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Possessor (2020)

Horror | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.4/10
Country: UK | Canada
Language: English

Possessor follows an agent who works for a secretive organization that uses brain implant technology to inhabit other people's bodies ultimately driving them to commit assassinations for high paying clients.

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Rendanlovell 5 May 2020

This should be retitled,"Too Much but also not enough". There are so many ideas pulling the movie in so many different directions. It's ideas the movie, but rarely does an idea get fully realized here. This has me torn on how I feel. On one hand, there is a unique tone to this. It's like Assassin's Creed meets inception. People possessing other people's bodies to preform hits on specific people for political or social gain is a solid premise on it's own. Throw in some great ultra violent gore effects, good performances, and some moody, atmospheric music and you get some really striking scenes. On the other hand, the movie is overly ambitious. There's so much it establishes there's no way it can accomplish it all, and it doesn't. This is exemplified in the first act which feels horribly rushed. We get less then 20 minutes establishing characters, premise, and themes. It feels like it can't wait to move through the set up and what results is a lack of investment from me. We hardly know who anyone is or why they are doing anything. The main character is having a psychological melt down as a result from over working inside this possessor machine but she only takes like a half day off to recover. Then she's right back to work. There's barely motivation for this and in her half day off all she does is sit around at home with her ex. You needed more scenes explaining to us what lead to her breaking up with him and more establishment of why she would want to go back to him. We don't know these people or their story and we leave them so quickly it's hard to care about them at all. We literally get one scene of her away from her work, and it's nothing out of the ordinary as far as normal day goes. Why is she a workaholic? Her home life seems fine to me. Why won't she tell her superiors that she's having a mental breakdown? Is it supposed to be a metaphor about her dependency on work to avoid her real life? If that's the case then why don't we get more scenes showing why she would be avoiding her life? It's a messy movie, full of vague characters and even murkier story progression. Even though the first act is rushed, at least it sets some interesting things up. The second act is where the movie really faulters though. It feels like the same scenes happening over and over again. It gets really tedious watching a character saying the possessed person is acting weird over and over. There are some cool, trippy, drug like sequences showing the main character having more internal breakdowns but I got the point after the first time. Yeah she's not stable enough to be in there and the longer she is, the worse it will get. I get it. We don't need to see it 27 times. This is weird because the first act has the exact opposite problem. Like Inception these people are trying to accomplish something by manipulating others for their gain. Unlike Inception, where the first half of the movie is establishing characters, story motivations, and potential speed bumps, Possessor only seems interested in establishing the story speed bumps. We don't get a clear sense of character motivation or why the story is happening in the first place. This possessor company wants to own this large tech company? But why? Who knows! The real story is about the Possessor and the Possessy who go to war over who should have control over the body. So why even mention that they want to absorb this tech company? Instead, say that she needs to kill these people just because they are evil or c

Clearbay_327 2 June 2020

In this film, set in the near future, brain implant technology allows one person to inhabit the mind, body, and spirit of another. A clandestine corporation uses this technology to assassinate wealthy and powerful people for profit. The film explores what happens when the host starts to fight to regain control from a guest who is not entirely mentally stable, to begin with.

Interesting enough premise. The film is set in a very bleak version of the future where cities appear to be sparsely populated (perhaps from some event that greatly reduced the population such as plague or war; a motif borrowed from Argento's Tenebre). The film relies heavily on psychotropic imagery, and this adds to the overall frightening and confusing atmosphere since most of this imagery is nightmarish (distorted faces reminiscent of David Cronenberg's The Brood, warped colors, bursts of sound and images, blurs, rapid-fire images and strobing flashes of light). The film further relies on ultra-violence as a motif that rivals even the Italian slasher films of the late 1970s and early 80s (such as Susperia, Tenembre, Opera, etc.). Possessor contains explicit sexual motifs including full male nudity and erect penises, which reminds me very much of Antichrist (2009) or The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976). These are juxtaposed with explicit imagery of knives penetrating flesh. All of this results in a nightmare landscape. The ending is purposely left confusing so that that the viewer can arrive at their own conclusions. For some viewers, this will be frustrating.

