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May God Save Us (2016)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.2/10 9.4K votes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release date: 12 July 2018

Inspectors Velarde and Alfaro must find what appears to be a serial killer. This hunt against the clock will make them realize something they'd never thought about: neither one of them is that different from the killer.

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blancastarolivera 15 July 2017

The most TERRIFYING movie I have ever seen. Amazing acting, film creating and directing work. Not a favorite story but definitely SHOCKING. It also reflects a moment in Spain recent history. I hope to see actor Javier Pererira in Hollywood films soon. Great Casting and Production.

AlexMedario 17 September 2017

It's so good to watch a good film with policemen, some thriller and of course the bad guys, but this time it's in an European city, Madrid. Quite better than LA, NY or the rest of exhausted American cities.

The couple of actors are superb, especially the tough Alfaro, played by Roberto Álamo. Antonio de la Torre plays the partner, Velarde, a strange character that makes the game more interesting.

Of course the movie is full of topics or even scenes that remind some other similar films, but it's difficult to do otherwise, because the subject has been repeatedly used as script.

There are huge differences but it come to my mind a few times the film Seven. I know that this film is in all the list about the greatest films, but for this reason it's normal that all films about the subject drink a bit from it.

javinry 20 June 2017

Spain continues to deliver solid thrillers, as for example this last years La Isla Minima was a masterpiece of Spanish cinema.

This film has a dark atmosphere, the actors are great, especially Antonio de la Torre who is one of the best Spanish actors of this decade. The personal relationship of the two detectives is well written. The influence of Fincher's Seven in this film is crystal clear.

Don't miss this new classic of Spanish cinema!

senhor-ron 14 December 2018

Ok, so...

Here I am, a Dutch guy living in Portugal watching a Spanish movie with English subtitles...

From the start, I am in love with what this movie shows. (In)compatible characters, working together to find out what the hell is going on. Knowing Roberto Álamo from the Fugitiva series I was intrigued by the character.

And yes... It is there. No spoilers, no analysis ... Just watch it.

deloudelouvain 24 August 2017

Another quality movie from Spain. It's not often I watch Spanish movies but it seems every time I do it's a good one. Same with Que Dios Nos Perdone. In it's own style it is a good movie about a sadistic serial killer. The hunt for the killer takes you on a ride full of suspense with some excellent acting from the whole cast. Antonio de la Torre as the stuttering inspector Velardes is definitely worth watching. Excellent job from Antonio de la Torre. The movie contains some graphic images from violent scenes, what makes the intensity of the movie even better. The guessing on who is the murderer will keep you interested for almost the entire movie and that's a good thing. Revealing the identity of a murderer too soon is most of the time not a good idea in this kind of movies and here the timing was perfect. Definitely worth a watch.

matlabaraque 29 August 2017

Que Dios nos perdone could be described as a classic, or even a filthy thriller but it is in fact a film directed in a superb manner. What is this all about ? Well at first, you've got a very unlikely pair of work, Alfaro (charismatic, self-confident, seducer but violent) and Velarde (starmmerer, quite and witty), the two detective inspectors who are in charge of the investigation. Both under pressure at work and urged to prove their qualities in the Spanish police, the detectives will need to overcome their faults to resolve this investigation with the utmost discretion. From then on, a thrilling race against time and serial rape crimes starts with the eternal doubt whether the policemen that they are, are that different (or not) to the murderer of these old women. To me, and above all, the film features a rare description of its characters, of the mood of Madrid during this summer 2011. You feel the heat, the smells of bodies and of the corpses(!) the tension at work, the hatred against and amongst policemen . It has all the ingredients that are needed in such a film: the crimes are definitely filthy, the detective inspectors are weirdos in their own way which make them plausible suspects. You end up suspecting everyone, and you crave for someone to arrest the murderer. A very gripping film, with a fantastic direction. Most likely, the best or one of the best of 2016 so far.

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