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Orbiter 9 (2017)

Drama | SciFi   
IMDB Rayting:   5.9/10
Country: Spain | Colombia
Language: Spanish

A girl discovers that the reality of her life isn't as she believes.

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jimvandemoter 3 September 2017

This movie takes it's time to tell the story. If you don't have patience you will get nothing out of it. I totally liked this flick because it drew me in. I don't mind a slow moving story if it can keep my interest. This movie has it's flaws, but overall it told a good story with a different perspective. Some people will be put off by subtitles, but that's not a problem for me. I would recommend this for someone who wants something different.

joesmomberg 24 September 2017

This was a fairly good little sci thriller with a little bit of everything. There was a dash of suspense, some romance, and even a little Tom Cruise style action where people were running around. The ending wasn't perfect, but I liked how it wasn't dumbed down for the audience. That's a rare thing in today's cinema, and this "you either get it or you don't" attitude has endeared this director to me. The acting was good enough for a movie of this nature, and Clara Lago's performance was memorably good. Overall, I'd say this film deserves a solid 7, but I'm giving it a 10 because it deserves to have a higher average. At the time of writing this review, Orbiter 9 has a 5,5 and suicide squad has a 6.2 on IMDb. That's not right people. That's not right at all.

chrisfowler 1 October 2017

The beautiful Clara Lago is on her way from a ruined Earth to Celeste, and awakes in her space- pod to find someone docking - the first living person she'll meet apart from her deceased parents. But the handsome engineer who visits to fix her oxygen is offhand, even though he kisses her... You can see the first of the twists coming (it's in the trailer) but some of the others are nicely handled. This low-key futuristic Spanish-made adventure has some good ideas, a pleasing score and cool visuals, but the director could have made more of the story's tragic implications.

lizclark-40880 8 April 2018

This story reminds me of another low budget film "The Man From Earth", with few exact answers, but it pulls you in by your brain...slowly but surely. Stupidly, the trailer gives away some spoilers so DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER BEFORE THE MOVIE. And just like "The Man From Earth", there could be a marvelous sequel i hope they will make soon to tie up the loose ends in this movie and to show us the happenings (both inside the orbiter and with space travel progress. Get huge pot of tea and relax into thissubtle and thoughtful drama. BTW, add "The Man From Earth" to your watch list and then the sequel of that which HAS been made...just as intriguing!

imdb-713-875525 8 April 2018

No spoilers, I promise. :-)

The big reveal is given away too early in the movie, without enough build up or interesting interactions. From there to the next twist, the movie is pretty slow. It makes some future-looking statements but doesn't delve into any detail enough to be truly thought provoking. Just brings up some common SciFi scenarios and then does nothing with it.

A few more not too bad twists and a fun ending make it worth watching, but sad that it could have been much better.

just_me_joeri 6 April 2018

Firstly, do not watch the trailer. Its spoils a plottwist, the movie isnt really about this plottwist, but its still a shame.

I would like to say, that Im very very impressed with the visuals and photography of this movie given the tiny budget. Bravo! The acting is also good as well as the story. It gives some light Ex-machina, HER, and MOON vibe's story wise. And the 3%, vibe's filmography wise.

There are however some very weird decisions made by the characters halfway trough the movie. Which cause problems which could have been avoided if the characters would have just communicated. Its like they did not know how to further the plot, and just decided to make someone do something stupid for no reason whatsoever a few times in a row. I personally find this very jarring.

There are also some weird actions which seem to not fit the character or institutions taking them. Im still figuring out why.

These 2 issues are however small blemishes on an otherwise great movie.

RobertLThorpe 9 April 2018

From the opening I loved the concept, a sci-fi film with some very subtle twists that offer up a thinking mans film. Unfortunately as we enter into the 3rd act, the film gets bogged down into cliché storytelling and the compelling twists and turns become a Michael Bay attempt at a love story.

There are hints of Blade Runner, EX-Machina, and 2001 mixed into this highly original tale of preparing for our exit from earth to a land far away so that we can survive our own destruction of earth. A woman, is alone on a ship, on her way to Celeste, a planet that can/does have life on it already. We are never sure what her mission really is and that is ok. For reasons made clear early, she has been alone on the ship for 20 years, she is 21 or so years old, how she was cared for as an infant is never really made clear, but its a plot hole very few will take notice of.

Anyway, the time has come for her to get her oxygen fixed which is really code for needed her computer upgraded. Why they cant do this from outside of the ship, is never explained either. However, again, you don't care. Insert hunk of a man who comes to fix the computer. She is immediately smitten with him, as she has not ever really seen another human before, and he is a male. Need I say more.

After a one nighter he leaves, and I guess falls for her. This is where the story sorta falls apart. Their relationship never builds up to what it becomes later in the 3rd act, so the fact that the sacrifices that are made at the end are not earned, we don't really care and thus, forced. With so many nice subtle twists in the film earlier, I was hoping it would have gone in another direction, but it went FULL HOLLYWOOD and thus derailing what could have been interesting and a nice thought film on the future of our species. Instead it chose cliché over substance. Dooming it. Still, there is a lot of nice things about the film, performances, (other than the token evil American) the directing and effects all work really well. Its unfortunate the 3rd act ruins the film.

christina_arana 14 April 2018

I liked it a lot!! Super original story, great twists, very well done!!! I really enjoyed it.

cardodavid 2 August 2018

Many people doesnt know this movie is their first in many things. First time director, first time this kind of approach is made in Colombia, South america. First, time a full. sci-fi movie with this low budget here. Kudos for the great accomplish. Keep doing it.

Kirpianuscus 27 August 2017

a nice film with a Sci.Fi. pretext, using clichés, a story with too many holes, sketches of acting and a generous theme who has no force to survive to the end. the premise is generous and the the first scenes - a good point. but, maybe, the real problem remains the absence of a clear perspective about the script. because, at the end, it is a kind of salad. moral dilemma, selfishness, a drawing of pink love story, an end who seems be generous improvisation for a project without clear sense. short, a strange film. or only expression of good intentions. because , except the desire to use too many subjects, it gives nothing else. except an easy love story, confuse, unrealistic and too modest to be interesting.

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