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Rammbock (2010)

Action | Horror  | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   6.3/10
Country: Germany
Language: German

Just when Michael arrives in Berlin to visit his ex girlfriend Gabi, a terrible virus starts spreading across the city at a rapid pace, turning people into mindless homicidal maniacs. Much ... See full summary »

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Elain-ee 22 October 2011

I actually am reviewing this film just to push its rating up because I think that the current rating might put people off who would otherwise really enjoy this film.

Berlin Undead is a 28 days later style horror flick with realistic (rather than Hollywood-style) characters and a believable storyline. The low-budget doesn't affect the quality at all, except where the special effects are concerned... thankfully, the director seems to have been aware of this weakness as he has limited their use.

Watch it late at night and I'm pretty sure you'll get creeped out and/or have trouble sleeping afterwards... which is what horror is all about!

Boloxxxi 27 February 2011

A man (Michael) goes to Berlin to try and reconcile with his girlfriend (Gabi) under the guise of "returning her keys". When he gets to her house he finds that she's not there and that zombies are ruling the neighborhood. In other words, they're all over the f!!cking place. With the help of a young man (Harper) he is forced to barricade himself in her apartment. In fact everyone in the apartment complex that overlooks a courtyard is trapped; they're only able to communicate with each other by shouting across the courtyard. How the outbreak of zombification started is not known. A special report that conveniently begins as soon as Harper turns on a TV set, highlights terrorism as one of the public and news media speculations (a "German September 11th"). To this, the authorities respond with "ridiculous". So the people in the movie don't really know and neither do we the viewer. But who cares? This is typical of many zombie movies. The important thing is that this is one of the better made ones.

The zombies in this movie are aggressive, ravenous, and know how to hustle for a bite and taste of human flesh. I think it's beginning to dawn on horror movie producers that one could still have some kind of life with the slow zombies since the only way they could catch a healthy man, woman, or child is by surprise. With these new strain of zombies you're pretty much shut down in your house and really horrified. I mean, no work, no school, no social life. Anyway, some of the challenges these trapped people face is to find a way to close the gate to the courtyard below and to navigate the apartment complex to get away from zombies and bring assistance to each other. We all love situations in movies where people are trapped or confined in some place and have to use their courage and ingenuity to survive ---if they're done well. And it's done well here; very entertaining. Don't miss! Love, Boloxxxi.

trashgang 28 September 2011

This is one of those flicks I was trying to get in my hands. It is officially out and should be easy to find but when I ordered it it was always delayed but finally I was able to get it from the UK. It's an independent and it shows but not on the effects. It only shows on the amount of actors and on the way the script was written. There are a few CGI shots but it's only the apocalypse of Berlin and it worked out fine. The zombies itself are okay in the way they act and are created. But overall it's more a love story than a real zombie flick. Nevertheless, the zombies do appear at regular base just when you think that it's going to be boring. There is a bit of red stuff and only in the beginning there is a bite in the neck where it's a little bit gory. Further on the gore is left out. Still by clocking in at 61 minutes it's surely on to have in your zombie collection. A really nice effort by the director and his crew.

ro-teixeira 3 July 2011

You may see I have rated this movie an 9. Yes, a 9. Surely it doesn't reach the standards to become a new Night Of The Living Dead or 28 days later, but considering the low budget and the origin of this flick, well, boys have done very well.

It all starts as any romantic comedy movie, but suddenly when you start to move on your chair thinking "ok, in a few moments I will get introduced to mayhem" the director just trows it into you, like a uppercut in the jaw. Direct, brutal.

Fast paced zombies, small spaces and a dirty and decay environment. It sure worth watching, specially considering it's only one hour length.

Go rent it! You won't regret!

Platypuschow 11 March 2018

Rammbock otherwise known as Berlin Dead and Siege Of The Dead is a German zombie movie which tells the very generic story of the beginning of a zombie outbreak but does it competently enough to be passable.

It follows two strangers who are forced to barricade themselves inside a block of flats and try to survive. Basically your usual tropes so don't expect anything original here.

It plays the realistic angle and reminded me of the 28 Days Later (2002) movies despite these actually being zombies.

It looks okay, the characters are passable but it's so unoriginal it made my balls rattle. It really is paint by numbers stuff so if you like generic zombie films this may very well be what you're looking for.

Sadly after countless zombie epics including the more recent Train To Busan (2016) and Wyrmwood (2014) I do find myself expecting more.

The Good:

Realistic approach

Generally passable stuff

The Bad:

No originality at all

Lead bounces from annoying to pathetic

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Bent fork heads don't make the best projectiles

Fork desecration is a womans primary concern during a zombie apocalypse

siderite 30 October 2011

I always thought that a low budget zombie movie should be a lot better than the big block busters. Maybe set in my home country of Romania, where guns are rarely allowed and even cops don't carry them much, the story would gain a lot of power and the ingenuity of the people would be brought into view.

Rammbock is exactly the kind of film I was thinking about: set in Berlin, the Eastern side I guess, with extraordinarily ordinary people getting caught by the zombie epidemic in a banal building block. Complex story, a few people, authentic reactions.

I am sure the makers of the movie realized that the true force of the movie is in the obvious of the lowbudgetness, and so they didn't even conform to the length standards of regular movies: it all lasts just an hour, more akin to an episode of something.

