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Pee-wee's Big Holiday (2016)

Adventure | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English | Spanish

A fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee wee Herman to take his first holiday ever in this epic story of friendship and destiny.

Director: John Lee Writer:

Stars: Paul Reubens, Jordan Black and Doug Cox

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jeff-92-33421 18 March 2016

This one really brought back memories for me. Pee Wee Herman has been gone for far too long. I am very happy to see Paul Reubens making Pee Wee Herman movies again. What happened to that poor man was SO UNFAIR! He never really did anything wrong and he paid a huge price for it.

If you hated the old Pee Wee Herman movies, this one will not turn you into a fan. But for those of us who loved this character, this movie is a real treat.

Yes, it is corny and goofy, but isn't that what Pee Wee Herman is supposed to be? It doesn't have any profound messages, it is just a lot of fun and a movie that you can watch with your kids.

TOMNEL 18 March 2016

If you wondered what a Pee-Wee movie would be like 30 years after his heyday, the answer is pretty much exactly the same, which is perfect. Pee-Wee still exists in this surreal 1950s alternate reality that feels as fresh today as it did in the 80s.

Pee-Wee Herman has never left the small town of Fairville, but after meeting actor Joe Manganiello (playing himself in a hilarious self aware performance), he's convinced to head East on a journey to New York for Joe's birthday party. Along the way he meets an assortment of colorful characters that help break him out of his sheltered existence.

The makeup department deserves an Emmy or Oscar (or whatever awards Netflix movies qualify for) for the job they did to Paul Reubens. The man is 63, and in real life, looks about his age. But in this film he only looks slightly older than he did back in the 80s. His voice has gotten a little bit raspier, but that's to be expected. Reubens himself is back in character, fully committed (surprisingly he hasn't been yet), and giving it his all.

The supporting cast is also consistently wonderful. Similar to any other Pee-Wee Herman project, almost all the characters, whether they're harboring deep secrets or not, smile and wave, giving off that 50s Leave it to Beaver "everything is great" attitude. Every performance is over the top, but they're all perfect. Diane Salinger from Big Adventure returns, this time playing a kooky pilot, and she gives it her all in a manic and memorable cameo. Character actor Hal Landon Jr. is similarly insane as a farmer that is simultaneously sheltering his nine daughters and trying to marry them off to strangers.

The biggest fault in the film is that it feels somewhat disconnected. The locations Pee-Wee ends up in are all amusing, but at times it just seems like a series of scenes not really leading to Pee-Wee's final goal. On the plus side, at times when the plot seems to really be getting lost, Pee-Wee mentions again where he's going, and how far he has to go bringing it back on track. In general, the journey to Joe's party and to find himself, is not as compelling as Pee- Wee's journey to find his bike. It would be much easier not to compare Big Adventure and Big Holiday, if they hadn't clearly modeled the latter on the former.

Kids will enjoy it for it's over the top cartoonish qualities, and the adult Pee-Wee fans will enjoy the exact same thing, in addition to all the ironic winks at the audience that the kids don't notice. If you're a fan of Pee-Wee Herman at all, then this will be a treat for you. It looks to the first feature film for guidance, but Holiday is it's own unique movie, full of the typical quirky charms you would expect from Paul Reubens. The best moments here don't equal the fun climax of Big Adventure, but it's still consistently amusing, never boring, and at times laugh out loud funny. And it's a heck of a lot more charming than Big Top Pee-Wee.

My rating: *** out of ****. Contains mild language and some mild sexual innuendos.

jadelowrey 24 March 2016

The artistic heart of any Pee Wee movie is the idea that you're looking at the world through the eyes of a kid again. Everything is bigger, brighter, more exciting, scarier, and new.

This is a road trip story, that sets up lots of funny, and usually absurd encounters for Pee Wee to experience. There's no new ground broken here, and that's as it should be. It's a continuation of everything that makes Pee Wee great.

I laughed, I snorted, and I smiled the whole time.

If you like classic Pee Wee Herman, you'll love this!

A fun movie for the kid in all of us!

