satanic forces. In El Dia it was a priest, a Death Metal fan and a TV show psychic, here it's a possessed dude and a drug-addicted priest. Well. They tried. I actually liked the premise of the plot, despite it all being so obviously patched together from other movies. Problem: IT WAS SOOOO BORING! It was unnecessarily lengthy, the special effects (especially the fight scenes) were horrible and made the film unintentionally comical. Another problem: The music. Someone tried reaalllly hard to "give this move depth" by adding the slow, ever-repetitive piano music. I have news for you, there's no depth in this movie as well as in 90% of all horror movies through the ages. Stop trying to turn entertainment into philosophy, there's nothing there. I'm not even going to talk about the ending... I recommend putting away the popcorn and getting out all the alcohol you still have at home. You'll need it to get through this movie.

michal-567-462609 31 March 2020

I've just turned off the Netflix after watching 25 minutes of this horrible movie. I'm not sure why would they allow such BS movie on their platform. A friendly reminder to myself: visit IMDB before watching any movie!

elanderson4 24 April 2020

Dubbed over in English, this movie is completely ridiculous.

yonghanntan 28 March 2020

Unbelievably bad script, badder acting. Predictable from start to end. Gory scenes.

Edvis-1997 10 April 2020

This movie... Totally disaster. Effects poor, actors tragic, plot jumps everywhere, no sense, random episodes. Like what did I just watch? Don't watch it... Please, save your time....

nikosvl-99922 12 April 2020

Such a waste of time.... Was so boring and ridiculously funny at the same time. Scenario that does not make sense and the acting under the average...

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