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Raat Akeli Hai (2020)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.3/10
Country: India
Language: English

The film follows a small town cop who is summoned to investigate the death of a politician which gets complicated by the victim's secretive family and his own conflicted heart.

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chaudharysaab13 31 July 2020

Indian cinema has undergone transition recently. Recognition of character actors, experimenting directors and writers has brought a long awaited pleasant change. The movie is a great representation of all that.

Positives: Solid casting, no big names yet powerful and suitable actors chosen. Nawazuddin, Radhika, Tigmanshu and many more are all one of the finest actors in India and they definitely deliver a punch. Story although a bit Poirotesque but still beautifully written. The slow build culminating into a big finale is crafted with precision. May be inspired by Agatha Christie's style where everyone is a suspect, but still the suspense is created and kept me guessing till the very end. The curtain raiser we had, I never saw it coming. The love story woven into a murder mystery may sound Bollywoodish but that doesn't derail the plot.

Negatives: The songs had no place in the movie and seemed a bit out of place. They tried to do Gangs of Wasseypur here by even going with off beat and classical lyrics, but things did not click.

Conclusion: Good thriller and a right step into right direction by Indian cinema. Time to recognise good actors and movie-plots rather than going for spicy formula and celebrity actors.

ranjanjha-32547 31 July 2020

Nawazuddin and Radhika!! Two gems of Bollywood and their chemistry is must watch , Awesome acting and story , best Dark crime mystery drama !!

Fella_shibby 7 August 2020

The film is good n a much needed one cos its rare to find a film noir and whodunit in Bollywood nowadays. But the character development was not done properly. Some scenes were also not edited well. The scene where the cop Nandu chases a guy n then suddenly the old woman pops up outta nowhere. How she managed to track the guy n where cop Nandu disappeared aft that. The murder involved some big names but our cop is able to extract the file of an old case jus like that. Aft that he is able to connect the vehicle's parts with the henchman again jus like that. Too many plot holes but i am generous with an 8 cos of Nawaz n the director's effort of giving Bollywood a much needed film noir. Fans of Agatha Christie n the recent Knives Out and Highway may b able to predict. And by the way they got one twisted n sick character.

Quirk47 1 August 2020

The Screenplay is too slow in First hour but it picks up pace later. Story is quite routine but the way it develops makes it interesting. Nawazuddin is too good. Radhika Apte did well. People in Large mansions have too many secrets. Mystery and suspense maintained well. Rest other characters are okay! Give it a quick watch. Recommended. Interesting one !

bethelkarthak-01085 31 July 2020

What a phenomenal actor. Nawaz bhai is the living example for the industry to prove that you don't have to be a body builder or anything like that to be successful. Anyway sacred games still tops the list... Love to Nawazuddin Siddiqui from sikkim India... God bless...

sujan-28692 31 July 2020

From the trailer you can assume that this is a whodunnit thriller, But after watching the film you'll realise that it is more than a murder mystery. The casting is so strong that there is nothing to say about it's acting performence.

Debutant director Honey Trehan has done a very good job in his first film. Cinematography by Pankaj Kumar and music of Sneha Khanwalkar is undoubtedly exceptional.

The only problem of the film is it's duration. It could be well edited. Otherwise it's a fine experiment.

gogoirahul-53359 31 July 2020

After some awful series and films, Netflix India at least has provided us a watchable movie. Not a great one. Yet watchable.

soumyalal2 31 July 2020

First of all welcome Radhika apte ;) Netflix been hit hard by amazon prime and other platforms this year. The 1st good indian content from netflix was Bulbbul and now Raat Akeli Hai. No doubt this is a one man show i.e. Nawaz bhai. He single handedly run this movie he had 90% of the screen time. Radhika apte done fanastic work. Other casts such as Nishant , Shivani ,Shweta played their really well. Movie is slow 20 to 30 mins less would have been good. This is a single time watch thriller.

AbhiSh4ke 31 July 2020

Good to see something worthwhile come from Netflix India after such a long while. Movie is a good thriller with decent pacing and realistic characters noting over the top. Performances are perhaps what saves this movie Nawazuddin, Radhika, Ila Arun,Tigmanshu & aditya Srivastava bring life to their characters.Shweta, Nishant & shivani should've had more screen time. Only drawback is script which I thought was somewhat patchy and could've been better written. Also Netflix needs to come out of its sacred games hangover and explore other ideas.

TlDr: One time watch thriller with good performance & okaish script.

smaroed 31 July 2020

Twisty and compulsively watchable, even though it is convoluted in parts and way too long. But an excellent story and pitch perfect performances, particularly from Siddique and Apte, raises its bar.

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