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Nobody Knows I'm Here (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   6.4/10
Country: Chile
Language: English

Memo lives on a remote Chilean sheep farm, hiding a beautiful singing voice from the outside world. A recluse with a glittery flair, he can't stop dwelling on the past, but what will happen once someone finally listens?

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annatreasure 28 June 2020

I thought this was a beautiful exploration of a tortured soul. The unfurling of the central character, and the girl who comes to love him, was sensitively played by both actors. The gentle teasing out of Memo's life by Jorge Garcia was a joy to watch. You shouldn't expect a traditional fast paced action film as that's not what this is but if you like character driven film then you'll enjoy this. With a satisfying end and some beautiful scenery and a performance full of emotion, I would recommend this film for a lazy Sunday evening.

paulo_9-392-727394 30 June 2020

Yes, the movie is slow but in that slow pace is the beauty of the movie. Not many adults in our contemporary society are equipped to show or express feelings and emotions, now imagine a young man, you can't expect this from a young man. The beauty is in the silence, scenery, the hard work in the skin shop. Everything is implicit and if you can't connect or relate to the main character then you will miss the messages in the plot. Even at the end we can see the grandiose hypocrisy of people and the ignorance and greed of people.

paulojfbr 5 July 2020

I defend this movie because we have a lot of garbage receiving glory for nothing! Jorge Garcia was very well.... Intensive, deep and sensible what He pass to all of es. He was like a lost heroe searching for light in a dark tunnel.. Life gift to him a chance to send the death to abism and He born to be alive again! I see something like peolple needs to change themselves and how it is possible! Thank You!

genniex2 26 June 2020

Beautiful scenery, understated emotional subject matter. A little slow at the beginning but worth watching

ftorresdiaz-97385 29 June 2020

Beautiful movie about a guy who struggles with his past presented in a lovely and touching way. Beautiful and atmospheric shots of the southern chilean landscape.

RosanaBotafogo 1 July 2020

What a beautiful Chilean production, Jorge Garcia always perfect, melancholic charisma, well developed script, silence, cold colors, contrasting with his colorful fantasies, the enamel, all very detailed, simple, slow, sad, very good ...

ricovegas 4 July 2020

Since I am not (and will never be) famous, I am fascinated by the quest of many people to achieve fame. What is equally fascinating is the aftermath of fame. Nobody Knows I'm here is a wonderfully accomplished look into the exploitation of Chilean singer Memo. With a golden voice, it appears he is headed for a life of fame and glory. However, his success is short-lived and his subsequent life becomes a study in adapting and accepting the life that he has been given. This movie (contrary to some reviewers) unfolds in a perfect pace. (As a side note, I am a bit perplexed that many reviews equate scenes of dialogue with the notion that nothing is happening. As if their own lives were boring and a waste of time since they lack car chases, explosions and shootouts.) Along the way, many things happen in this movie that are un-expected, but, not un-believable. This is a credit to the Gaspar Antillo's superb directing. If you are looking for a beautifully depicted slice of life set in the lush Chilean country side, you will thoroughly enjoy this movie.

waynevdmerwe 14 July 2020

This unassuming little gem of a movie is something special. Don't expect Hollywood glitz and glam. Expect a hand crafted jewel in which the viewer can feel the makers love and dedication to their art.

faer_kr 27 June 2020

A Chilean drama. It is about a man who lives alone with his uncle, but who lent his voice to a singer as a Child and is discovered by a girl from the town. The film portrays everyday and monotonous life in a spectacular way. In fact, although the first half hour is very slow and nothing seems to be happening, the daily portrait of life is fascinating. This movie is not for everyone. It is about frustrated dreams, pain, bad life decisions, not knowing how to face what we do and what we are. The character is dramatically armed, his psychology and the way he breaks free is fabulous. The best thing about the film is the second and third act. At times the audio is quite hasty and not everything is understood. In Spanish. Quality

agustinurrejola 27 June 2020

It is a very good film with very beautiful landscape of the south of Chile. The plot is good and the screenplay too. I had a very good time watching it. I highly recommend.

Wilko52 14 July 2020

A beautifully photographed and well-acted drama from Chile that ultimately disappoints.

The story of Memo, a quiet giant of a man living in seclusion with his uncle in southern Chile. In his youth his dreams of fame were taken from him by his greedy father and an unscrupulous record producer. When he starts to interact with modern society his secrets come tumbling out.

There's a lot of silence in this film, and plenty of lingering shots of the stunning Chilean scenery that eventually make the film drag. Jorge Garcia is good as the hurt Memo, though at times he comes across as a petulant child. Maybe this is because his childhood was stolen from him, I don't know. Luis Gnecco is excellent as always as his loving uncle.

My biggest criticism is that Memo's secret has been kept quiet for so long, particularly after a pivotal flashback halfway through the film shows just how famous (or infamous) he was. That spoiled it for me.

Overall, it's a quiet, thoughtful drama with a title song that will stick in your head for days afterwards.

maarcoscisterna 4 July 2020

It is worth it because it is a tender story and also the beautiful landscape of my country gives it an extra credit. But the movie ended just when I thought it would get better, that really put me off, but still the story ends with a nice ending.

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