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Oxygen (2021)

Drama | Fantasy | SciFi
Rayting:   6.5/10 31K votes
Country: France | USA
Language: French
Release date: May 12, 2021

A woman wakes in a cryogenic chamber with no recollection of how she got there. As she's running out of oxygen, she must rebuild her memory to find a way out of her nightmare.

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rpremio-48200 13 May 2021

What a great movie. Watched it not knowing anything about it and I was hooked the entire time. I didn't want it to end. Mélanie Laurent's performance was stunning and hopefully award worthy. Ignore the reviews and watch it.

billybizar 14 May 2021

Can't believe the relatively low rating score of 6.4. Some people are really hard to please. Just take it for what it is: an entertaining B-movie with a fine performance by Laurent, unpredictable twists and turns, cool effects, attractive photography and a recognazible musical theme. I hate it when people give one or two stars only because the script is apparently not 100 % foolproof and ignores the obvious, cinematic qualities.

Orlando_Gardner 12 May 2021

I went in to this film knowing nothing about it and that's probably the best way to watch it. There is nothing new in Oxygene, most of it rethreads old ground but as it's story unfolds it remains engaging from start to finished. This is greatly helped by Melanie Laurent's fantastic central performance. Pretty good story, lovely visuals and score and, as I said previously, a great central performance elevate what could have been mediocre fare to some decent sci-fi with a nice emotional payoff. Well worth your time.

ABCloverLane 12 May 2021

Oxygen might be Alexandre Aja's best movie to date.

It's a one man show, or in this case, a one woman show, as Melanie Laurent delivers a performance worthy of praise as an amnesiac who awakens in a cryopod and tries to figure out how she got there and how she can escape with the help of the AI assisstant MILO. The movie's plot is reminiscent of Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds, only this time we're dealing with a high-concept idea that cannot be mentioned without spoiling the movie.

What I liked the most about this movie is that throughout its entire runtime, it never once loses steam and is able to hold the attention of the viewer. Although it's set almost entirely in one location, the script always finds ingenious elements to keep the plot going and oftentimes it reaches that nail-biting tension the viewers expect from a sci-fi thriller like this.

Melanie Laurent is entirely up to task and she carries this movie effortlessly. Her character's discoveries about her past, present and future offer moments that showcase her immense talent of making us care for a character that we, like the character itself, know nothing about.

The direction from Alexandre Aja is never boring and he uses smart camera tricks to maintain tension and suspense. There's always a sense of engagement with the plot that Aja crafts masterfully, although some plot reveals are a little bit convenient and they come exactly when you expect them to.

Overall, I thought Oxygen benefits from an inventive and well-written script, Aja's tight direction, and of course, Melanie Laurent's performance, who carries the entire movie on her shoulders.

Xstal 13 May 2021

Far from pure, but don't let that contain you or hold you in, as this story of a woman reawakening in a cryogenic capsule with the breathable air rapidly depleting will have you pinned to your seat throughout, unable to escape, while conjuring a plethora of finales, endings and conclusions - any number of which quite plausible, however...

laura-murgia 12 May 2021

What I loved about this movie was the uncertainty of where the movie was going to. Where is the pod? Who is she? Will she get out? It makes you committed to keep watching! This movie reminded me of the movie 'Cube' another brilliant movie!

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