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One Piece: Stampede (2019)

Animation | Adventure   
IMDB Rayting:   8.2/10
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Pirates from around the world gather at the Pirates Expo to join the hunt for Gol D. Roger's lost treasure.

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User Reviews

nahshon-13852 13 August 2019

Awesome movie definitely the best One Piece movie out there

shotalust 13 August 2019

Honestly what did you expect from them to do in the 20th anniversary ? they blow everyone's mind , 10/10 !! love it .

nyaaf-69401 10 August 2019

Best one piece movie ever We have many characters in this film We have a big fun with one piece stampede

hiruko-74770 12 August 2019

The best one piece movie full of action scenes and I had a lot of fun

aghanyaanthony 29 August 2019

The movie is just insane. I recommend this to all anime and One Piece fans every where. You won't be disappointed

gk-hassan 6 September 2019

If you are one piece fan, you better watch it. There are many interesting things 100% you love it.

xprosuper 17 August 2019

10/10 !! Oda and Toei did something truly amazing , love it .

burningsoulofdarkness 13 August 2019

Ohh yey This anime movie is going to be best i think

hiraishinnojutsu 21 September 2019

I'm a fan myself, but, there're a couple of "buts" that makes it imperfect, the villain lack charisma, he just show up without any proper introduction that would mask his evil agenda. He just show up and goes like "hey guys, look at me, the demon heir, I'm very damn strong ya'll. Brain? Scheme? Tactics? who needs that? I'm brawnier than all of you combined." Such a not-well-developed, well-forgotten character for an ex-member of the once known as the world's most powerful and the most dangerous pirate crew for me. Visually, I can't help but almost got a sore eyes by the end of the film, maybe it's just me sitting too close to the screen, or maybe the screen just to big, or maybe it's really the case that sometimes, in some of the scenes, the characters and the backgrounds seem disconnected to my eyes to the point that it almost looks like a motion comics you watch in youtube. Actions? just enjoy it, the animation and choreography is far better than in the tv anime series, but still I can easily address some size/scale inconsistencies. Can't wait for another One Piece projects by Goda-sensei, IKUZOOO!!!!!

xovarylavaara 3 September 2019

Every second on the screen is fun, everything gets you excited for the next scene.Amazing characters. Amazing plot. Everything combines into a fantastic fun movie.

csagenbola 20 September 2019

I love this anime all perfect i rate 10/10 oda must make other movie like this

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