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Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

Action | Thriller   
IMDB Rayting:   6.3/10
Country: USA | Spain
Language: English | Spanish

Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission.

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kobrasec 20 September 2019

Sylvester Stallone, a thin plot, the Mexican Cartel, lots of inventive ways to make enemies dead, it's an absolute cracker. Don't listen to critics who are for some reason looking for something different from a Rambo movie. This is Rambo for Rambo fans.

stewartwoods-23908 20 September 2019

I saw some of the reviews of this movie. One particular critic called it "a laughable Trumpian fantasy". I doubt they ever actually watched the movie and this is just the fashionably offended looking for something to complain about. The movie is an action masterpiece.

Formulaic? Yes but the sheer grit and psychotic rage emanated by John Rambo in this film is a step above what we have seen from him in the past. It's a culmination of every injustice, every disappointment and every cauterized bullet wound channelled into revenge for one too many unwanted grievance. The camel's back has broken and it is blood that will pour through the flood gates. If it's an action revenge thriller you want, that is exactly what you will get with this film. 10/10

bbraddock-49896 20 September 2019

Growing up watching the Rambo movies in the 80's many times over, I was excited when Rambo returned in 2008. It was a very emotional movie, with Rambo angrier and more brutal than ever. With the box office success of that film, I've patiently waited for the 5th installment, and here it finally is. I decided last minute to go see this thing on it's opening night... the theater was nearly 70 percent full. Everyone in anticipation for what will probably be the last chapter in the John Rambo saga. It's a different Rambo film... no police pushing Rambo out of town. No Russians or Vietnamese to tangle with. This Rambo really, really just wants to live a clam life that perhaps he always wanted. The guy is even on medication to help him stay cool, but, there is the evil in the darkness that wishes to torment an already tormented soul, and that soul is John Rambo. He seems really content with his new life with his adopted family. He has a beautiful young girl in his life, who calls him Uncle John lovingly. In all honesty, I wouldn't have minded a complete film on the relationship building of the people that are in his life. Just John on the farm with his family. Raising the young girl and seeing her grow into a young lady that will soon be off to college. Rambo is very proud of her, and protecting, but she has a demon in her past too, and it's her father that has left her and moved back to Mexico. As with most children that have been abandoned by their paternal parents, she yearns to see her father and ask him the one question that eats her alive. "Why did you leave my mother and I?" A question she soon regrets she ever traveled all the way to Mexico to ask her father. In doing so, she has betrayed her families trust, but Rambo loves her and becomes hell bent to save her from the cartels. Without giving too much away, when Rambo finally sees her again to save her, it is bittersweet. He has invested his last ten years into this young girl and to see what happens to her, (and in real life) happens to so many human trafficking victims with pull the tears and your heart strings. When you wipe away the tears, you find a completely unhinged Rambo that takes out the bad guys with a rage like no other. Bare hand bashing, hammers used to break skulls, shotgun blasts, decapitations, knives to just about every part of the human body you can imagine. How the hell Stallone keeps the action sequences so fresh after nearly 40 years is beyond me. Is there moments of redundancy in the film, yes, but not overly... and as an action film, a complete 10. Go for a blood bath of ecstacy and get ready to hold on for one hell of an action packed ride.

ernesto2048 24 September 2019

I felt compelled to write this review after reading the backlash this movie has received of being racist and unnecessarily violent. I'm Mexican, I saw this movie in a cinema obviously filled with Mexicans.. no one felt offended!!!! Everyone was cheering towards the end and that final montage hit the feelings note perfectly. Rambo is a character embedded deeply in Mexican pop culture as well as in many other countries, and it hurts me to say it, but the villains you see in this movie is a reality that happens in my country, if anything I congratulate Stallone for denouncing that criminal activity. It's not a perfect movie, and it does have a different feeling than the other ones, but when Rambo finally appears you'll feel it and at his most cold blooded self he can be, the violence while gruesome, I didn't feel it unnecesary especially if you know how this Criminal Bands operate. So go to the cinema, enjoy this movie for what it is, and feel secure that south of the border we are ohh so happy to have another Rambo movie and no one is feeling offended!!

imdb-ikysmoviedatabase 18 September 2019

Great comeback after a long break in the rambo series and it only gets better definitely worth the wait

arabnikita 18 September 2019

Rambo Last Blood (2019)

At 73, most people prefer to sit at home, relax and reminisce their youth while being surrounded by their family. Sylvester Stallone was not built that way and this year he made a movie to prove that action stars of the 80s simply don't age. Obviously he has lost a step or two and is not flying around the screen like he used to but at bloody 73, he is still a one man army and the living proof that age is just a number.

