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Perfect Strangers (2022)

Comedy | Drama 
Rayting:   5.7/10 4.3K votes
Country: Lebanon | Egypt
Language: Arabic
Release date: January 20, 2022

A dinner party unravels when a tight group of friends agree to leave their phones unlocked on the table, exposing juicy interactions and dark secrets.

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hhhuuu-91747 24 January 2022

A real realistic movie that simulates what we live in our time, and no one can deny that what the movie narrated is really our reality...! Worth watching.

ziyadabouchair 22 January 2022

A very nice Egyptian-Lebanese production. Breaks a lot of taboos found in the Arab world.

Great dialogue, very amusing music, good directing. Roles are played to perfection. The setting, décor and camera is adding up to the suspens and the build up of the stories.

Set in just one location, great use of the different places in it.

danielcalegari 6 February 2022

Please! Watch the original italian version, or the french or spanish... Maybe the mexican or indian or philippine... This one, lebanese egypt arab, is terrible, awful!

The friends look like they hate each other. All dialogues are going bad and fake. It is something else than arabic.

And the movie ends without giving an explanation why everything happened at that night.

Faristuta 22 January 2022

I wish there was more originality in the first Netflix Arab film. A copied version of a movie that's been already copied and pasted several times within the last few years isn't something original.

A good dialogue could've made this better. However the dialogue is unrealistic, awkward and cringy. Yes many Arabs are heavy drinkers and gay and promiscuous and these topics need to be discussed, but just throwing them there in the script without any sophistication doesn't make this movie any better.

Please- we need more original work that is realistic even if it's controversial. This film was silly and insulting to anyone's intelligence. The acting was excellent though. 4/10.

Ahmedfadil00 22 January 2022

Although I see the previous versions, but the Arabic version of this story is wonderful. Be honest, especially Mona Zaki. We lived the role in all its details, a creative actress, and the end is beautiful and fair.

atractiveeyes 21 January 2022

Since I've seen the French version of the original Italian movie, Perfect Strangers, the story of this Arabic remake isn't new to me but it is still so enjoyable. I was completely involved by the interesting conversations with all its nice topics and implications. The cast is brilliant, everyone gives superb outstanding performance. All in all, it's fun, intriguing, captivating and highly entertaining.

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