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Master (2022)

Drama | Horror | Mystery
Rayting:   5.0/10 4.5K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: March 18, 2022

Three women strive to find their place at an elite Northeastern university. When anonymous racist attacks target a Black freshman, who insists she is being haunted by ghosts, each woman must determine where the real menace lies.

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Draysan-Jennings 21 March 2022

Well that was confusing. After it finally ended I had no idea what the point of this film was. It started out ok but about half way in I was completely lost. The last half of the film was a complete mind ****. How I got through it is beyond me. It was shot well and has some good acting so 5 stars for a basic film.

ebeckstr-1 20 March 2022

Ignore the low rating if you like creepy, slow burn, deep and dark horror movies.

The low ratings are posted mostly by people who don't understand what's happening in this movie. Some complain about loose ends, of which there are none if you can follow a story that is below the surface of the plot. If the viewer is attentive there are no loose ends and everything makes perfect sense.

Others complain that it is boring or slow. Those reviews are posted by people who don't understand how to experience suspense and the methodical buildup of story and character. Predictably, some reviewers complain about what they perceive as preachiness.

So, the first two kinds of low reviews are easily dismissed, since they are written by people who are just not very sophisticated movie watchers in the first place. That's not the movie's fault.

The third kind of low reviews, written by viewers who complain about the preachiness, are more interesting, if wrong-headed. The screenwriter/director made a conscious decision to not be subtle about the movie's messages and themes, and to literally speak them out loud. One of the most fascinating elements of Master of is that, despite the lantern that is hung on the themes and the messages, the movie itself is so very subtle with its use of symbolism, enigmatic-but-meaningful story and plot elements, and a complex cast of characters who represent numerous facets of racism: from sloppy, overt racism to the maddening racism of white liberals who think they are not racist, but whose lack of awareness of their own privilege makes them full contributors to systemic racism and the related insidiousness of self-satisfied denial. This movie is uncommonly deep and complex in its depiction of themes and characters, all the more impressive given that, as some have noted (while completely misunderstanding the point), the messages and the themes are almost literally shouted from the rooftops.

In addition to the above sophisticated and compelling aspects of the movie, Master stands on its own as a superb horror movie. A sense foreboding intention permeates every frame from the opening seconds. In addition, there are numerous moments of sheer creepiness, and, it would appear, more than a hint of Dario Argento in the cinematography. In fact, if you've seen argento's Suspiria you'll recognize Master's direct visual homage to the scene in which a character lying in bed hears an old woman moaning from the other side of a red backlit curtain. (Oh, and Argento's maggots make an appearance.)

Master is a very good horror movie in its own right, and the sophisticated way in which it develops and shares its story, characters, and themes, makes it one of the best American horror movies of the last several years.

martimusross 26 March 2022


This movie was quite a mixed bags of different themes, all of them being different aspects racism. However we never saw any specific targeted attack except for some graffiti and an object on the doorknob, this followed a party where Jasmine had stole her roommate boyfriend, so we were expecting some retribution.

The movie had a nihilistic overtone where nothing would ever change and nothing could be done, if this were truly the case you would move to a place where you were outwardly the same as everybody else. The movie suggested further that her place in the school and that of 8 others students of colour was mere tokenism, thus seriously stretched a point.

Over these issues we had some horror, racial appropriation and repeating figures from the past.

It was a mess, it could have been good, really good had they stuck with the English professor who was not what she seemed.

I'm giving this a weak 5 outta 10, the atmosphere was good but the script let this down.

catfanatic888 29 March 2022

Ok this is not a traditional horror movie that many were expecting but instead it's more of a horror/drama film. It was intriguing throughout and held my attention. It's clever and smart showing that all may not be well as it seems. Give it a chance.

marinaant-36217 23 March 2022

A disappointment. It started out so good until and it kept being good until one point. It became so boring after and so slow that it made me not wanna pay attention to it anymore but I did to see how this film was gonna end up. I was waiting for the whole supernatural thing to be solved but nothing happened, just dialogues. It sure had a deep meaning but Regina Hall can do a lot better than this.

pasaribuharisfadli 7 April 2022

Master is more concerned as a social commentary instead of as a horror film, but that doesn't mean negates its "scarryness." One must give Mariama Diallo a credit for her strong direction. Master definitely fascinating to watch. However, the film also suffers from a lack of a solid focus while the conveying process of its theme can a little bit falter sometimes. The ambiguity of its many aspects doesn't help either.

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