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Perfect Creature (2006)

Action | Fantasy  | SciFi
IMDB Rayting:   5.5/10
Country: New Zealand | UK
Language: English

The vampire myth is given a stylish 1960s treatment, where a human cop partners with a vampire cop to stop a vamp bent on creating a war between the two "separate but equal" races.

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claudio_carvalho 12 January 2008

In a world not unlike ours in the 50's, the human race has been coexisting for three hundred years with a genetically enhanced breed of vampires called The Brotherhood that lead the church and researches. The fragile humans are under an influenza epidemic and shortage of the vaccine has been developed by The Brothers, and the police is struggling against the black market. In this environment, Captain Lilly (Saffron Burrows) is assigned to investigate the murder of a woman in an alley of the local slums, and she finds that the murderer is a Brother. Due to the political issue, the church sends Silus (Dougray Scott) to help her, and he discloses that his brother Edgar (Leo Gregory) was infected a couple of weeks ago and killed other women, but the Brotherhood has covered-up the murders to avoid the return of prejudice against their race. Silus and Lilly succeed to arrest the insane vampire, but when Edgar escapes from the compound, he begins to infect the human race.

"Perfect Creature" is a surprisingly good, underrated and absolutely original and stylish vampire movie. The acting is great, with an excellent development of the characters and situations; and the plot is dramatic, consistent and well resolved and gives an excellent hook for a sequel. The art direction blends different styles and ages of "our world" prevailing the 50's, and together with the dark and Gothic cinematography, produce a very pleasant and entertaining feature. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Criatura Perfeita" ("Perfect Creature")

Blekkhart 31 October 2010

I don't understand the poor rating this movie has. There is so much crap being made that people seem to love, and when something really good and original comes along people don't care about it. This movie touches on the theme of vampires, but it's not your ordinary vampire movie. It's a vampire movie with a twist. It is set in what looks like a somewhat futuristic "Jack the ripper era London" type of environment. This is beautifully done. Movies that come to mind are Sherlock Holmes, Bram Stokers Dracula and Wolfman. If you like those movies, you should find this movie interesting. You don't have to be a vampire buff to like this movie since it's not really a vampire movie, as much as it is a Sherlock Holmes type of suspense thriller where the murderer just happens to be a vampire. This movie is high-end quality filmmaking. It looks far more expensive than what the budget would suggest. The casting and acting is superb. The cinematography, editing, directing, visual effects...everything is superbly done. The story in this movie is even interesting and could have opened up to a number of sequels if this movie wasn't so poorly received (for reasons I don't understand). Anyone who found Sherlock Holmes interesting are advised to give this movie a chance.

zara86 30 March 2007

I saw a preview screening of this film without really knowing what it was about, and I was thoroughly impressed. The plot centres on an alternate world and time, the location being loosely set in New Zealand (based on the accents) and the period being a curious combination of the 1900s, 1920s and 1960s. In this place, all vampires belong to the Brotherhood, a church which has protected humans from the many outbreaks of a mutating influenza through its advances in medical science. The great thing about this film is that we slowly grow to understand the society of this new place, rather than it all being rammed down the viewers throat as is usually the case with alternate realities. The casting, though unlikely, actually works well. Dougray Scott was in my opinion an unusual choice for the role of the male lead, the vampire Silas, but rose to the challenge quite well overall. His acting was convincing to the most part, but left a lot to be desired in the weaker parts of the film. Saffron Burrows, playing the detective Lily, gave a stand out performance in this film though. I have previously seen her as a supporting actress in many things, such as Troy, and didn't realise she had the capacity and range of a lead, but she gave a captivating performance. The dynamics between all of the characters seemed genuine, with the romantic aspect taking a backseat to the actual story. The script was well written, with succinct dialogue, and didn't include the usual cheese this genre is unfortunately full of. The score was sufficiently atmospheric to complement the moody tone of the film. The plot and special effects were thrilling, and thoroughly entertaining. In summary, this is not a vampire B-movie, but a distinctive film which addresses the issues of prejudice and medical ethics (and just so happens to have vampires in it) It sets itself up well for a sequel, which I cant wait to see. Highly recommended!

abogucki-1 11 March 2007

Very good,original vampire action movie ...

I'm very impressed. one more proof that there can be a good original action movie outside of Hollywood. This should be playing in the theaters. Has a dark, depressed "batman city" feel, contains an original storyline and enough action to satisfy action buffs like me. Special effects are pretty good, do not get in the way of the storyline. I'm surprised how well this relatively unknown cast performed, the leads blended with their roles seamlessly. Definitely looking forward to a sequel.

Way better then most of the late Hollywood stuff out there...

benmanager 16 March 2007

I thought this was a really good film.

The world of the film - an alternate world where vampires are like priests who look after humanity and whom humanity respects - is original and feels very solid.

When watching the film, it really is like stepping into another world. The production values are superb for what would be a low budget Hollywood movie and there are some terrific action sequences, but it is more of a sci-fi thriller than a straight out action movie for me.

