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Mercy Black (2019)

Horror | Thriller   
IMDB Rayting:   4.9/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A woman is sent to a mental institution after stabbing her classmate in an attempt to conjure an evil spirit called, Mercy Black. Fifteen years later, she's released and must save her nephew, whose become obsessed with the phenomenon.

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luvireland-11253 1 April 2019

It's not interesting, it doesn't make a lot of sense, and the acting is second-rate at best. Move along, people. Nothing to see here. P.S. The scariest thing about this movie is Janeane Garofalo's really bad lip injections.

jugtoxic 3 April 2019

Honestly from the second I heard that blumhouse released a surprise horror movie on Netflix I was pretty excited to watch it..... and then I did. The movie itself wouldn't have been so mediocre if they used a plot that didn't already exist. Literally this entire movie right down to the concept is literally slender man with a different name. The movie was not scary and again it was something we have seen a billion times and still they weren't able to get it correct on the screen.

athenawishes 9 April 2019

I took a chance watching this, expecting bad acting and plot holes, but I was pleasantly surprised. This movie, while not amazing, has twists and turns that kept me interested throughout the whole movie. It would not be my first recommendation, but I would certainly reccomend it.

sedmak7 1 April 2019

I didn't expect much from this movie but seeing it was a Blumhouse production I didn't think it'd be this bad. The acting was so horrible that I'm surprised I even watched it untill the end. It would have been better if i hadn't though.

gothic-fiction 31 March 2019

Mercy Black has a rather interesting idea, not the entire plot, but it starts out a little more ambitious than your usual indie flick.

Sadly the execution does not provide as it should, mostly as one would expect from such a production, thus it goes downhill and loses itself there. I do believe more could have been achieved without over inflating the budget, but simply try harder to connect the dots. You won't get much thrill out of it either, just a story that slowly reveals itself in front of your eyes and then the end. Rather typical, another swing and miss like so many other such movies.

I'm not going to go all aggressive because it did try and provided a tad bit more than usual, but I'm not going to recommend it either.


treetrailman 4 April 2019

This movie is so slow it is almost unbearable. Every scene turns out to be a let down. Actually, if you want a bad horror to judge other horror films off of, this one is great for that.

Carriexoc 1 April 2019

I'm assuming this was written and directed by Lifetime Network?

permanentwearerevolution 1 April 2019

Not sure why the super negativity, this doesn't deserve less than a 6 even if you didn't enjoy the plot and scares I found the camerawork and creepy kids were all extremely good. Take or leave the urban legend part, which I really enjoyed, and there is a good story that isn't 100% predictable and yet doesn't seem to only be loosely tied together at the very end with some explain-o-thon from the characters.

I was really impressed, and my partner and I were on the edge of our seats the whole time. Kudos to the entire cast and crew!

karenm-689-241908 31 March 2019

Never held my attention. Slow, boring plot. Couldn't wait for the end.

famedk 3 April 2019

The lead actor was such a kim kardashian lookalike it made the film relay bad. She wanted us to believe that she was a mental patient, but woke up in full mascara lipstick and all. Hilarious. I like blumhouse movies but this was not a good one.

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