I know you are, but what am I??

mernie9 18 March 2016

Disclaimer: I love Pee-Wee! And yet I recognize that there are many otherwise fine people in the world that don't get him.

"If you love him so much, why don't you marry him?"

(I wish ~ swoon)

"Big Adventure", which I believe was Pee-Wee's best production, was released in 1985, 31 years ago. (And Pee-Wee hasn't aged a bit. Amazing.) If you ask me, that movie had some very high points (anything with Francis, the Alamo scene, and of course, the biker bar scene) but also a few scenes that weren't all that, like the pet store fire and the creepy clown scene. After one watch of Big Holiday, I didn't think there were any scenes that could rival the biker bar scene from "Big Adventure." But that's an awfully high bar. At the same time, "Big Holiday" didn't have any scenes that disappointed me. Overall, I'd say it was a wash.

In "Big Holiday" Pee-Wee is content living in small town Fairville. That all changes when Joe Manganiello (playing himself) arrives in town and visits the diner where Pee-Wee works. Joe has the "wow" factor, and after the guys talk a bit, they realize they have a connection. Except Joe is worldly, and Pee-Wee not so much, admitting that he's afraid to leave Fairville. Joe prods Pee-Wee, inviting him to his upcoming birthday party in 5 days, and further insists that he drive across the country for the full experience.

Once Pee-Wee leaves Fairville, it has that "Big Adventures" feel, except instead of the Alamo, Pee-Wee is heading to Joe's New York City penthouse apartment. Like "Big Adventures", Pee-Wee runs into a number of interesting characters along the way, getting into (and getting out of) some awkward predicaments, changing his mode of transportation, but always bound for NYC.

In Pee-Wee's world, the characters all seem to be quirky but also squeaky clean. Even the nefarious characters still enjoy a sense of innocence. This movie is a bit of a diversion from that formula, because Joe plays the straight man. Joe shares Pee-Wee's infectious traits, his ability to see the world in "glass half full" terms, as well as his delightful sense of wonder. But he's also brimming with "machismo" and "cool". That fusion is brilliant, and I can't imagine there could be anyone else to play the role of Pee-Wee's new friend than Joe Manganiello.

Idiot-Deluxe 29 March 2016

Pee-wee Herman: The iconic and ever-funny man-child returns (and it only took 28 years!!!) in thee superbly zany "Pee-wee's Big Holiday". I found this to be nearly as good as "Pee-wee's Big Adventure", nearly. This is an extremely fun and fast-paced comedy (unlike the epic misfire that is 1988's "Big Top Pee-wee") that will make you grin from beginning to end. Just like the almighty first film 30+ years ago, this is an epic "road movie" and he has some utterly hilarious, side-splitting encounters along the way. I won't get into plot specifics just watch it for yourself and marvel at the fact, that Paul Reubens is every bit as convincing as Pee-wee Herman today, as he was in the 80's. I've been a Pee-wee fan since the mid-80's so I can say with confidence that I know my stuff.

As hinted at above, Paul Reubens really knows his character and with the exception of a few instances, early in the film, where his voice seems to sound a bit off (to low in pitch) his performance is all but perfect. It's truly amazing how well Reubens has aged over the years, he's nearly 64 YEARS OLD! and yet he still looks the part. Looking as though he's aged only about 15 years, since making the first film over 30 years ago! I find it baffling that some reviewers are saying he's too old looking to keep playing the role. They are certainly mistaken to think that. Indeed, people just like to quibble and bitch, even when there isn't anything to quibble and bitch about - that I've noticed. Cut out the negativity people, because: Pee-wee still has it! A true one-of-a-kind character perfectly crafted and refined by a comic genius.

It's too bad Tim Burton didn't direct this movie, but John Lee did a good job none the less. Musically speaking, the soundtrack is effective, but not overly memorable; a shame Danny Elfman also didn't show up for The Big Holiday, because I just adore Danny's Pee-wee music. Apparently one of the guys from Devo did the music and like I say said effective but not terribly memorable, not like what maestro Elfman would have composed. Like many fans, I'm still holding out hope for a grand return of the team of Reubens/Burton/Elfman to some day make the best ever Pee-wee Herman adventure. Hope it happens some day. Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock - for time is not infinite.

