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Palmer (2021)

Rayting:   7.3/10 18607 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An ex convict strikes up a friendship with a boy from a troubled home.

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jlc-68856 29 January 2021

I can not express my absolute appreciation for this film and all involved. I am Sam. This film hit me harder than anything/anyone in my life. My mom passed on Christmas Eve 1985 of breast cancer and my biological father became Jeremy and the addict Shelly. I was tortured for who I was for years both physically and sexually. Before passing, my mother would grant me anything I asked for and that all went away when she did. I was placed in "the system" for several years until ultimately adopted by another abuser. I'm 40 now and identify as a cis male. However, I have never seen such an amazing portrayal of my life in film or television. I wish I could personally thank both Mr. Timberlake and the young actor who played the role of Sam. This film did more healing than the more than 30 years of therapy I've received. Thank you!

jarmste2 1 February 2021

For the people saying this movie is no good - you're way off. For the people saying it's one of the greatest movies of all time - you're way off. Why can't we just say that a movie is really good, not great? It's a really nice story with interesting characters. I'd recommend it to anyone that has an open mind. Bonus points to JT for playing a character so remarkably different than himself. It resonates for people especially from smaller towns or who have dealt with bullying growing up. I personally loved it, but I'd give it a solid 6 out of 10 in the grand spectrum of movies (and that's just fine).

structuresystemic 30 January 2021

I knew from the trailer that it was going to have some moving performances but in no way was I expecting such a tour de force from Timberlake. Well scripted, well done all around.

jonastp 30 January 2021

I've personally missed seeing Justin play. I hope to see more. This is a great movie. Nothing fancy, but very well done and played. By all of the actors. This is worth the watch if you consider this.

cscott2331 30 January 2021

I don't know why in the hell people are complaining it's cliche, it's messy blah blah blah. You know form the previews what you're getting. An x-con with a heart of gold. A boy in the wrong body, gay, confused, trans and to top it off he's saddled with a druggie mom. You know what's going to happen. Doesn't make it any the less heartwarming and sweet. I think JT (Palmer) did a great job, I've always thought he was a decent actor. Sam was really good, as far a child actor go, I think he's got it! It's a feel good movie, so if you don't like that kind of movie, then don't watch it. Pretty simple if you ask me. If you like a sweet film then watch it.

jdc-07171 30 January 2021

... to give a low rating to this film! Acting by the lead actors is excellent and the story is not just heartwarming or just politically correct. This is a story about all the way acceptance - no questions, no doubts, no preaching about right and wrong! I expected that at some point Palmer, being the supposedly macho character in the film, would sit the boy down and explain a couple of things to him. But no, he didn't! And this is precisely what is great about Palmer and about "Palmer" the film. Full, absolute, acceptance: people, even little people, are who they are and sometimes there's no point to denying it, there's no point to trying to change them. Let us be as instinctively wise as Palmer and realize or feel when this is just the case!

glenn_gallagher 29 January 2021

I thought this movie was going to be another 2020, PC, manipulative tale of an "average joe hero". 'Palmer' exceeded my expectations and had an intelligent, powerful script with great actors fulfilling their roles and engaging the audience in every scene. Justin Timberlake has already proved himself to be a great actor and he clearly reached a little further down in this performance to bring a tonne of depth to his character. This movie highlights the multitude of life's unknown obstacles and the fact that no matter how hard things maybe, everyday brings a new sun.

Sir_AmirSyarif 29 January 2021

Despite of its clichéd and overdone nature of the narrative, Fisher Stevens' 'Palmer' offers a thought-provoking and emotionally powerful drama about acceptance and second chances. There are few films that are willing to approach the subject matter of gender identity and the bullying that comes from that, and yet this film knows how far to go and what the focus of the story should be about. Both Justin Timberlake and Ryder Allen deliver outstanding performances, as well as the rest of the cast.

HorrorFlickFanatic 1 February 2021

Good performances by all the cast. Justin Timberlake shows he is a mult+talented artist

steindottir 29 January 2021

I don't understand why the notes are so low. It's been months since I've seen a film so powerful, so fine, so right. As much in the subject matter as in the acting. A film about life, real life. Its violence and beauty. To what extent children are the wealth of this world. An ode to life. Poignant.

maris_geo 1 February 2021

I would never believe that Justin Timberlake would give such an amazing performance. I loved every minute. Such a powerful movie. The critics are clueless.

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