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My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Rayting:   7.3/10 1.1K votes
Country: USA | Ireland
Language: English
Release date: September 24, 2021

After the time of the Mane 6, Sunny a young Earth Pony and her new Unicorn friend Izzy explore their world and strive to restore Harmony to Equestria.

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natzelmaria 26 September 2021

The movie is good by itself. But our kids & neighborhood kids that came over to watch (along with myself) were left scratching our heads as to what happened to make the ponies hate each other; where is Discord (immortal), all the Princesses (as Celestia was over 1k yrs old), the castles, Tree of Harmony, the Crystal Empire, Griffins, Mermares, Dragons, Yaks, etc. This is a good movie for the very young (as our 4yo loved it) but left the older kids (5.5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13) wondering and really upset. Hopefully, if a sequel is made they answer these VERY important questions! This made absolute chaos in our home for the last 36hrs lol. Even our son (13) was ticked at the out come of this movie. Again, it was a good movie but needed a lot more explanation for those who are diehard fans of MLP.

putriyohana-78990 24 September 2021

I first found out about G5 in February 2021 when I was accessing Facebook, a member of the MLP group posted a pink bed cover with pictures of Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, and Pipp Petals. At first I didn't like the three ponies and some Brony made these three ponies a meme or something. However, when MLP FB official uploaded the first photo of Sunny and Izzy for the first time in 3D on February 25th, I started to like it and started following updates until now.

Well, as of this moment, September 24, 2021... The movie has started! I haven't watched this film yet, I've only watched the trailer and clips so far. But my hunch is that this film will be ONE of the amazing and special movie of 2021. All generations of My Little Pony are awesome and deliver sweet messages, including this G5! Judging by the synopsis and trailer, the film looks like it's going to be a little scarier than G4. At first I was a little hesitant, but after I got used to it and watched the trailer, I started to like this movie. My message, don't listen to the G5 haters! They (G5 haters) are people who are not grateful for what has been given. Be grateful that Hasbro is still willing to continue My Little Pony to a new generation and new design. Because My Little Pony is one of their flagship franchises. Follow your heart, if you really like the G5, let's watch it! If you don't like it, there's no need to express hate speech to G5 and influence people who are already enthusiastic about G5 so that they become disappointed and sad. If you're on the verge of wanting to watch it but are a little hesitant about the G5, I suggest giving the G5 a chance. I'm sure you'll love it! Indeed G4 (Friendship is Magic) is the best of the best, has been spreading the magic of friendship and a sweet moral message, as well as adventure, humor, imagination, splendid combat, unity, songs, happiness, hearts, and endless fun since October. 2010. I appreciate and of course i remember all of that, but let's first see this G5 movie. It's possible that these (upcoming) G5 films and series could be as great and fantastic as G4 (Friendship is Magic)!

xboxsamurai8 24 September 2021

I so hope this level of quality can carry into the TV show as this was completely stunning to watch.

It's really great how it ties in with FiM too, it feels like there's history all around. I could watch this frame by frame 8 times over and spot new fun things each time. All in all gotta save 10 stars for the best out there, but this did not disappoint!

A definite go to for a great time!

artistcrazy 24 September 2021

The kids really enjoyed this fun and entertaining re-make of the my little pony franchise. It was so nice and cute and the characters were all so cleverly designed. We really enjoyed this film and also the catchy and new songs.

chabark 25 September 2021

I'm from Russia and I watched this movie at the theater. Lucky man, you may say... what can I say in this review? I was disappointed! No, I don't guess g4 is the best thing ever and that's why comparing not in favor of a new gen. I'm trying to rate it honestly like an ordinary movie, even not a cartoon. This plot could be better... It looks like writers didn't try well, their ideas were once mixed up and were never untangled afterwards. Yes, it's a cartoon film, for children, but would not be nice to make a more clear and not a crumpling plot? By the way, the beginning was great! Sunny's nature and motivation was presented very great and true! But afterwards many things gone wrong, out of logic, out of meaning... it's a shame to watch it, to comprehend it. One more good thing - computer graphics was truly great. Pony models are soft and literally warm for senses. Backgrounds are amazing. And songs, of course - to hear it is a good entertainment among the general disappointment.

MeadowStar957 24 September 2021

Before the review I want to say, please don't compare it to G4. This a movie, not a series. I know alot of veterans out there are going to pander this film for the style and characters. I know G4 was amazing, but we gotta move on and try new things.

Now for the review.

TLDR: Its very well made, I give my support for this generation! Of course the story is not the greatest, the songs were alright I was moving to beat in all of them. Characters do there part and together make a great development throughout the film.

Story: It a predictable story and will get you thinking ahead of the film. Its very short on some scenes and will feel very rush. The ending is the shortest of all the scenes. Pacing is really a big issue.

Characters: When together it really shines and shows the potential! When alone, it all one note. For likeable, the Pegasus is who I found likeable! The others not so much, the sheriff was the bottom of the group.

Sound: Well done on audio! The soundtrack was good and the sfx were done right, no question when watching.

Overall: Give a watch! It doesn't hurt to try, G4 will always be here if you don't like it! Last thing, please spread love and kindness to people who like this film! Bring friendship not discord!

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