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Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   5.8/10 9206 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Congressional aide Erica (Graham) forgoes family Christmas to travel at her boss's behest. At a beachside Air Force base, she clashes with Capt. Andrew Jantz (Ludwig), who knows her assignment is finding reasons to defund the facility.

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hmusol 6 November 2020

I really dug this movie for a myriad of reasons. The leads had great chemistry with each, the scenery of Guam was beyond gorgeous and it was something genuinely pleasant to watch. 2020 been stressful enough and sometimes you just want to enjoy a movie that doesn't require you to be invested. Hopefully, this draws more attention to the beautiful territory of Guam and it's people.

ghatbkk 6 November 2020

As a romantic comedy, this movie is middling... but as a story of members of the Armed Forces finding ways to help others when they themselves are far from home on the holidays - a story that happens to be true - this story is hard to beat.

and_shove_it_up_your_butt 8 November 2020

This is my first Christmas movie of the 2020 holiday season and what a great way to kick the festivities off.

It wasn't as corny/sappy as the usual Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies tend to be (which I love) but instead had a slightly more realistic feel to it. I didn't feel amazing heat between Eri and Klaws and I believe that was intentional because the primary focus was the Christmas drop. I could have used a little more spice between them but overall the movie was solid and predictable.

I am giving it a 6.5 on my Lifetime/Hallmark/Holiday movie scale.

Sergiodave 6 November 2020

A run of the mill Romantic comedy that isn't original, but ticks most of the boxes, the acting was okay but the scenery was amazing. It is a Christmas movie, so you don't need to be Einstein to figure out the ending, but it gives you that warm glow you need. Nice movie to pass the time.

danniparton 6 November 2020

Not sure why this received low review ratings from people. It was a cute christmas movie which was enjoyable to watch. Its nice to see a different style of Christmas movie and also shows what happens in the real world. Kat and Alexanders chemistry was nice to see and id love them to make a second movie.

samanthahart08 6 November 2020

I loved this movie. It's such a heartwarming and touching message based on the real Christmas Drop done by the US Department of Defense. It's a unique story and a reminder of the kindness we need more of in the world. Well done Netflix!

rfmil9698 7 November 2020

I was impressed with the actual filming on Guam, the allowed use of base property, DOD personnel, and aircraft (Navy and Air Force)- that lent, to me, an extra level of realism/belief in the message of this movie. Yes, a standard Christmas feel good message with cheesy romance thrown in. But,.... I saw in the movie the message that all military feel when stationed abroad and away from their homes and family---- camaraderie and coming together in support and help of each other and their local community. I appreciate the movie for its message of the true story of assistance provided by USAF in the actual Operation Christmas Drop.

mjlaq 6 November 2020

This "movie" inaccurately depicts the gorgeous island of Guam. Claiming that the military is a savior for them, when all they do is ruin the land and terrorize the people. On top of the tiresome storyline and terrible portrayal, the moving is plain and boring. No chemistry between the actors and it sounds like a 13 year old on wattpad wrote it. I would give a 0/10 but it's not possible.

sbrowns-00923 7 November 2020

It's a bit early for Christmas movie with this coming out at the beginning of November. This one really missed the mark for me, I already had no real expectations going in, but this movie was over the top cheesy and predictable, not in a good way. From the worst CGI gecko I've ever seen to the random cringey Christmas carols uncomfortably sung by the actors to the overly happy locals and base people, this movie was one of the most generic I've seen.

lmarta-90814 7 November 2020

Did anyone else notice Kat Graham's gait instability? I swear she was walking funny the whole movie. My roommate and I just need to know we weren't the only ones that noticed. Great shine on Guam though! Shoutout to the CGI gecko !!

remcoohak 7 November 2020

If you've ever seen a good movie, you will notice this isn't one. Bad acting, awful special effects and too cheesy with al standards things. First few days bad cop, after a while changing the look, changing the way of reacting. Sorry, but this movie sucks.

jdhock-11-752137 7 November 2020

This was a fun, look at how other countries celebrate Christmas. It also featured our military in an awesome light!! Roger_2020 you need to get a life!

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