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Nathan's Kingdom (2020)

Adventure | SciFi 
Rayting:   6.9/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Nathan's Kingdom is about a young autistic man (Nathan) struggling with his teenage opiate addicted sister (Laura), and together they risk their lives to find a fictitious kingdom with the potential of changing their lives forever.

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icemaciop 10 June 2020

Very slow paced and boring, and in the end nothing really happened. It feels like a 10th of a story that is just being stretched out. No story, no finale, nothing worth watching, unless you are into slow depressing music.

yoyodeep 15 May 2020

Please take no offenses. I have my greatest sympathy to patients with autism. However, what the movie showed to us was disturbing and misleading. For a child with autism, the caregiver should help the patient seek proper therapy, not playing pretend or following whatever the patient wants to do. The main character just completely lack the knowledge and ability to take care of her sick brother. Love is cheap. Love does not treat autism. Science does.

leonidasstathopoulos 21 April 2020

A promising scenario, sketch animated parts, but characters lost and giving less than expected... Worth to watch but nothing special

silicontourist 30 November 2020

By the way there is absolutely NOTHING remotely Sci-Fi about this film at all; so why was it rated as such!

Its not the low budget that causes the lackluster going nowhere story to fail but rather the Jacob Lince (as Nathan) utterly terrible lack of ability to portray an autistic person. Autism is a hard thing to portray but I have seen other actors do a far more convincing job. Most famous would of course be Dustin Hoffman, playing alongside Tom Cruise as his brother in "RAIN MAN".

Then we had Madison Ford (as Nathans opiate addicted sister,Laura) and all she did was act like your typical millennial spoilt, bad attitude modern day brat! I could feel no sympathy for her character at all even though having to look after an older autistic sibling would normally have you feeling bad for her in at least a small way...Nope...NO way...just couldn't! Also! I don't think it was make-up intentional or anything but she looked absolutely wrecked/ill/drab all through the film.

I had to force myself to complete the film view to the end. All I could find good about this poor offering was the periodical fantastic views of mountain scenes and oddly eroded shaped rock towers etc. If you are having trouble sleeping then this is the film to will nod off in 10-20 minutes, if not sooner.

Yet another time in my life that would have been better spent watcjing paint dry!

namstonk 1 November 2020

Yup, it's one of them, terrible acting, turgid dialogue and pointless scenes. Two stars for having a pop.

ruelsmith-295-285381 23 April 2020

Loved this film. It moved me! And the fact they casted an autistic actor warmed my heart. The VFX blew my mind. Taking Indies to the next level! Worth the watch

thorfinnv 6 July 2020

I do not write reviews but I will make an exception this time because it is easily one of the movies that you should not watch. The rating is quite misleading. Waste of time.

eyefordetail 16 June 2020

Reading the critics reviews one gets a wonderful perspective of autism, but not a lot about the movie. This is a review of the movie and not of autism. Overall, a good concept and a fair indie movie. However, low budget is no excuse for poor directing, poor editing and allowing lame acting to pass as final product. The visual effects and stylistic elements are excellent. Really good work there. But sadly it cannot carry the movie. I just feel that there was so much more that could have been done to make it better. It's as if someone's "good enough" bar was set too low. I did manage to get to the end of the movie, which took some effort. But the effort wasn't really worth it at the end.

i_lalindra 31 May 2020

It is really hard to take care an autistic person. The patience, sadness and miserable life of a caregiver is reflecting in the the film in a beautiful way. There is a big sacrifice you have to made to make that special person happy. The film take us to lovely fantacy world while giving an intersting message to audience. If you wish to watch an adventure like harry potter or lord of the rings i would say then this is not a film for you.

joebasile-1 18 March 2020

It's a simple story of brother and sister, told in a big bold way. Worth the watch. The performances are wonderful. The movie's visuals are interesting. Both moving and relatable.

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