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Max Steel (2016)

Action | Family  | SciFi
IMDB Rayting:   4.6/10
Country: UK | USA
Language: English

The adventures of teenager Max McGrath and his alien companion, Steel, who must harness and combine their tremendous new powers to evolve into the turbo charged superhero Max Steel.

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squaffle 6 January 2017

I actually enjoyed this. After reading a few reviews I expected it to be really slow and boring but was pleasantly surprised. Sure it took a little longer going places than some of the rushed non-stop explosion fests available but that's why I liked it. It felt like it was it's own film and not just a carbon copy of all other superhero style films out there, it actually took time to build a sense of mystery and develop the characters rather than just rushing from one plot point to the next.

I felt like I got to know the main character and was intrigued to see more of the movie universe unlike many forgettable action/sci-fi movies out there.

If you go into the film expecting non-stop action sequences go watch the avengers, if you want something with a little mystery and gradual exploration of that mystery watch this

dorothewatcher 10 December 2016

Was it great, nah but it was a fun ride and it WAS NOT A REMAKE OF THE CRAPPY SHAQ FILM. Max Steel was a kids series a few years back now being brought to the big screen: Shaq's film was based on John Henry Irons AKA Steel from DC Comics that came to prominence when the Death Of Superman run was in full swing: The reviews that I've read for the "racist remake!" or the "Whitewashed retelling of a Black man's story!" are baseless and ridiculous.

Was the film Oscar worthy...Hell no it was for kids, tweens and ol Max fanboys that liked the cartoon...Cool CGI & fun.

And to qualify, I am Black. I am 100% dedicated to what's good for Black people and I am 100% for the truth and honesty for all of us...Peace & love all!!!

subxerogravity 21 October 2016

I remember a cartoon that pretty much was the same deal, except that cartoon more had a base on action sports which was what I was expecting with this film but as it turns out there was another more recent cartoon, this movie was based on.

Max is a kid who moved around a lot and he discovers why when he moves to the place were his mom and dad met and it triggers the energy spectrum that gives him super powers.

The formula was straight forward and it should have worked but all it did was doze me off, literally snoozing. Thought the movie did have some interesting surprises, but I spent most of the flick trying to keep my eyes open to pay too much attention.

Will say I enjoyed Andy García's role in this film. Far different than anything I've seen him in before and he most likely did it cause it was fun to do and he looked like he had fun. So that was enjoyable.

Max Steel could have been so much better, but it's not. So it's not worth watching. Should have based it on the 1st cartoon I guess.

kvang145 19 December 2016

Well, I was completely disappointed. The only tip I can give to y'all is the movie, "Max Steel", is similar to "Power Rangers". Therefore if you are still into or starting to like those series, then go for it.

Otherwise if you're trying to find a good time, this will make you cry tears in despair. Likewise, if you're a viewer like me who wants to explore, you'll probably enjoy the beginning, but puke toward the end.

Here's some details into why the movie isn't a success for me:

The protagonist is arrogant

The villain is arrogant (oh... they're supposed to?)

The movie skips a lot of character build ups

Finally and most importantly... yelling solves EVERYTHING!!! These would be great in books/novels, but doesn't help movie production.

siderite 19 January 2017

You know those horror movies that start with a bunch of kids going away to have fun in a cabin in the woods and it takes about five minutes to know everything that will ever happen to them? It's like that, but lame sci-fi.

It starts with the single mom moving back with her teenage son to their home town. He is young, sexy, but vulnerable and he's got superpowers and a friendly alien that he didn't know about. Oh, and a girl that is all but stalking him in order to be his boyfriend. And the mother knows something, but doesn't prepare him one bit, because he might not be ready. And the alien is amnesiac. So in order to be a bit interesting, they plug in a villain. A lame villain that makes no sense and has zero character development.

In fact, that's the feeling you get from the movie as a whole: plug and play. Every piece of it, be it plot, special effects or actors just some refurbished bit of crap from some other film in the genre. It is worse than a failure, it is something that they made knowing it had no value. The more I think about it the lower I want to rate it, so I stop here.

hknechtg 14 October 2016

Based on an earlier review I saw on this movie (I'm hoping it was a joke, because it was seriously off the mark) I felt obligated to post an honest review! I went to see this movie tonight with my two boys who are 12 & 9 years old. They are both HUGE fans of the Max Steel cartoon that was out a couple of years ago that this movie is quite clearly based on. They both loved the movie & were so bummed when it ended. We are all 3 hoping this becomes a series & has at least 1 or 2 more movies to further develop the story. And, being a nerdy, comic book/super hero/sci-fi/fantasy fan, I enjoyed it myself! Good clean movie, a bit intense in some scenes with a "Tornado", and one "almost" swear word, but otherwise a good movie for kids!

justinamazing2010 10 December 2016

This movie was pretty good, people who are saying this is a remake of Shaquille Oneal's movie Steele is completely wrong this movie has nothing in common or anything to do with the movie called Steele. First off the movie called Steele with Shaquille Oneal completely sucked and bombed and Max Steele is based on a cartoon called Max Steele and is 10x better than the crap movie called Steele. Max Steele has been a cartoon since 2001 and I have been waiting for a movie about the cartoon series. Of course it's going to not be a great movie but it is a good movie for families to watch. Maybe a console game would be good but not based on the cartoon.

nomads-13500 14 October 2016

Alright so those thinking that this is a remake of Shaquile o Neal's Steel, they are wrong. First of all Steel and Max Steel are two different characters. Steel is a character from DC Universe and goes by the alias of John Henry Irons, and Max Steel's real name is Max McGrath and belongs to Mattel. This is an entirely new movie and character. But overall the movie is great! The film is based on the reboot of the series rather than the original one from the year 2000 and it shows Max McGrath's origins into becoming Max Steel. The movie is great and the special effects are awesome. However you should watch it yourself to judge it.

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