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Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   4.8/10
Country: Poland
Language: English

A slasher film where a group of teenagers arrive at a survival camp where they clash with two deformed cannibals.

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bartmanb5 17 August 2020

Yes it's predictable. Yes it's full of clichés, but it's still fun. There is plenty of comedy moments mixed with gore and likeable characters. Enjoy beautiful Polish forest.

tomilipin 22 March 2020

This film has nothing new to offer in terms of the horror genre. It's really predictable and full of clichés, which is even pointed out by one the characters in the plot of the film. Actually, it's really similar to Wrong Turn and some themes are literally taken straight out of The Ritual and The Cabin. It's like you're watching horror movies that you already know, so the whole thing is hardly surprising and definitely not creative. What is surprising, though, is the soundtrack - suffice it to say that it's weird... Reminds me of The Goonies from 1985. And the 'monsters' were created quite well. I was really glad to see a lot of new faces on the screen. Surely, this wasn't the debut for some of the young actors, but still it was entertaining to see new talents. I quite enjoyed it, although there were two or three moments when I couldn't help laughing out loud since the scene was so predictable or out of common sense. Watching this film you really need to stop analysing and thinking - just enjoy what you're served. The movie was about to have its premiere on March 13, 2020 but one day prior to that all the cinemas (and many other places) in Poland were shut down due to the coronavirus spread, so the film premiered on Netflix instead.

MikeWindgren 28 October 2020

It's Polish, and I tried watching it in German, with subs, and the original language as well, but turned to English eventually.

It resembled a lot of familiar horror movies, like f.i. Wrong Turn, as mentioned.

But it's not bad. It does have it's gory moments, and I liked it.

It's not great, but also not bad.

baehr_adam 2 November 2020

Let's just get it out of the way now. The movie is cliché in every way possible, so what! The story takes place in a camp in the woods of Poland while trying to rehabilitate technology addicted teens. Simple premise. The acting is good IMO. The standout being Julia Wieniawa as Zosia. A few others on top of being cliché were just downright annoying, but not enough to deter my score. The music cues were a nice touch. The cinematography was splendid tbh. Great shots and angles. The violence was wonderful with awesome kills and genuinely creepy, but dope monster/creature designs that I haven't seen in a few years. I definitely recommend giving it a try and watch it in its nature language; don't go right to English if you're fine with reading subtitles. The immersion is far better, but that's me! Solid addition to Netflix.

trrkovac 2 June 2020

Under the layer of an archetypical slasher movies there's a strong political statement that some people fail to recognize. The story of two twin brothers is a clear link to "The Two Who Stole The Moon" and that's just a start. Among thrills, chills, blood and boobs almost every dialogue scene criticizes the nowadays Poland; the lack of tollerance, the pathologies within the catholic Church etc. But at the end of the day it's a well crafted, well acted, fun film.

James_Denton 4 November 2020

I can only assume the person who came up with this film idolises American cliché 'horror' movies, as it's not only predictable but hovers close to the realms of dreadful.

The good and the bad:

  • Very cliché. Group of teens in a wood with gruesome killers.
  • Predictable. You know exactly what's coming up, what will happen and it will attempt to have a twist at the end.
  • While it hovers close to the realms of dreadful, its doesn't go into Them. Despite the cliché and predictable outcomes, I watched it to the end.

Horror standards are all in this movie, including: The pretty girl, the 'fat kid', attempts at recognising the 'already done genre', "don't split up, people always die when they split up", a cabin in the wood and the classic 'policeman is killed'.

The film feels like a Polish attempt at trying to make a horror and wrongly using the American format. Had they focused on how the Japanese make horrors they would have stood a vastly better chance at improving on this.

elliotte2 30 October 2020

Those reviews are obviously by friends and family of the filmmaker.

This film is bad, really bad. It tries to be a horror/comedy, but never really horrors and is NEVER funny. It is almost a high school play's version of 'Hills Have Eyes'. It manages to hit every single horror cliché, but instead of being clever and witty like 'Cabin in the Woods' it comes off as just stupid plot devices. There is nothing to praise about this movie, even the gore is second rate.

ops-52535 1 November 2020

For them who like that , but there are stories within the story that strains out in nothingness, like where or what happened to the rest of the camp kids filling up a bus in the start of the film...

well its a typical rural polish horror drama with archtypes of the polish wood farmer and friends, that lives in close connection to the wilderness, and unfortunate hits from an abroadcoming asteroid, and what frights may come out of addiction to digital media etc.

the plot could have been a gold mine of opportunities, you just get small portions of gutsy action here and there, the acting are quite good, and as always in horror slasher movies sticks to the 6 golden rules-what they are youll learn if watching..

productionwise its a colourenhanced and pretty strong filmproduct, that may entertain many, but keep it away from the minors, because the swordblades have two sides, and it usually cuts things apart, so glory gory halleluwah to you all with a recommend from his jubilleing review nr 1000 by the grumpy old man

arittenberry 30 October 2020

Good start, characters, and dialogue but I couldn't stop yelling at the IDIOTIC decisions that kept happening after things got going. So, decent movie but another horror movie that depends on constant stupidity instead of semi-intelligent people stuck in a bad situation. If that's something that doesn't bother you, I do recommend this movie though. It's just hard for me to get past.

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