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Raging Fire (2021)

Action | Adventure | Crime
Rayting:   6.7/10 3.3K votes
Country: Hong Kong | China
Language: Cantonese
Release date: July 30, 2021

Cheung Sung bong is an officer of the Regional Crime Unit who worked in the front line for many years. His protege, Yau Kong ngo, respects him and manage to reach up to him. However, fate brings pits them against each other.

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yankeedoo 9 October 2021

Sadly benny is gone but he left us another superb movie. I'm old been watching if movies for decades. Sad no more bc. Next John wick with mr yen.

daisukereds 30 October 2021

A very serious-in-tone and slick/modern in look "Cop Drama" with lots of action, themes of revenge, innocence and justice.

It's a very enjoyable movie that impresses with the choreography and set pieces. The production is beyond impressive, just like the stunts that are filled with realistic aggression and raw violence. With wonderful and dynamic camerawork, as well as decent locations and great lighting.

And while it entertains throughout without question, it doesn't leave you with much to talk about or discuss. No memorable lines (at least from the dialogue shown in the subtitles), or revelations. Pretty standard, at least from what you can expect from a competent movie.. One you consume once, and move on.

The bad guys are really well written, but there is no way for it to end but what you can anticipate from the beginning.

And again, the action is just too good to miss (which is the majority of the movie).. exactly what you can expect from Donnie and actors at his level.

namstonk 28 October 2021

So there's the usual mad stunts and fight scenes, plus some great performances. Lots of smashing up cars, loads of gun fire and explosions, the final scene is pretty darn good. Is it Chan's best? No but it is a fitting film for his last. Cheers Benny.

kluseba 17 September 2021

Raging Fire is a Hong Kong action thriller directed by Benny Chan, known for genre films such as Who Am I?, New Police Story and The White Storm in his final directorial effort before his untimely death. Starring Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen, the film goes back to the identity of Hong Kong action cinema of the late eighties and early nineties with a dynamic contemporary twist.

The movie revolves around highly respected hardboiled cop Bong who doesn't take any bribes and always speaks the truth which often puts him in dangerous and difficult situations. His former protégé Ngo was forced to go to prison due to to Bong's testimony in a controversial trial. Once out of prison, Ngo has become a different man seeking vengeance upon everyone who had once wronged him. After a streak of violent crimes, Ngo finally faces his former mentor to conclude his quest for revenge.

Raging Fire convinces on many levels. The plot finds the right balance between emotions and energy. The crimes committed in the film and their immediate reactions are sparked by bitter, passionate and tragic feelings.

The characters are truly interesting. Bong is a protagonist who is an outsider but easy to identify with because of his strong beliefs and convictions. Ngo is a tragic antagonist who was once a dedicated and talented officer who has become blinded by frustration and greed. The conflict between these two men carries the entire film in a gripping way through more than two hours of fast-paced entertainment.

The actors and actresses manage to incarnate their characters authentically. Donnie Yen convinces as righteous cop who never seeks for the easy but rather the right way out of trouble. Nicholas Tse goes through significant changes with his character who develops from a promising cop over a tragic victim to a grim avenger. The supporting actors and actresses also manage to become one with their roles and add some depth to the film.

The action sequences are up to the highest contemporary standards. Pitiless martial arts fights meet frantic car chases and brutal shootouts. The different scenes offer much variety and never overstay their welcome. The camera work isn't overtly hectic and the scenes are easy to follow, dynamic and captivating.

The only element one could possibly criticize is that the plot is somewhat predictable and certainly doesn't reinvent Hong Kong action thriller cinema.

At the end of the day, genre fans will appreciate Raging Fire as one of the greatest action thrillers released in recent memory. It can not only compete with the golden age of Hong Kong action cinema three decades ago but also with contemporary Hollywood movies and franchises such as John Wick and The Expendables. Due to its spectacular cinematography in general and its excellent sound and visual effects in particular, you should try to catch this movie on the big screen. Up to this point, I would consider Raging Fire as one of the three greatest movies released this year.

subxerogravity 16 August 2021

I found it to be an excellent action movie.

I went to go see Donnie Yen bring it and he delivered, despite this feeling that Yen is hit by old age. You can tell he was avoiding the quick punches from Ip man that he most likely cannot pull off any more, but he makes up for it with this new raw, tough and tumble style, made to look special with some great camera work.

Than again, another reason for Yen's change of styles could be that I was expecting a kung fu flick but what I got was just this complete action film. It has everything you would expect from an action flick: Gun fights, car chases and fight scenes and what makes it nice is that you get more than one of all these things.

I can't honestly give a good examination on how the story goes as my mandarin is non existent and I read subtitles at a 6th grade level, but I'll give some credit to the acting that got me engulf in a story I was barely picking up. Some good character development was going here on the big screen.

I would love to say that this movie is as good as Heat, or somewhere around there because the movie feels like they 're trying to get there, but that's a little too ambitious. It's a decent police drama with a whole lot of amazing action and I'll leave it at that,

Fella_shibby 7 November 2021

The movie has ample amount of action and some good hand to hand combat but somehow i cudnt care about any of the characters and the movie aint engrossing enuff.

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