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Midsommar (2019)

Drama | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.7/10 207158 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

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Icecreambenjaminelliott 4 July 2019

I'll start this off with a warning. If you're a mainstream horror fan, you will not like this. It is not The Conjuring, it does not have jump scares, it is a slow movie. It's not scary in the way that most horror films are scary. It doesn't frighten you. It felt traumatic. This is an artsy movie for sure. If you don't like that, don't see it.

Florence Pugh is absolutely phenomenal. She provides the heart for the film and is what keeps the audience emotionally invensted in such a disturbing film. It's one of the greatest horror performances that I have ever seen.

The cinematography is stunningly gorgeous. I've never seen a film look so gory and grotesque and yet absolutely beatiful at the same time. It's some of the best cinematography that I've seen in years. The art direction is also phenomenal in providing us with a floral, candy colored, nightmare world.

And Ari Aster's screenplay and direction is what makes this so special and separates it from other horror pieces. It's slow, methodical, eerie. But the characters are psychological and deep. The dialogue is real and colorful. The plot is surreal and disturbing. He let's the scares crawl at you as opposed to jump at you. He allows you to see what will happen, process it, feel the shock of what's about to happen, and then still shock you even more when it happens.

This film will be divisive. I have no doubt that many people here will hate this. However, while this is a challenging film, it's also a great film. Halfway through a character says something along the lines of "That was so messed up, but I'm trying to keep an open mind." I suggest that audiences take this advice.

PSA, this movie is extremely violent, bloody, and gory. It's pretty horrifying and it could have stuff that is triggering.

palistineroyal 6 July 2019

I'm not sure how but the movie had me on edge the entire time. You have to enjoy cinematography to really enjoy this. I left the movie like I just came down from a high. The whole thing felt like a bad trip afterwards, I was pleased and not at the same time but I think that's how we're meant to feel. It's a good change from super hero movies and terribly made horror movies.

sumtim3s00n 2 September 2019

Not sure what this is supposed to be. Its definitely not a horror movie. Its not even that scary, has a few unsettling moments but thats it. Its just weird and doesnt really have any dramatic arc or raising the tension. Basically the whole movie is a few strangers saying WTF? constantly and everyone else telling them " 'ts ok ! guys" Also besides that, its revolves around a traumatized, annoying and totally without self respect girl that slowly starts benefiting from this weird place. Because of course, we cannot have a film these days without it being a "personal journey" of some sorts. Writers trying to be smart and "deep". Yeah nothing beats a bizzare and crazy rituals to make you sane.

If youre expecting horror and monsters or supernatural, keep going. Its just a weird film with no real ending, resolution, interesting character or events. Albeit with nice filmography and quite good actors it has no real dramatic structure or captivating story.

arm1994 1 November 2019

This was pointless I had to plug my ears through out, because the noise was so awful. Nothing good here.

magnus-176-947949 13 August 2019

Maybe if you are in to mysticism, ocultism. Just maybe. As a Swede i am struggling with a disappointingly non authentic setting, a story i dont know if to take seriously or disregard as uninteresting and, in parts, poor casting. I doesnt hold. It wont stay.

tuckerfurguy 13 July 2019

One would most certainly enjoy this movie after having sampled the same drugs that the characters in the movie ate and drank - otherwise it was a wasted 2 hrs and 27 minutes.

I would never have put this movie in the horror genre - nothing scary or frightening about it - unless the whole experience, as a viewer - was abysmal; which is certainly was - then, yes, it was a horror.

Full of nonsensical visuals, dialogue, sets, and no discernible plot; "B-grade movie" acting; "nails on the chalkboard" soundtrack/singing/musical interludes. Cheaply made sets, costumes, "special effects," and annoying film location(s). Furthermore, I'm guessing - poorly paid cast and crew. The disposal of characters in this movie, again, ludicrous preposterous and lame. Howevere, the "mating" scenes did bring the theater patrons to rousing rounds of louder and louder laughter; which was repeated, to a lesser degree, through a couple of other scenes.

Upon waiting the nearly 2 1/2 hours for the film to conclude with an ending that would lend some credible understanding to the plot, the credits began to roll and the theater patrons began to roll out of their seats, with murmured comments of how terrible and ridiculous the movie was; what a piece of offal that was... waste of time and money.

And the writer-director is preparing to add 30 minutes more to this work of art?

hamzawakani-99968 5 July 2019

I'm struggling to understand why people are giving this good reviews. The movie is so slow and there's not a single horrifying moment in the film. No suspense at all. An absolute drag filled with some of the weirdest scenes you'll ever see. Weird to a level where I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching it.

hampersnow-28905 25 September 2019

This movie is well shot and well acted by actors who have already proven in other films how good they are. While many are tearing this apart for being disturbing , sickening or pretensions the director has committed the greatest sin of all, it's Boring. Sure there's some gore but not even the gore can make up for how slow, long and tedious this movie is. There are some great visuals but along with the actors, they can not save how dragged out this feels. I loved Hereditary but this was a huge disappointment. Strange and weird does not have to equal interesting. A giant 600 hour long Bore.

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