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Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1 (2021)

Action | Adventure | Crime
Rayting:   7.9/10 46K votes
Country: India
Language: Telugu | Hindi
Release date: January 9, 2022

Story of Pushpa Raj, a lorry driver in Seshachalam forests of South India, set in the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling. Red Sandalwood is endemic to South Eastern Ghats (mountain range) of India.

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MandalBros-5 27 January 2022

I was not watching this film thinking the film would be like other films of Allu Arjun. But, after finishing the film I must say this film is simply brilliant. From the intro scene with that animation in backward direction, it intrigued me. Allu Arjun is the face of the movie & he did his best. The character 'Pushpa' can become iconic in future. Songs by DSP is one of the major plus points of this film.

The only thing I didn't like was the scenes of Rashmika. As the film is too lengthy I think her scenes could have been easily edited out. Then in the climax Fahadh Faasil entered into the screen and from then I couldn't take my eyes from him. To see Allu Arjun & Fahad Faasil in a single screen was delightful to watch. Fahadh perfectly portrayed the unpredictability of Bhanwar Singh. I don't understand why this film got some negative reviews, I'll eagerly wait for its 2nd Part.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

© MandalBros.

shovonbhattachrjee 21 January 2022

The storyline of this movie is just amazing and the acting is just superb. The casting of this characters is just amazing. Story is also very much interesting and attractive. Overall very good movie And waiting for the Part 2.

sriramthestranger 17 February 2022

The biggest drawback in the movie - Allu Arjun is so powerful that it looks like there is no real antagonist. We know what is going to happen next. But, his style and swagger compensates for the lackluster plot.

m-ramanan 11 January 2022

RATED 7/10 Language: Telugu Source: Amazon Prime

Pakka masala movie with lot of mass moments. AA is as usual steals the show. He is top notch in action and mass dialog delivery.... Two biggest problem of the movie is that Police appears only n beginning and end and they disappeared in between. Another one is the length of the movie... Second half felt like dragged...The beard look, mass BGM and Raw look remembers lot of time KGF :) Missing originality, predictability are making this as average watch... If they added some twist like Rangasthalam ending, then it could have been satisfied something... the last climax sequence and Hero's explanation is good, but seeing that on screen is bit awkward... Waiting for more Sukumar touch than AA touch in the second part...

akshatmahajan 17 February 2022

This movie is a mass entertainer. The story was too simple but as it is a mass entertainer, it doesn't matter. Movie had problem with pacing, sometimes it was fast amd sometimes it was slow. Performances by the actors were good. Overall, even though it is a silly story but I enjoyed it.

saru2020 31 December 2021

The rise of a rough person into a business tycoon from the ground up in the criminal field.

Thought that the makers tried to make this as a lengthier one and divide it into 2 parts but only after watching the film, we realise that they're making it into 2 parts just for the sake of it since recently many films that gave us 2 parts have become blockbusters. If we remove slow motions sequences and unnecessary songs from the film, I think we can easily add the 2nd part of the film also into this and still, the time would stay the same.

The initial explanation of the business concept and people involved started very well but eventually, it went into a drama mode and I think many people wouldn't have watched the film if it wouldn't have been the item dance from Samantha which was cool.

I still don't understand why these Telugu directors are making 5 songs unnecessarily by just showing the dances, it just doesn't work and everybody knows that but still, these guys are not willing to come out of this mentality and are killing the interests of audiences.

The design of the main character was very good with a very rough attitude not just while dealing with the villains but even in the love sequences and probably that's why many love sequences didn't drag the film that much.

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