In closing, if I were to rate the 3 Pee-wee films, Big Adventure stills reigns as number 1, close behind is Big Holiday firmly in second place, and it beats the pants off the terribly disappointing Big Top Pee-wee the definite loser of the three - it takes the bronze.

PS - I have to address this, as it does bother at times, to see just how many people, evidently, do not know how to properly spell his name. Even after !!35 YEARS!! of being in the public eye. It's "Pee-wee" NOT: Pee-Wee or Pee Wee, drop that capitol on the "w" damn-it and don't forget to add the hyphen. Well that's done........

and please............KEEP MAKING THESE MOVIES PAUL!

gavin6942 20 March 2016

A fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee-wee Herman to take his first-ever holiday in this epic story of friendship and destiny.

This movie is not going to knock your socks off, and it never quite reaches the level of "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", but it is still a fun movie with plenty of interesting characters and situations. If this film is as successful as it seems to be (the reviews are generally positive), I hope they get another one going soon. With Judd Apatow and Paul Rust on board, Pee-Wee is back! I did find it interesting that they kept the celebrity factor rather low. With the names attached, they could have had an endless stream of celebrity cameos, but it was minor. More or less, it was a string of actors who are better known for their faces than their names. (Many times throughout the film I had to look up different actors to make the connection, such as Farmer Brown being the same actor who played Ted's father in "Bill and Ted".)

webdimension 31 March 2016

I give the movie a 9 out of 10. It's a netflix movie, and with that being said I think it was great. I really hope to see more Pee-wee herman in the near future. I enjoyed the movie, but I love and adore Pee-wee herman so it would be hard not to love a movie that showcased the same Pee-wee we remember.

The Pee-wee character is one of the most epic characters of my life time and Paul Reubens creative genius behind the character is unlike what any other actor or character has been in my life time, in my opinion. I watched playhouse as a kid and loved the movies as a kid and always found Pee-wee to be just a timeless character. When the anticipation for this movie started to happen and days before I actually watched it I found myself deep into research about Paul Reuben and his legacy both on stage and in the public eye. I scoured the internet trying to figure out all the gossip and listened to a great interview via NERDIST (aka chris hardwick) as of recently that is just so interesting.

Conservative people always found Pee-wee to be odd and that when the trouble with the law stuff happened it was so crippling for the legacy of Pee-wee but in some ways it was so appropriate in shaping an artist. When Pee-wee came out at the MTV music awards in 1991 after the arrest the audience erupted in cheers and support for Paul. I loved the character of Pee-wee as a child, sure as you get older you have to ask yourself, what is the story here. Paul's character of Pee-wee herman is beyond what any artist/actor has done in my opinion. He is an absolute legend and has done something truly beyond traditional acting with the character.

Now, the movie, had its low parts. The big hair scene was kind of weird but its what you come to expect from Pee-wee, stuff that is just off kilter and it just works, Pee-wee could get away with any ridiculous scenario and I'd still love it. To me, the balloon scene was absolutely hilarious and I laughed my ass off, maybe I have a tender spot for stupid stuff but I find that stuff to just be total comedy gold. The whole bromance element is so genuinely campy, its like, is this supposed to be a bit of homeroiticism? Just in the same way many wondered about Paul in his personal life and his sexual preferences, which nobody still knows for sure. It definaltly sets a bit of that tone but then keeps it very like child like innocent hilarious and heart warming. Everyone gets so up and arms about suggestiveness and I definaltly wondered but seeing what was done from an artistic perspective is just so genius to me, it just hints on all kinds of innocent flirtyness whether bromance or the romancing between Pee-wee and Bella. How can you not love Pee-wee.

Ultimately , I think it could have been better sure but with it being a netflix film and being the first Pee-wee movie in SOOO long I thought it was amazing. Pee-wee doesn't look old or sound much different, he looks the exact same, its the same heartfelt, silly adventure type scenario we loved from before. I really hope they make more and Pee-wee continues on.