Rambo Last Blood is a no nonsense grim action movie with a cliche plot that does not pretend be bigger than it is. Nobody is saving the world from mass enslavement, spies or nuclear threats. It is a simple revenge thriller with loads of action, grit and violence that can easily rival John Wick in terms of creativity. Stallone is a lone wolf who still has sharp fangs despite his gray hair and his enemies will find out just how sharp these fangs are.

Very similar to previous Rambo films, just on a smaller scale, so it goes without saying that if you are a fan of the franchise, 80-90s action or Stallone in general then you will feel right at home. Fast pace, simple narrative, grim settings and plently of violence give Last Blood a genuine throwback feel to the golden days of action.

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gluonpaul 20 September 2019

So I must admit I didnt have very high hopes going in to see this movie, the idea of a man in his 70's playing this kind of character combined with the critics scores (which at the moment are appalling low) made me think this would not turn out to be a good film. I was very wrong I am happy to say.

Just like the first movie in the series this movie has a very important lesson embedded in a very gritty and entertaining story. I dont wish to include spoilers in this review so i will just say in that regard that the story revolves around the naivety of youth brought up in a secure environment and just not understanding the brutality of the real world and the consequences that can have.

This movie is fairly gory which is not normally my thing but in the context of a story looking to highlight the brutal realities it has an important part to play in really bringing that home to the viewer.

I have to say this was a great all round movie and if this is indeed the final chapter for the Rambo character I think it really went out with a bang. I strongly recommend going to view this.

burkholdermicah 18 September 2019

Rambo: Last Blood is the last movie of the Rambo franchise and O MY GOD it's amazing. It's the Logan (2017) of the Rambo Series and I was very impressed with everything about this Movie. The best film in the Rambo franchise since First Blood, the curiously titled Rambo: Last Blood injects the heart back into the legendary action franchise, before ripping it out with an awe-inspiring avalanche of violence that re-establishes Sylvester Stallone as an action hero with equal. If on screen kills are an art, that what Last Blood delivers is a masterpiece. A deluge of bloody ferocious brutality, delivered with trademark Sly snarl and thankfully shaky-cam free, the violence of Last Blood more than matches the recent output from other one-man army movies.

Suitably excessive in execution and wince inducing in its means, it's the kind of action filmmaking that hardcore fans would especially appreciate. Much like the Creed films, Rambo: Last Blood successfully replicates the heart and spirit of how its franchise operates at the best level. John J. Rambo is back, and the cinematic killing floor is his domain.

bobcobb-84371 18 September 2019

OK, so I have to admit: I can't help but love Sly Stallone. The guy just keeps coming back succesfully, against all odds. Who would have thought that he could pull off another Rambo flick at age 73? Well, I'm glad he did, because besides Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson, who are we gonna turn to for some old school, old-man-on-a-revenge-spree flick?

I was a big fan of First Blood, but didn't care so much for the second (too cartoonish) and third (too friggin' awful) installments. The fourth however, was just amazing. A slow build up, a suspenseful breakout and then cathartic violence. That last action sequence, where Rambo goes totally berserk and makes minced meat out of a whole army, I mean, come on, that was awesome.

The fifth Rambo is a little different in that it is more of a generic revenge flick in its setup. But only in its setup though. As soon as Rambo starts maiming and killing, this movie goes so far over the top you can't help but cheer him on. This is one bloody movie. Last blood it may be, but it is many a full bucket of it.

I also like how Rambo is more vulnarable in this flick. Stallone gets to use more of his acting chops in this one.

I know it's a lot to ask, and maybe I shouldn't even hope for it, but damn it, I sure would like another one of these.

dip92 18 September 2019

Just come from the theatres and thoroughly enjoyed this well sequenced action movie, with a good pace story line!

khamhm-13341 19 September 2019

The Legend Is back !! And it's time to kick some asses 👊🏼

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