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Masameer the Movie (2020)

Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: Saudi Arabia
Language: English

Masameer the Movie is based on one of the most successful cartoon shows in the Middle East and is coming to cinemas. The Saudi animation comedy loved by fans across the region sees 'Dana', ...

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User Reviews

abdulrahmanalbloushi 31 January 2020

It's a good movie for a youtube, or any online platform not in the cinema, and it has a good graphics, but still the story and the way it presented not worth buying a ticket to watch it. And the advertisements it was too clear in way which was irritating the viewers.

sloom-36942 11 January 2020

The movie had a nice start, but at the end of the story, it was without ideas, it was like your plan only drop some random things

4 stars for the good voice acting and lovely animation, other than that the movie was bad

jazzalkadi 18 January 2020

I was very upset with the movie,, it was full of obvious commercials and had no story line. It was also too long !! I did not walk away from the movie,, thinking something different will happen,, instead I slept in the middle of the movie

lulu-aljarallah 1 February 2020

Too much advertising and too much racism the discussed issues are too old. I was expecting something new and more interesting

abu961 8 February 2020

Sorry to say that but There is no story and no scenario ,

amazon-47552 25 January 2020

Good animation but bored story not like YouTube series of them.

Nor recommend at all

Femmy-66 16 January 2020

It's a waste of time and money! The whole movie is an ad for STC & Herfy, and some jokes in between. The story is very poor and lacks creativity, this movie should be in YouTube only. And also I'm really disappointed that the director thought making fun of a celebrity ( Model Roz ) is a funny joke! It made the "movie" even worse and so childish.

nawaf-albader 23 January 2020

The movie is a joke It's like watching an 1h50m infomercial, the movie is full of ads. The jokes are not meant for kids or adults The plot is so stupid And if you don't speak Arabic DO NOT GO. the English subtitle is a joke I don't know who Translation but a fifth grader can do better job translating it The movie is full of spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, I mean they translated "green ford" to RED FORD

Fahadiez 20 March 2020

What is this ?

No storyline , no scenario,basicly it's a cartoon with Ads and some songs.

where is the Action ? where is the jokes ? where the story ? This's not Masameer that we know , this's a bad representation of the Masameer show. they feel that they have to present all masmeer characters regardless why.

hadeel-y 1 February 2020

Waste of time and money. And i almost fell asleep I thought it will be better then these. There is nothing funny about there jokes.

bllh 19 January 2020

The YouTube series was better in many ways, I didn't like the fact the movie was based on advertisement , I mean come on you made it to the theaters you don't need that anymore, beside this will keep you local as you used local brands, I'm a huge fan of Masameer characters and writers but this was a disappointment.

musayh-136-928042 11 February 2020

No script, no actors, waste of time, bad comedy, worst than the series

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