Amazing, the legacy of Pee-wee. Paul's vision and artistry has always been and continues to be just absolutely amazing.

goolizap 31 March 2016

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure is one of my all-time favorites, so I've been looking forward to this one for awhile.

From the very opening of the film, we already get a sense that this will take place in a similar realm of surrealism that was used in the 1985 classic. It's a different film universe from Big Adventure, but it gives us the same tone. From Pee-Wee's love for Rube Goldberg-style housing, to the utopian town that he lives in--Fairville--which is populated by less than 1000 residents. It all hearkens back to Tim Burton's vision from the original. But the comparisons don't end in Fairville. The whole film tries to mimic what worked so well in the first movie--which is a good thing.

Pee-Wee has never left Fairville before. In fact, I'm not sure anyone really has. So, much like Big Adventure, Pee-Wee sets out on a cross-country road trip with inspiration from Joe Manganiello- -playing a fictionalized version of himself who just so happens to be the cool-guy version of Pee-Wee. You wish for more scenes with the two of them because they oddly have great chemistry with each other.

There may not be as many iconic scenes as there are in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, but the ride is just as entertaining. The silliness is still there, even if the lines aren't quite as memorable. But that's what Pee-Wee's all about. His world is meant for us to lose ourselves in. To find that place of innocence and imagination that many of us left with our childhood.

In 2016, Paul Reubens' vision for Pee-Wee still holds up. Not much has changed. There are points in the film where you forget that this is a new project.

This is truly amazing day for Pee-Wee fans. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of him for another 25 years. He was a big part of my childhood and it's great to see a new generation getting to know the world's most beloved man-child.

Twizard Rating: 96

dostoevsky1111 18 March 2016

Perhaps this is sacrilege, but I found Pee-Wee's Big Holiday to be the best of his three films. (I agree that the biker-bar scene from Big Adventure is the best individual scene—but this film is more consistent in tone and execution.) Pee Wee's goal is to get to Joe Manganiello's birthday party in New York City after the two bond over milkshakes and root-beer barrels in Pee Wee's home town of Fairville.

All we know is that Pee-Wee never has left home and that NYC is a long way east. Joe zooms back to his penthouse in Manhattan on his motorcycle. After looking for a sign as to whether or not to go cross-country to New York (and being hit on the head by a Big Apple), Pee Wee hops in his car and is immediately kidnapped by three female bank robbers (Pepper, Freckles, and Bella, aka Pee-Wee). He's left tied up in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere—but he hitches a ride east with a traveling salesman vending the sort of gag gifts that Pee-Wee finds irresistible.

Pee-Wee's misadventures en route to NYC all are amusing and clever. There is an overt theme of friendship and tolerance, as well as an underlying theme of homosexuality being a-okay—but this latter is embodied in a sly and funny way. Whether Paul Reubens himself is gay or bi- scarcely matters—and Pee-Wee himself encounters several would-be girlfriends along the way, including Bella.

For me, the encounter with an Amish community entertained by Pee-Wee's balloon antics was the best scene in the film—perhaps because I'm from Pennsylvania. The action never flags, and the large cast is consistently strong. Pee-Wee's punning is scintillating throughout.

Let's hope Paul Reubens soon will host Saturday Night Live in character. His perpetuation of Pee-Wee in 2016 is utterly on-target and satisfying.

ekeby 6 April 2016

Go ahead, critics, compare it to his other movies, better, worse, equal to etc. He's aged, he hasn't aged. Who cares? This is a movie unto itself. None of what the oldsters are talking about is at all relevant to a kid seeing or hearing PeeWee for the first time. This movie can stand alone.

I don't laugh out loud much at movies. Nothing is really that funny for me. This--I laughed out loud over and over. Sitting here all by myself. Laughing. You can't help it. It's so wonderfully absurd and silly.

The casting, the performances, and the art direction are near flawless. There's nary a false note anywhere, down to the smallest detail. And it's really, really funny.

I defy anybody not to laugh when PeeWee mangles his movie star friend's last name. Or meets the farmer's daughters. Or ends up in a mobile hair salon. I'm sorry. If you don't laugh at this stuff, you're dead inside.

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