All of this wraps up into a very worthwhile enough film, but for viewers with a more sophisticated palate (if you are looking for a Blumhouse type film Possessor is not what you are looking for). It is disturbing to be sure. However, it is very well made and anchored by two very outstanding performances from Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott. It also features Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sean Bean in very laudable supporting roles (whether or not Sean Bean dies I will not spoil). Possessor is a "Criterion Collection" caliber film that will give the viewer some satisfaction analyzing and will with you long after you see it.

amonteirojr 31 August 2020

There aren't enough people doing this kind of stuff anymore, you know, the kind of movies David Cronenberg used to do, low budget but well crafted, high concept and not afraid to disturb, then lo and behold, looks like his son took the torch and I couldn't be happier. Possessor has some great performances and nice visual choices, the body horror bits do not disappoint as well and I thought the narrative was engaging from start to finish, found no issues with the pacing whatsoever.

We need more creative works like this on horror-fantasy.

fadlanamin 17 July 2020

... that's pretty much it. It just looks good. Well, the acting is alright too, i guess. The pacing is way too slow, literally 2/3 could've been cut into a 12 minutes run time. Though the concept is nice, they didn't able to make an interesting plot (if even there's any plot at all). The "weird imagery" and "violent" that sole purpose to make it edgy-artsy, didn't work. It ended up boring and dull.

chrislawuk 26 April 2020

Similar in ways to existenz and videodrome themes. Really been missing David Cronenberg as he hasnt made many movies recently, so glad to see his sons taken over. His films are getting much better, this one being my favourite by miles so far. Excellent use of London set, nice camera work and its a real gorefest. It doesnt hold back in that respect, and some of the visual dream sequences were 1st class. Its not a perfect film by any means but has a number of strengths that horror film fans will appreciate.

popovic_vlada 21 October 2020

Ok, i don't usually write reviews here, although I am an avid movie fanatic.

To be frank i wasn't familiar with Brandon Cronenberg and his work up until now, and I must say this is a treat for the fans of his Dad's work.

The beginning is kind of meh I admit and nothing special but from the mid point towards the end it keeps getting better and better and the main thing is the beautiful atmosphere and cinematography and visuals and practical effects in the style of 80s masterpieces of his famous father.

This is by far the most interesting movie in this "subgenre" of horror in years and maybe even from the 80s/90s and since David shifted more towards the "mainstream" if that is something you can ever say about David Cronenberg.

Also the acting is great as is the casting. The colors and the mood of the film are really on point. Shot out to Director of photography.

To top it all of the "ending theme" or "possessor" as it is credited in the soundtrack by Jim Williams is nothing short of a masterpiece.

If you loved David Cronenberg's "Videodrome" or "The Scanners" or even "Dead Ringers" you will surely appreciate this one..

Do not be thrown away by the bad reviews and take a look for yourself!

Sir_AmirSyarif 30 September 2020

With its good performances, excellent visual design, and all the blood and gore you could ask for, Brandon Cronenberg's 'Possessor' is a thrilling, engaging experience that succeeds in getting under your skin.

Hiphophippie23 30 April 2020

I rarely write reviews on IMDB, but since there is so little info out there on this film, I decided to add my two cents. I feel like this film has great potential, much like an episode of Black Mirror. Unfortunately, there are far too many unanswered questions in this film.


Why are these assassinations taking place? Who is behind them? What happens when the process goes smoothly, considering we are only shown what happens when the process goes haywire? I could go on....

This movie feels unfinished (maybe it is?). The horror is there, the sci-fi is there, the creativity is there, it just needs someone to step in and tie it all together.

lipjam 4 November 2020

I just found the whole movie wrong from the opening scene. The look was off, the pacing was slow, the sound track was tedious and slow panning shots... I simply detest slow panning shots with ambient music. It was an extremely drawn out affair, interjected with frantic disjointed scenes of of graphic violence and sex. I feel this movie was made more for the filmaker's entertainment than the audience. It could have ended (and really should have) twenty minutes sooner. Even though it was about 90 minutes, it felt so much longer to me. The ending was a mess but at that stage I was just happy it was over.

robhall_ie 9 October 2020

Opens really well and sets the scene well. Then rapidly descends into a poor gorefest that has no actual story. The performances are good but there is no empathy felt for the main character. Visually it's ok but nothing special. Too many buts for me. Meh

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