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Money Plane (2020)

Rayting:   4.4/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A professional thief with $40 million in debt and his family's life on the line must commit one final heist rob a futuristic airborne casino filled with the world's most dangerous criminals.

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xjustinwadex 26 September 2020

I love Kelsey Grammer. But this movie is so odd. After seeing the Drew Gooden review, I decided to watch it. I loved the parts when they said the title of the movie "money plane, money plane and money plane." But this is awful. If you like movies that are awkward and uncomfortable, then you'll love this. It's not even trying to be ironic. It's just that lame. There are plenty of talented people who get their scripts denied. So to this movie got not only greenlit but actually made makes me have no faith in Hollywood. Fire who greenlit this movie.

blamdrum 4 November 2020

My first concern was perhaps Kelsey Grammer was back to snorting mountains of cocain and spent all his "Frasier" money on drugs and needed some quick cash. Then I thought, maybe he was dining somewhere, and started chocking on undercooked chicken and one of the Lawrence brothers saved him with the heimlich maneuver, and he felt obligated to be in this movie. Regardless, the real story is how...or why this movie was made? Did someone lose a bet? Extortion?

The more I think about the circumstances around the idea and production of this movie, the more obsessed I become with wanting to know more in why it was made.

Maybe it was an investment to avoid paying taxes? That seems like a reasonable explanation. Maybe someone is in a "Brewster's Millions" situation and needed to blow money quickly. We may never know. By the way don't watch this movie. Go for a walk, read a book, hyperventilate into a bag and pass out in a truck stop bathroom. All these are better uses of time.

vinbus-68015 19 October 2020

This movie makes attack of the killer tomatoes a masterpiece

novak5273 14 July 2020

The story is actually a great idea but the acting is horribly executed. The actors must have worked for a hot meal. This whole movie looks like it was done by high schoolers on a $500 budget. Glad i didn't have to pay to see and sorry I wasted the time to watch.

wheels-92057 11 July 2020

Dont bother !! Shocking acting. Poor ol Frasier, he was ok, but has obviously at the low point in his career to accept this weak story line... Shocker...

miss-anime-439-484726 2 October 2020

Seriously the acting of every single actor is soooo bad that i cannot help imagine them as po*nstars gathered to make a movie.

crashfire-31416 1 October 2020

Kelsey Grammar as a bad guy? Should've been the warning. Most of the first thirty minutes played out like a soap opera, and maybe because they have a soap star in it (Denise Richards, what happened to you??). Some dark humor unfolds on the money plane which broke up the monotony of a slow film. Predictable otherwise. I kept hoping for Samuel L. Jackson and snakes to appear and spoiler alert they don't.

fantard 12 July 2020

Do not be fooled by the presence of Grammar or Jane -- this movie is C-tier 'entertainment', through the through. The lead "sports entertainment" wrestler and now budding actor, is as wooden as an oak tree (parried by amateurishly unseasoned / ridiculously overacting cohorts); the plot is derr-dumb stupid; the seasoned "with" actors are merely serviceable (strictly in the context of such a rubbishy project); and the overall product is little more than an exercise in pay cheque accrual. Meaningless, uninspired rubbish.

The "streaming" era and the various platforms' esurience for content, has spawned an utter glut of substandard films from substandard 'creative talent', that reach a far larger audience than they should otherwise ever merit. This film as an exemplar of thus lowering of the bar. 3/10

whitegtr 19 July 2020

Really it is the worst. Sets awful (spots the wheels on the steps) acting awful. Cheap cheap all round. Not seen as bad a movie for ages. Half way through it just became , what else can we spot thats awful. I think even the hench men were recycled !

androssparker 25 September 2020

I hope everyone involved in this movie stops working in film for the rest of their existence.

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