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Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (2019)

Rayting:   8.8/10 563564 votes
Country: UK | USA
Language: English

A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

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carlvan1977 27 July 2019

The first 2 hours is only for lovers of everything late 60s retro,great cinematography and outstanding acting.The last 45 minutes fasten your seatbelts because classic Tarantino kicks in.

gailmck-62224 16 August 2019

After all the hype around this film I was sorely disappointed. With an A List cast, as it had, it should have been Gold. The acting was terrific by Brad Pitt, Leonardo and Margot Robbie. The storyline sadly fell short, way short. The era was captured really well however I sat through the first hour thinking it was painting the scene and that the real action would start. I kept thinking that until the last 20 minutes when things finally came together, however, that was nearly 3 hours of film to sit through before any real appearance of the film I was expecting.

ematus-34592 25 August 2019

If this script (if it could be said to be a script) had not been from Tarantino, it would have never reached theaters (and perhaps not even on cable television movies).

Long, boring and pointless.

Misty_Jade 23 August 2019

Cinematography - great, acting - great. Music- reused already written works. Plot - none. Just almost 3+ hours worth of some random scenes stiched together without leading anywhere. Watched it twice. Has not changed my opinion. By the time it ended I did not care anymore, I just wanted to pee!!! After sitting there for almost 3 hours. What was the point of this movie? Still wondering. One of the Tarantino's worst (if not worst!).

FIHMPlan 23 August 2019

If a no name writer came with such non-sense, their script would've hit the bin within the first ten pages. The script mocks every theory on character and plot development. Yet, the same gurus who would trash a rookie script writer for bringing anything less then perfect, are bowing now in complete awe to the great QT. This in not about double standards, but about Hollywood having no standards at all.

mcoats-71101 1 September 2019

All this critical acclaim for this film (mainly because it's a Tarantino one) is so baffling. So what's wrong with it? For a start nothing actually happens throughout until the last 10 minutes. It's a slow, turgid, self congratulatory affair with drawn out scenes and tons of tips of the cap to the 'era' - through the soundtrack and product placement of 1960s packaging, or 'real life' characters like Sam Wannamaker's appearance - that just aren't needed. They even splice Di Caprio into the Great Escape as a 'what if?' moment...but all for what? Just Hollywood slapping itself on the back again about being Hollywood.

There were genuine tense moments like when Pitt's character visits the Manson family allotment that turn into a damp squib. Again why was that scene so long? Why did they spend so much time on Di Caprio playing the baddy in the western but no time at all on his character's move to Italy (apart from the fact Tarantino wanted to imagine what 1960s spaghetti western posters would've looked like with DiC in them!). And what was the point of Al Pacino? Or Sharon Tate's character for that matter once you see the ending....?

This was a missed opportunity that could've been a great piece on an actor's dwindling career that just turned into a boring series of sort of linked scenes...albeit quite well acted ones. Tarantino is become the new Woody Allen...actors want one of his films on their resume despite the fact he hasn't made a good one in so long

DanielNButler 21 July 2019

I don't typically leave IMDb reviews but this film deserves so much praise for its risky screenplay in such a dark true crime setting.

For 2 hrs, 41 minutes, I was taken 50 years back, experiencing Hollywood's film industry as a comedic drama filled with desire, tension and everyday life.

I liked Brad's character the most, but Leo easily matched with his own performance. A definite see-it-in-theatres watch. Bring your sense of humor though. There are lines of dialogue and laugh out loud bits that completely satisfy your curious mind. Expect everything you would from Tarantino, but also what you wouldn't.

I gave it a perfect 10 because I forgot I was watching a nearly 3 hour film, even though it still wasn't long enough for me. I would like to see a director's cut up to an hour longer as I think this is a unique case that extra footage would only help such an already powerful story.

I had the privilege to watch an early 70mm screening of this film at the cinerama dome with the director, Tarantino, in the audience. It was a surreal experience I'll never forget.

angiek-78966 25 July 2019

I LOVE QT films and couldn't see this movie fast enough. All I can say is what was that all about? It was so boring. Did anyone edit this film? Leonardo's character was not likable. The only person tolerable was Brad Pitt. Nothing happened what so ever. The dialogue was not clever. The movie never went anywhere at all. It was just endless scenes of other movies being made. People driving in cars. Bare feet over kill. By the time the ending happened I didn't care anymore. I wanted to LOVE this movie, but I haven't been this bored in a long long time. I wish i felt differently.

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