Bottom line: it is hard to identify with any of the people in the film, simply because they are so ordinary and like normal persons that we refuse to. I watched the movie with English dubbing, which I hated, but I couldn't find the German version. The zombie story was not developed in any way: we don't know how it happened, why or how to stop it. In the end, the true lead character is the story. I liked the film and I would recommend it to viewers of zombie movies.

atinder 9 May 2013

This is so know as Siege Of The Dead (2010) is a low budget infected movie from Germany.

I did not expect much from this at all but turn out to be surprising good.

Michael as come to see his girlfriend in Berlin but then he finds out that people have been infected by this unknown virus.

This is only 59 minutes long, just under an hour, this movie was really fast paced and some really good decent tense moment as well.

The infected were really welled acted and liked the whole foaming thing from there mouth.

This movie wasn't really thag gory at all, the bite moment that looked nasty but nothing other zombies/infected movies.

I really liked the idea of flashes from the camera, that was nice turn for the infected, Which had fresh feel to these kinda of movies.

There was a few surprising moments, that I didn't see coming at all,

I really liked that scene. Great acting from the whole but I not sure what to make of the infected hugging Scenes,

I am giving this movie 8 out of 10

the_teapot 20 April 2014

What I always appreciate in any film, but especially one in the zombie genre (because it is so rare), are believable characters. Characters whose actions are logical, even in bizarre situations. And I always appreciate a writer's ability to develop a dramatic plot without relying on characters' moronic decisions to stir trouble. This is seen too rarely in this genre.

For anyone wondering whether this is their kind of zombie film, I'll try to knock up a short summary with no spoilers. :) The plot of Rammbock takes you to the very start of the zombie virus outbreak, it begins while the world is still "normal". When it happens, it happens very suddenly. What follows is of course shock and confusion and the horror of not knowing what is going on, then the subsequent eeriness of witnessing the society dissipate through loss of public communication channels, following which the characters must come to terms with the weight of the situation, and shift their usual priorities and inhibitions to bare survival.

You are taken through this process with the protagonists, witnessing the first few days of the outbreak and the fragile survival of people trapped in a residential building in the middle of Berlin, surrounded by hordes of the violent infected.

Although the director decided not to reveal much about anyone's background and past, this doesn't stop you from empathising and gradually growing fond of them. At no point are any (uninfected) characters polarised or dehumanised, even the nameless ones.

This is the type of zombie film with no over-the-top violence and very little gore, the accent is on eeriness and tension, rather than action and special effects.

I would say that as far as the zombie apocalypse topic goes, this is one of the more realistic portrayals of how it would look for someone in Europe.

If you liked 28 Days Later or Rec, you will almost certainly like this one. If you're more of a Resident Evil type of person, maybe skip it.

paul_haakonsen 26 November 2010

A German zombie movie, well why not...

A short summary; Michael comes to Berlin to seek his ex-girlfriend Gabi, and comes head to head with an outbreak that turns people into zombies. There, short and to the point, the movie just unfurls after that, just sit back and watch the show...

Actually, the movie "Rammbock", was rather good. Of course, you have to look past it being in German and all. I am saying that because I, personally, don't think German is a nice sounding language. But the language didn't really prove much of a nuisance to the movie.

The story told in "Rammbock" was appealing and good. It was straight forward and moved on at a brisk pace right from the very beginning. And Marvin Kren, the director, actually managed to put together a fairly decent zombie movie here, and proving it can be done with limited funds as well. And the fact that the movie basically just takes place in a small apartment complex, adds some sense of claustrophobia to the movie. And it worked well.

The lead actor, Michael Fuith, playing Michael, actually was quite good in this role. I can't say that I have seen any of his work before, or that I had even heard of him before this movie. Guess it is fairly obvious that German movies is not that I watch the most of.

One thing that I didn't like about the movie, was the agile zombies that were running around. I am more of a Romero-type zombie fan, wanting zombies to be slow moving and rigid in their movements, after all something called Rigor Mortis will set in once you die, so you shouldn't be all flexible and able to run around. But for those who like movies such as "28 Days Later" and "28 Weeks Later", you will definitely like the zombies in this movie. (Both "28 Days" and "28 Weeks" later are awesome movies, by the way.) Also, the ending was a bit too sassy. You saw it coming a mile away and it was quite cheesy. But hey, in overall, the movie was compelling and thrilling. So this ending can be ignored for the greater picture.

For a non-Hollywood movie, "Rammbock" actually is a good notch on the zombie genre. If it definitely worth checking out for zombie fans, regardless of you liking Romero-zombies or the agile zombies. And while you are at it, check out the French zombie movie "The Horde" (La Horde), it is worth the time as well.

tgairey 29 June 2011

To start off, I am a huge fan of horror movies, particularly zombie films. However, I am usually skeptical about zombie movies that come out because they are often terrible due to things like bad make-up, poor cinematography, terrible script etc. I decided to rent this movie on i Tunes and give it a shot. I am so glad I did. It is only about an hour in length, but it proves to be the perfect amount of time to fit everything it needs in. Sometimes filmmakers feel they need to make a movie long to fit in things that prove to be unnecessary in the end. Berlin Undead gives you everything you need in its short time frame and it is more than enough. I would absolutely say that this movie has made its way in among Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and 28 Weeks Later, my favorite zombie films. I'm not going to give plot points away simply because I feel saying anything would spoil the film due to the length. All I need to say is this movie is worth seeing.

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