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Miami Bici (2020)

Rayting:   6.5/10
Country: Romania
Language: English

Miami Bici is the story of Ion and Ilie, two young people from a small dark city in Romania who go to Miami in the middle of winter, to live both the "American Dream" and the Romanian dream of "getting rich quick".

Director: Jesús del Cerro Writer:

Stars: Matei Dima, Codin Maticiuc and Letitia Vladescu

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User Reviews

daduely 8 March 2020

Is very bad where we are in this moment with Romanian cinematography and culture of people that came on movie theaters

nataliemurray-60186 5 April 2020

I would have given it a 2 but friends of the cast are giving it 10 and haters give 1 so I am trying to balance the score a bit. It is a sad, failed movie attempt, the scenario is really bad, the acting is horribly embarrassing. You people cannot act, stop torturing us with these shameful performances. 5gang and now this, just stop. The humor is lacking, jokes can maybe seem somewhat funny to a halfwitt, Dima and Maticiuc are imposibile to watch without feeling sorry for them. It's simply a really bad sketch, cause no one can call this a movie. I know Netflix is notorious for broadcasting a bunch of really bad movies but how desperate can one get?

dan_greuceanu 2 April 2020

... and make a movie about nothing with nobodies. Except Florin Piersic Jr. which most likely needed money and also acted as good as a good actor can act in a movie like this.

surugiu-daniel 1 April 2020

If you like the Manele, you'll love this movie. The Manele are the foundation of the current romanian culture and this was nothing but a long "videoclip" of a masterpiece by Dani Mocanu.

liviumoldoveanu 2 April 2020

If I could have voted minus a star, I would have definitely had it! It is an insult to one's intelligence and generally to Romanian comedy! Unimaginable stars for such a terrible script and horrible performances! Too vad for the scenery!

DanC77_ 19 April 2020

I don't know what else to say, the title says it all... It's sad this movie is popular in my country whilst other type of art form is rarely appreciated.

ionutm82 29 February 2020

The whole movie is a mess, can't really call this comedy, worst kind of humor. Low budget, waste of time.

balanescuanca 16 April 2020

Nu merita... bad acting, bad plot, bad evetything.

madgino 11 June 2020

This is honorably good considering the Romanian cinematography, meaning I could watch it from start to the end.

The acting is almost good, there is a plot and there is a logic in the movie.

The jokes are good and bad, some scenes are really corny and stupid but other are funny. I found myself laughing a few times.

Surprisingly there is not so much bad language but there are a lot of language jokes that makes sense only for Romanians.

Considering the budget this looks promising and can be considered a success.

If you don't expect too much you might quite enjoy it, I can definitely say that I saw comedies worse than this a lot of times.

cristisandu-32103 3 April 2020

Can't figure out how this movie has such a big rating.

cipry_65 2 April 2020

I have never seen a more cringey and unfunny movie in my life. You can literally use it as a torture material for your enemies. Plain stupid and overused jokes, unrealistic characters (take the example of the grandma or Ion's girlfriend), bad acting, poor and unbelieveable plot (as if anybody could get a Visa, get to America and start smuggling drugs). Totally unwatchable, don't waste your time with it.

dausdaus 18 March 2020

We've seen it in the cinema and it's a waste if time and money!!!! So lame second hand actors and jokes... Save your time and money!!!

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