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Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Family
Rayting:   7.5/10 45840 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

In a realm known as Kumandra, a re imagined Earth inhabited by an ancient civilization, a warrior named Raya is determined to find the last dragon.

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ibpolovich 14 March 2021

This movie id probably one of the blandest, generic, cookie-cutter movies Disney has ever made. It felt like a chore to watch all of it. The high quality animation is the only redeming factor but its not even that impressive considering how much money Disney can pump into movies.

aspennoack 6 March 2021

Disney really dropped the ball this time. Boring and predictable. Not even worth watching.

dysfunctionalrequest 10 March 2021

Literally the movie started good, was excited, but the dragon and her annoying character shifted the tone entirely into another goofy by-the-numbers movie. It would have been much better if the dragon didn't talk, like the horse in Spirit (a far better film btw) and emotions were expressed in facial expressions. The dragon was stupidly designed and written, and why does she sound so american??? It makes no sense and is really jarring for me. A meh movie, lost potential all over.

jaimehberrio66 6 March 2021

This movie is gorgeous to look at. The visuals alone represent a masterful achievement from Disney, it's hard not to concentrate only in the amazing animation that surrounds the movie. The voice acting is also great and the basic premise of the story is incredibly creative. However the movie is far from perfect; it mainly uses the same Disney formula that everyone knows by heart, creating a story that, although creative and well presented, feels repetitive and incredibly predictable. The humor in the movie falls flat at times and it can take the viewer out of the suspension of disbelief bubble that is required from a movie like this. Overall Raya and the last dragon is a proof that the Disney formula can work, however it falls flat in comparison to other films that the studio has done in the past.

cryptidmeringue 11 March 2021

This movie was....beyond disappointment for me. The plot was an incoherent , tangled mess. Seeing how there was literally ten writers and four directors working on an hour long movie....you can kind of see how this movie got so tangled up in its own plot holes, flat characters and kung fu 'boss baby' jokes.

Felt more like I was watching the writers of this film play the telephone game, as they pitched ideas back and forth than I was watching a complete, polished film. Which is shocking to me cause... its disney! I really was hoping the film would feel sincere and epic but instead was given an elsa, my little pony -friendship is magic hybrid of a movie.

Not gonna lie disney....you charging people 30 dollars up front PLUS a monthly subscription fee is pretty awful and corporate cold of you to do. And that's what this movie felt like! Just a poorly sewn elsa dragon plush doll smashed up against the glass of a crane machine in the middle of nowhere.

So if your a parent who thinks 'cartoons' are just for kids and want to distract your own kid for an hour while you get the laundry done-This movies for you. But if you're not and have high hopes that disney will one day return to its golden renaissance of animation this movie's...not...for you.

shwetamaniwade 18 March 2021


Raya makes a really stupid mistake of trusting someone she just met.

These movie makers nowadays think they can make a movie with pretty visuals and bad writing and people are going to still watch ?

Please do not watch this movie. It should flop. Not expected from Disney.

davidmarquesneves 14 March 2021

Weak story, bad narrative, repeated theme.

Teaching to the children to be weak and a incorrect vision of how world really works.

joonood 23 March 2021

Not worth to see. poor story + no fun at all. I regret of every second that I spend watching it.

abou_jjouj 17 March 2021

Nothing is really good about this movie; some may like the animation but I'm not a big fan, I think it's too barbie like. No real story behind it except that you can trust everyone, even strangers. No real villain, no real backstory or personal risks and change. It's a simple straightforward movie made for 5 year olds that can't even ask a question, kids that will only be amazed by the colors and the useless dancing dragons, kids that don't expect any real outcome out of the movie. After decades of real storytelling and advancements in movie making and story, we find Disney, the all knowing, making the same mistakes that would destroy any small time company; we are presented with a story that has no natural flow, where the characters seem forced and has no room to really grow. As a fan of Moana, and someone who was really excited for Raya, I just found myself utterly disappointed and looking for somebody that can get me back those 2 hours of my miserable life.

terithurman 7 March 2021

No character or plot development. Overall, it was Sloppy, boring, and unimaginative - a lot of narration because of the lazy writing. I don't know who in their right mind gave this terrible movie a good rating. My kids and I thought it was total garbage. One of Disney's worst movies...and they have done a lot of bad ones. Waste of time!

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