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Pali Road (2015)

Drama | Mystery  | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   7.3/10
Country: China | USA
Language: English

A young doctor wakes up from a car accident and discovers she is married to another man and living a life she can't remember. Her search for the truth to her past life will lead her to question everyone around her and her entire existence.

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novoselac 11 March 2016

Pali Road is an exceptional romantic psycho thriller, that will hold your attention through to the end, but also leaving you scratching your head. It is about a woman who wakes up in a completely different life, after a car accident, and no one around her (not even her parents) remembers the details about her "original" life, nor her real boyfriend. Lilly will have to question her sanity and her feelings in order to reveal the truth. These actors were relatively unknown to me but I was amazed by Michelle Chen's performance. She did a great job in portraying Lilly and the rest of the crew did a decent job too. The script is cleverly written and the story is easy to follow. I highly enjoyed watching this movie and I give it a high recommendation.

geraldyelverton 13 December 2015

Recently, I had the pleasure of screening the film "Pali Road". The film is about a woman who dates a young doctor, but after a car accident wakes up to find she is married to his professional rival and has a son. No one in her life, not even her parents remember the original love of her life, causing her to question her thoughts as well.

Pali Road, written by Doc Pedrolie and Victoria Arch is an intense psycho analysis of the human mind and shows the true power of the heart. The script and storyline are complex without being difficult to follow. A true intelligently written story.

Jonathan Hua Lang Lim directs a beautifully told story with sweeping shots and a serviceable pace. The story moves at a rate that causes the viewer to want to stay with it. He also does wonders in the direction of his actors.

The young woman is played by actress, Michelle Chen (Badges of Fury) who I was unfamiliar with before viewing this title. She serves as a great central character who is going through this psycho analysis. Her acting is top notch as she really conveys the beats and levels of love, fear and doubt as the plot unfolds. Pali Road will be a key vehicle in familiarizing this talented audience with a mass audience. Film fans will recognize the two leading male characters as Jackson Rathbone (Twilight) and Sung Kang (Fast and Furious). Rathbone, who plays the former love interest before the accident does well as the romantic lead. Kang, who plays the new husband and father really reaches a depth that was not seen in the uber popular action franchise he is known for. This movie proves as beneficial for the actors to showcase their talents as they prove beneficial for the film.

I highly recommend any film fans, or fans of its star actors to take the time to view this title. At 92 minutes it is not a marathon to watch as the plot moves swiftly. A really well put together film.

bpnakamoto 8 December 2015

I really enjoyed Pali Road. It had everything a you could ask for. There was suspense, romance, drama and beautiful back ground scenery. I loved the story line it was mysterious and suspenseful. I was on the edge of my seat and a couple of times some scenes made me jump because it surprised me. The actors and actress did an excellent job. The casting was perfect. I was not expecting much due to a locally filmed movie but I was pleasantly surprised on how well the movie was made. I didn't like the ending it ended abruptly. I would have liked to have had some closure. It made me feel something was missing. It made you have to think about what happened around the mystery. I would go see it again and this time I would follow it a lot closer now that I have an idea what to look for.

pinnacle55 25 May 2018

I don't know how this movie got such high rated reviews, maybe we watched different films, but in ny opinion it failed in several different ways. The writing is cheesy and the acting is awful. The only person whose acting was believable was the Neil character, everyone else around him was just reading a script. Even her pretending to be a doctor was cringeworthy to watch.

bondza 23 April 2016

This is a great and suspenseful romance with a very original script that will touch your heart. The movie tells a story about love which is always stronger than lies and deception. The main character, Lilly Zhang goes through a mental torture when she awakes from a car accident and finds out that her world has turned upside down. She is married to a man she barely knows, while no one remembers her true love, her boyfriend Neil (portrayed by Jackson Rathbone). Lilly goes through emotions of doubt and fear, as the story unfolds, but also getting closer and closer to the truth. Michelle Chan did an outstanding performance portraying Lilly and I will definitely search for some more of her movies here on IMDb. That also counts for the director too. Watch it, you won't regret it!

walcyk 10 December 2015

The plot is suspenseful and the characters are intriguing. It is creative and the "what will happen next" keeps viewers riveted to the film. I love the winding of local culture and the beauty of the islands was well interweaved. The photography/cinematography was beautiful, it takes a real artist to catch some of the scenes. I was surprised by the outcome of the film and like that I did not expect it. The female roles were well cast and I kept watching the faces of the female characters. The cinematography was expert in coloring the background scenes of the islands to show viewers the inner beauty of Hawaii. It was interesting to see the interaction of the in laws and parents and I think they were portrayed as many of the old time parents thought, those of the "fifties". In addition, the film showed a suspense, a girls plight, riveting portrayal of family roles and local cultural roles, scenery, changes in life, choices in life and how those affect ones' outcome, responsibilities in life. After seeing the film you go out to think about our own lives and the movies makes one think of how our own choices affect where and whom we are.

tyfferzy 23 November 2015

With Pali Road, Jonathan Lim delivers a love mystery that leaves you walking away still thinking of the film and the story. Pali Road stars Michelle Chen, Jackson Rathbone, Sung Kang, and Henry Ian Cusick with breathtaking scenery of Hawaii taking you on an emotional-charged journey of the heart and mind. Originally scheduled for two showings at the 2015 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), Pali Road and HIFF opened a third showing by popular response from the Honolulu community. Pali Road should be a sure thing in its nominations for the Halekulani Golden Orchid Award for Best Narrative as well as for its cinematography and performances. It's a definite must-see when it becomes available in theaters and online.

borakvaka 20 April 2016

Lily is a young girl who survives a car accident and wakes up confused, married for a man she doesn't love and having a son she can't remember. Although her husband is not completely unknown to her, according to her memories, she has a boyfriend Neil, who is a doctor, and her current husband was actually his rival. But what complicates the situation is that even her parents are saying that her memories are not real, and a consequence of trauma after the car accident. Everyone around are trying to convince her, that Neil is a product of her imagination. The movie was an exciting ride, a clever and unpredictable romance with some elements of thriller, where it was hard to know the truth until the end. The acting was spot on, the story believable and I got very emotional at the end. I give this movie a strong 9!!

sportsbros808 28 February 2016

The "waking up and not remembering your life" meme has been played out in many film and TV shows in the past. However, "Pali Road" takes it to a new level.

Lily (Michelle Chen) wakes up after a car accident and it thrust into a life she has no memory of. The memories that she does have are those of being with her boyfriend, Neil (Jackson Rathbone) and not of her current husband and child.

Her family and friends insist that this current life is the only reality there is. Lily begins to question her sanity and the film takes a darker, more suspenseful turn.

The acting is excellent with Chen and Rathbone delivering moving performances. The cinematography adds so much to the film that it almost feels like an additional character. Scenes go from bright, warm and lush to dark and brooding as the film progresses. Director Jonathan Hua Lang Lim keeps the story moving and delivers some spectacular camera shots.

Ultimately this film is about the power of love to overcome all obstacles. The love that Lily feels is stronger than the "reality" that is telling her something different. Watching this film will make many people question their own reality and the choices and compromises they have made in their lives.

I think really good movies will leave you thinking and questioning and "Pali Road" is no exception. If you get a chance to see this film I highly recommend that you do.

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