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Nail Polish (2021)

Rayting:   7.5/10 3069 votes
Country: India
Language: English

Nail Polish, written and directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna, stars Arjun Rampal, Manav Kaul, Anand Tiwari and Rajit Kapur. It's a legal thriller that explores the uncertainty of the human mind.

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sameerlodaya 2 January 2021

What a performance from Manav kaul hats off

The movie gave a good start of 2021 to the industry

Brilliantly made ,superb execution ,well written,very thrilling and perfectly directed

The climax was just out of the box and the judgement was well served

Arjun played his stylish character very well followed by Anand tiwari

Don't miss this

sanjubhat 9 January 2021


Nail Polish is a suspense thriller and a gripping courtroom drama starring Manav Kaul, Arjun Rampal, Anand Tiwari and Rajit Kapur. The story is about a decorated army officer played by Manav Kaul who is accused of sexually assaulting and murdering immigrant children in cold blood . Arjun Rampal essays the role of his high profile lawyer with Anand Tiwari playing an honest but bungling prosecutor. Rajit Kapoor is the judge presiding over this high profile case, dealing with demons of his own. All evidence presented in court points to Manav Kaul as the perpetrator of the heinous crime but is this actually the truth? As the case proceeds more and more things come to light culminating in a very well etched out climax. The twists and turns are also very good. All the 4 lead actors have played their parts very well, especially Manav Kaul. Verdict: Grt one time watch. Gripping, fast paced and riveting. A bit dark at times(no sex scenes or profanity though). 9stars out of 10 from me for a earnest attempt frm the makers. Adios....🙂

mailsoumik_s 1 January 2021

Mr. Manav kaul, simply killed it. This might be one of the underdogs when it comes to webseries or ott platform movie, but this is pure acting skills.

bhupinder_sidhu 2 January 2021

The movie is so gripping that once you start watching movie you can't stop until the end. The script , screenplay, performance, direction everything just great but Manav Kaul just superb Must watch this movie

mayankmba-40084 1 January 2021

Elucidate in marvelous style, the courtroom drama depict the bitter vercity of Child abuses , must be amelioration for performance of actors like , Manav kaul, Rajat Bedi & Arjun Rampal along with all supported staff. However Ending is not too much satisfying, but watch for good performance which will make your new year's vespertide.

tpatoliya 1 January 2021

ZEE5 Nail Polish is a psychological drama, which changes color in the court. Despite all the scientific evidence against Veer Singh, Jai Singh argues: Unless science is accurate, it is not science, its astrology, where planets can be taken to get desired results.

This story revolves so fast at its mid-point that many vortices are formed. In the mind of the viewer, however, they are born. Veer Singh's character becomes a challenge for the court and the viewer as to what opinion to form about him. The three judges, lawyers, and spectators have to think here.

The film 'Nail Polish' is a film made only for adults, but here this information is only for brainstorming.

The film runs at a slow pace and completes its talk in about two hours and five minutes. From time to time in ZEE5 Nail Polish, new colors, new hues emerge and the thrill remains.

The film leaves the answers to the questions to the audience. The film exposes the weaknesses of the law but it is not a melodrama like the 'blind law'.

This is a story based on a solid basis, to understand it, you just have to keep your mind alert.

sujan-28692 2 January 2021

The movie started with 1 case but before interval a big twist arrived, that lead to another confusing case. This is an edge of seat thriller, once you started the film you can't stop until the end.

Arjun Rampal was calm and so cool in the film. Manav Kaul & Rajit Kapoor were also too good. Samreen Kaur in her less screen timing was so beautiful. Only negative point was the judge's annoying wife. Requesting everyone to watch this now else it will be added to the underrated list after some days.

jalpeshnet 1 January 2021

Quite a good watch. Must try The story is quite straight forward BUT the route it takes is quite twisted in its own way. You'll love the film if you liked watching "The Green Mile". I frankly got similar vibes watching both the movies.

sarthakkhr 1 January 2021

Brilliant movie with its realistic courtroom drama without no melodrama and psychological twist in 2nd half and brilliant performance of manav kaul specially in 2nd half and arjun rampal is also very good in film he performs the role of arrogance lawyer with very realistic nature.

shovondip-50881 3 January 2021

The storyline and the acting of this movie is superb. Very different kind of story. Really enjoyed a lot.

netflixloverz 1 January 2021

My god what I have watched just now myannn.... mind-blowing a must watch film

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