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No One Gets Out Alive (2021)

Drama | Horror | Mystery
Rayting:   5.3/10 6.2K votes
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English | Spanish
Release date: September 29, 2021

An immigrant in search of the American dream who, after being forced to take a room in a boarding house, finds herself in a nightmare she can't escape.

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Xstal 9 October 2021

An unavoidably fated and inexcusably shallow shadow, silhouette and replica that will not let you flee from the sycophantic fawning and mimicking it bleeds from far superior inspirations and creations.

dwp1948 30 September 2021

09/30/2021 This movie starts out with pretty good "spooky" and the impoverished undocumented young girl (victim) with no place to turn to helps to raise the "viewer empathy factor" which always makes for a better viewer invested movie. Unfortunately the scariest parts of this movie were the loud bangs and the overused "scary noise" making machine. The monsters were not very scary, except that the ugliest one looked alot like my first ex-wife and she still scares me! It's an OK movie, just not a great scary movie.

ks-60500 1 October 2021

Just didn't ends well and very confusing for the last 30 mins. Only rate up a bit as suspecious last for quite a while but the ending just booooo.....

Pairic 2 October 2021

No One Gets Out Alive: A ramshackle old home, turned into a boarding house is one of the main stars of this film. It's corridors and dark rooms contain creaks, cries and noises, suggestions that something strange is going on. We know from the prologue that the residence is connected to an archaeological expedition to Meso-America and artifacts from the mission are stored there. Ambar (Cristina Rodlo) is an immigrant, hiding her illegal status, exploited in a sweatshop, trying to buy papers. She moves into the boarding house and encounters ghosts. A tale of terror, exploitation and human sacrifice. Some good ghostly apparitions together with poltergeist effects. This is also a story of a struggle for survival in the physical and spiritual senses, both inside and without the house. Very much influenced by Meso-American mythology. Directed by Santiago Menghini, screenplay by Jon Croker and Fernanda Coppel, based on the 2014 novel by Adam Nevill. On Netflix. 7/10.

joiningjt 2 October 2021

It has a creepy atmosphere and the acting is excellent but the story was just ok and there wasnt much tension or really scary scenes it has some elements and a little violence and mild gore but overall it was an average thriller horror film. It's worth watching once and like I said at least it's an ACTUAL movie not some found footage garbage decent quality film as well it's a 5.5 thus the 6 rating.

ops-52535 29 September 2021

A little bit too overdimentional and ambishonistic, and with the ever so difficult making of a great finale or ending that is the super difficult segment when making a good and goosebump-realistic horror movie, and my opinion here is that it aint the best. Therefore the draw to a 7.

But believe me, it has many qualities, the editing, the staging and decorating of the sets are marvelous, the use of sound and light give an extradimention, and the spooky score does have a high levelof managment. The special effects do classify this film among the better ones, also the acting by the main actress climbs to a high level. Filmatography and motions that never stop really give you a great wave to surfride on.

The story though are of the shallow king and gets killed by the ambitions, the novel might be good but the screenplay aint. But it deserves a watch thinks the grumpy old man, a little gore in the end , just enough to make my waife shade away...

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