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Proximity (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A young NASA JPL scientist is abducted by extraterrestrials but when no one believes his story he becomes obsessed with finding proof which leads him on a journey of discovery.

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markhappyboy 15 May 2020

What's going on with the soundtrack in this movie! It's absolutely terrible, like watching a movie with someone in the same room as you playing a cd , or watching a movie from 1940 with the volume turned up way to loud while you try to listen to the dialogue! And music playing completely inappropriate to the scene on screen , it's a shame it completely destroyed any chance of liking this movie .

Impartial-Critic 13 August 2020

A story of an abduct who's going through the typical media fire of disbelieve which leads him to a Journey of both self discovery while trying to avoid the government agents.

In what only can be described as a chance gone with the wind, Writer/Director Eric Demeusy of this mess literally in this film throws a 100 ideas at the wall and sees what sticks! The movie starts with a typical "Fair" abduction incidents, then turns into a teen adventure of running around - with many illogical plot holes - and ends up being childish bs failing to come up with a decent ending.

I mainly have two thoughts aside from all this mess, one is the CGI of the UFO and how it ascend to space...clearly the director never saw a UFO neither a video of it. two and most important, I'm not sure if the Writer/Director have ever read his "bible/bibles" before or if he's just a blind fanatic...

Newsflash for anyone, "Don't Involve Christianity/Judaism With Aliens or Science"! There are countless contradiction between Christianity/Judaism and science. Christianity believes planet earth is the only inhabited planet in the universe and deny the existence of any aliens as if God created all the universe in vain! Least to say in the various christian denominations out there preach in their bibles that God created us in his image "there can't be greys" and God chose his "Only" Demigod son for saving us from sins "again No Greys, reptilians, Nordics...etc"! Not to mention the flat earth concept which is clearly mentioned in the old/new testament having four corners plus the less than 6000 years universe...etc. Thus it's always a very bad - and laughable - combination to combine Christianity/Judaism with science in anyway.

My advice is to skip this one, it's something between a teen and childish undefined flick which has no real shape or form.

nigepitz 30 May 2020

So it's present day, our guy works at JPL and is a geek neither he, or anybody else has a smart phone and people exchange numbers by writing them down. A guy who says he writes a blog, gives a business card that has no email address or URL . People go on line but don't exhibit any normal behaviour of modern kids. It's still bearable until the men in black and the stormtroopers arrive and then it descends into a zero budget student movie with an unapologetic hijacking of science by religious twaddle.

Ladyxinfinity 16 May 2020

There is something intriguing and lovable here. There are many clunky moments, found myself lol-ing, but as a whole it's very entertaining and leaves you feeling something good. It's different.

travispetrillo 15 May 2020

This movie was in no way bad, so much as just progressively more and more ridiculous, but being a sci-fi I guess I can forgive it. It may not satisfy a more mature audience, or those looking for scientific accuracy, but it's a decent popcorn-flick for the family, and had a cute charm to it. 6.5/10

jasgeo 16 May 2020

The god botherers have had a damn good go at wrecking rock, country music which has often been subjected to monotheistic drivel was tolerable once the superstitious tried & failed to force others around to their point of view, but trying to exploit scifi, a medium which has always encouraged free thinking, to toe the xtian line in the way "Proximity" has, is truly beyond the pale.

The anthropomorphic conceit of claiming an alien species would travel thousands of light years in search of a 'god' which eschewed their form in favour of a race of less technologically developed, less intelligent & much less capable earthling species is laughable. IE If humans are made in the imge of their god why does the god have a chest designed to hold a pair of lungs? God is omnipotent surely he/she doesn't need to process oxygen.

The movie is clunkily, poorly produced but just tolerable until the writer decides to ditch the fine history of rational thinking - the hallmark of SciFi ,in favour of superstition. This movie is far more akin to a poorly rendered swords & sorcery movie than a SciFi flick. You have been warned.

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