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Mortal Kombat (2021)

Action | Fantasy | Thriller
Rayting:   7.1/10 3506 votes
Country: Australia | USA
Language: English

MMA fighter Cole Young seeks out Earth's greatest champions in order to stand against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe.

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rghaleb-68778 8 April 2021

In short, the movie is amazing. I almost cried from how happy I was, how many times I got chills down my spine (pun unintended). This franchise is in good hands now, very good hands and I'm thankful to everyone involved for how they handled this. I'm not very good at writing reviews so I'll divide this into what I liked and what I didn't like.

I will start with what I didn't like first since there's not much, but as with any first installment and let's be honest, even movies that have a humongous budget can have huge flaws (looking at you Avengers: Endgame).


  • Budget constraints were obvious, but they made a good decision of focusing the runtime instead. Make no mistake, this movie ends before you know it, but that might be a good thing.

  • Not all the characters were given the same treatment; for example some didn't have much backstory and others sadly didn't last as long. One earthrealmer in particular that was SO SOOOO cool during their runtime I felt "passed" quickly, but knowing the story in the games we can expect they will be back. (Fingers crossed)
  • A couple netherrealmers were just there and also didn't last long, but with fatalities involved that was a given. I feel that a certain bad guy would've been a better choice to be in the movie since he was missing from a major plot point that involves a major character, so that was sadly a miss. One of my favorite netherrealmers in the game, while he/she looked AWESOME in the movie, could've had a more distinct "move list", but what we got was still really cool.

  • While the story is good and gets the job done, it's no Dark Knight by any means. But frankly, that was expected, and they don't waste much time with that and dive right into the action.

While of course I was yearning for more; more characters, more runtime etc. I sadly understand why we get what we get, and it will make the wait for the next installment even more painful.


  • This movie is SO MUCH FUN!!! I almost jumped from my seat from how EPIC most of this movie was! It's back to back action and never gets boring. That character from earthrealm I talked about that doesn't last much for example had seriously some of the most satisfying scenes, their introduction gave me CHILLLLLSSSS.

  • The movie is quality, and I was surprised how good most of the casting was, I didn't expect much from some of the actors but almost everyone did a great job save for maybe one or two but they weren't given much to work with.

  • The script is great, dialogue is sharp with very little cheese as compared to the previous Mortal Kombat installments. There are some hilarious scenes and people in the theatre were laughing out loud, especially one character but I bet you guessed who it is already.

  • The selection of characters featured in this movie is great, and the new character introduced is also cool that isn't in the game and a welcome addition.

  • The special effects are AWESOME, even the CGI characters looked great surprisingly; they knew how to use whatever little budget I'm sure they had well and it shows.

  • Scorpion vs Subzero (!!!!!) was handled beautifully, obviously one of the highlights of the movie. Seriously every second of their fight(s) was epic.
mbg-88487 8 April 2021

I will be short. You should understand how hard to make movies based on such a legendary universe (expectation is too high!), with a lot of characters that need screen time, and with limited budget, PLUS in a pandemic situation, - the director made a great job.

This is the best adaptation of such a legendary title.

arabnikita 8 April 2021

Video game movie curse is over! What's more, we can finally forget the nightmare of the old Mortal Kombat cringefest with horrendous graphics and awful acting. This film was made primarily for the OG fans of the games and they will not be disappointed. The characters, the dialogue and the inhuman level of violence is all done in the best standards of the genre with special effects leaving little to be desired. In case you are not familiar with the games, don't worry because the action will leave you satisfied.

Starting off with a tragic prologue about the franchise's most iconic characters Scorpion and Sub Zero, the movie shows that it's not here to mess around. I was worried that the story will be all over the place but they managed to give adequate time for everyone's development while keeping it engaging the entire time. Nothing too original as the main focus was to set up the characters and make sure the fans got a proper MK treatment. The spot-on casting nailed everyone's appearance and the personalities energized this dark themed film. The biggest surprise by far was the humor of this film as I certainly didn't expect Kano to be the wisecracking joker.

Half of the dialogue is composed of game quotes that are made more impactful by the constant presence of gimmicks that will make you laugh at one moment and fill you with adrenaline during the next. If you are wondering about fight and fatalities in particular; they are left, right, center and through the body. Some of the acting does feel cringy and the editing is occasionally choppy but otherwise nothing to pick on. Mortal Kombat is a promising start to what can become an entertaining franchise.

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zuzek-jr 8 April 2021

There was constant great battles but in the same time good storytelling. Great job 👍

fnikita-697-961477 9 April 2021

I must I admit I did enjoy the beginning of the movie and the set up. The begining with Bi-Han and Hanzo was done great, but the more the movie goes on, the worse it becomes, culminating around minute 70 where the screenwriter didn't know what to do and just started teleporting characters around (even worse offense compared to X-Men: Apocalypse)

The movie has Act 1 which is passable, entertaining at best thanks to the comic relief of Kano's character, ACT 2 DOES NOT EXIST and act 3 is utter garbage.

Dear I see that this is the first movie for screenwriter Greg Russo.