This film has a lot of ideas in it, something most Hollywood films don't; the role of religion within a state for example.


stevepat99 6 August 2007

This film's premise is original, far beyond the traditional Vampire genre. A new, genetically empowered race of human/vampire like creatures has come forth, first despised but finally accepted as protectors of humanity. Early on we are told that this race has neither hunted nor even harmed humans for three hundred years. Yet, many humans remain paranoid in their feelings for the Brotherhood as the race is called.

It appears that humans supply the Brotherhood with ample amounts of blood via blood bank type donations done in non-medical venues. All this resulting in a 300 year track record of zero humans harmed. That is until an errant Brotherhood member goes berserk killing and taking blood while also transmitting his contaminated blood to humans. Leaving both the new super race and humans alike facing possible extinction.

The story has a competent, crazed blood sucking super villain who brings a bit of horrific red carnage to the screen as he threatens to destroy all around him. The pairing of a handsome senior Brother and femme fatale cop has all the right chemistry and brings the "can two races get it on" question into play. They have much fun with that concept.

This inspired, dazzling and dark alternate universe contains various elements from our past 100 years of history i.e. flying machines above and 12 inch TV sets below. It all works.

High tension, horror, drama, great sets, atmosphere, very good cast and an original Sci-Fi horror story make this film a fun, rewarding experience. Anyone for Perfect Creature 2?

reeves2002 24 July 2007

I rented this movie last night and was blown away.It's a different kind of vampire movie.It reminded me a bit of underworld because of the action not so much the story.I don't know how this movie didn't hit theaters because I would have been there.Or if it did I missed out.Or maybe it was only released in New Zealand and the U.K.If it is a straight to DVD release then it's one of the best ones i've seen.The location in New Zealand was a perfect spot for this movie.It had a very old Gothic look even though it also seemed a bit modern. It was supposed to be 1969 but seemed more like 1949 by the way people talked and dressed, and the cars looked older then 1969.But then again,it is taking place on a different earth(I read that in an article about the movie),and there is a mention of it at the beginning so it doesn't matter how it appears. I was impressed with this movie.It has good special effects,original story,lots of action and good acting.I want to buy my own copy of it.Now I'm anticipating a sequel because of how it ended.

dpilat-2 21 October 2007

The movie looks stunning: with a comparatively tiny budget, writer/director Glen Standring makes good use of computer generated imagery but blends in beautifully with the 'real life' shots. Colourwise, the movie is a masterpiece: in tune with the bleak and unwelcoming world it portrays, the colours feel sucked out, and greys and earth tones dominate. A mainly Kiwi cast apart from leads Dougray Scott and Saffron Burrows does a good job and did I mention the visuals? The art directors and production designers Ivey, Basset and Bavin deserve an Oscar for creating a coherent and plausible steampunk world, that combines technology from the fifties with the interior design of the twenties and a streetlook of the Victorian age. For viewers not looking for horror (or gore) the story is gripping and scary enough.

Kashmirgrey 10 September 2007

In the midst of deadly and rampant plagues, the vampire is born. During several centuries that follow, the vampire race becomes known as "The Brotherhood", keepers of the faith, holy icons of hope and inspiration during a time of pestilence despair. Unfortunately, one of the bros ( Leo Gregory) gets a taste of some bad blood and slowly graduates from serial killer to mass murderer. It's up to his "biological" brother (Dougray Scott) and a cop (Saffron Burrows) to rein him before he gives The Brotherhood a bad rap.

"Perfect Creature" has a lot going for it. The premise is intriguing enough, the characters are interesting, and it casts (pardon the pun) an interesting light on the vampire genre. Edgar, the psychotic Brother is quite sinister and contrasts nicely against his priestly peers. Burrows and Scott also adeptly assume the shoes of their roles as well.

The bummer is that the film lacks in plot development and suffers from some pretty significant story flaws. How do the Brothers sustain their need for blood? What exactly is their religion? Why don't those bitten by Edgar contract his virus? I guess, referencing the common question from the film "Outbreak", is it airborne?

For me, "perfect Creature" ascended nicely from nothingness, but its wings never fully developed and it took a nose dive back into its grave.

Fartybeast 23 May 2007

Oh, I really wanted this film to be better.

So much potential with the alternative reality and the wet gritty feel of it all. The interactions between the characters held the possibility of layers of intrigue and backstory which could have led to spin offs into other media.

But it plays like a hastily written love story wedged into an interesting world view. Just when the story seems ready to move into an action sequence, it gets all boring and at the exact moment you expect some deeper relationship exposition, it stumbles onwards to progress the action.

The acting is great (even if a number of the actors are regular players on New Zealand TV and film), cinematography and editing is OK but nothing special, and the effects are passable for the budget. As an overall look it scores well, but it is no white knuckle ride.

My immediate comparison is to a films like Night Watch/Day Watch, Blade, Dark City or Underworld. Budget aside, these other films score so much better because they seem to get the pacing right. Ultimately, I found that I struggled to sit through the whole thing. I just kept thinking of other things I could be doing ... it just didn't engage me as it should have.

I'd still recommend seeing this film as it does throw up some cool ideas and grim images. But don't expect action and adventure at every turn.

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