Greg if you are reading this, please take a few more screenwriting lessons, this was lazy at best. Even by Mortal Kombat plot standers which can be laugably bad but charming (I played 7 games and watched the 90s movies) this was reeaaaly bad in plot department.

officalfeardark 12 April 2021

This movie isn't that great. The plot is really forgettable, most of the characters aren't as good as I expected, the fighting is the only positive aspect of this movie which saves it from getting a 2 star rating.

If you like wasting your time watching this mess, then go ahead and watch it.

Rhydil 11 April 2021

Im a fan of the game since i was a kid, and I grow up watching the first 1991 movie.

I am judging this solely as a film, and why I think the film is extremely bad while keeping simple and short as possible.

The plot of the film is incredibly bad, and the main protagonist, Cole Young, is a very dull and undeveloped character.

I wish the studio should have just follow one of the original characters instead, because when the film begins, it shows that the film could have become a great film.

Why is it bad?

We are introduced to a few heroes with zero clue and not much development time for to be invested on them.

The film we follows the main character name Cole Young, which the studio thought it was a great idea to add as an new original character for the film, so the viewer who doesn't know anything about MK can relate to based on his perspective.

Instead Cole Young turn up to be unrelatetable, uninteresting and a waste of space.

There's really nothing much we know about him, other than he's bloodline, he was a mma champion, and now days he take fights where he throw the towel for money.

Do I care about him? Do I root for him? Am I interested about his backstory? No,cause it's nothing interesting about him. Is like the Goku in Dragon Ball live action, less stupidity, but more plain.

The acting was just mediocre, not great, but some of the scenes are bad, and the casting is questionable.

For example, Sonya Blade, isn't she an elite soldier?, an elite soldier who looks like a model. Really? Unbelievable.

Liu Kang, he's character I found very awkward and humouring, mainly because he's like that dude in class who enjoy plays D&D, but no one is actually playing with him at the moment, but he's still in character. When you watch LOTR, something that set in fantasy medieval time, most of us do not question the behaviour or action or a person in that film, even thought is a fantasy film. But Liu Kang in this film is just unnatural and unbelievable acting is something can't be ignore.

Also the actor for Liu Kang is so good looking, in any shot, to the point it such a distraction.

Regarding to plot, and how the story progress, it was extremely rush, and we are also reminded by the characters with the simple line, "We do not have time". From the ambush scene from sub zero at the diner, until we meet Liu Kang at the temple, we reminded by the characters again and again.

It should be note that, we are not even in the tournament yet, the whole film is about what happened before the tournament.

The fact thay they making the same mistake as Spiderman 3, introducing too many villain, and also heroes, with no proper develop and delivery story, is just plain sad , the fact that people still make same mistake not learning from the past in 2021

The action scene is your cliché Hollywood fight scenes, that consist of your usual fast pace fight that the camera will be cut every 4&5 seconds, nothing that memorable to me, afterall I think the best fight scene is already shown in the trailer, scorpion vs SubZero, that's it.

If you're a Cinephile, it's waste of time.

If you just want to see a Mortal Kombat Film, because it's a Mortal Kombat, this franchise is for you.

omarh92 10 April 2021

The MK film is definitely a good film. Story is basic but done right, and it prepares and introduces the MK world and lore very well. You will see characters teased in coming sequels, along with realms and different races. They balance story and fights very well, there is a good formula going. There are some silly and stupid moments like cheesy dialogues and delivery of them, but there are many amazing and super cool moments to compensate, like good timed comedic moments, character chemistry, tons of easter eggs, and of course the fights!

Do not be worried about Cole, he is a good character and you'll end up liking him. We see the MK world through him which is a good writing move. Best characters are Kano, Sonya, Kung Lao, and Kabal. Raiden, and Mileena could've been better. Lui Kang, Shang Tsung, and Jax aren't bad. Obviously Scorpion and Subzero were perfected and stole the entire movie! In terms of CGI, the environmental could be better, but the character's CGI (Powers and effects) are perfect and look great! Fight scenes 10/10, great, intense, and very bloody and gory, they did not hold back on the fatalities.

Overall, a MK fan would probably love this, and for a person who knows nothing about MK would probably find this movie very cool.

Enjoy the film!

MoviesFlixer 9 April 2021

Of course, its a great movie to watch. Better you watch in theaters. But wait... Story just flows straight without any sudden turns which was abit boring

In small words, you will be eagerly waiting for what will happen next.

freakenstien-vishrut 10 April 2021

Just as the JL movie, this movie too just jumps to different scenes without making head or tail of it. Too much content compressed into 2 hours.

Thr fight sequences are great! Could have been better but it was cool enough to get the movie a 4 rating.

Storyline is blah and screenplay is just classic WB stupid. Need a Zack Snyder 4 hour long version of this as well to enjoy it.

Also, this movie starts off being the origin story of Scorpion and ends up being the origin story of the last guy in his lineage (whose name I can't even remember). Come on man!

davik-90393 9 April 2021

There's no good music like in the old movies.

The spirit of the game and the old movies is gone, and there is nothing in return.

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