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Rebecca (2020)

Drama | Romance 
Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: UK | USA
Language: English

A young newlywed arrives at her husband's imposing family estate on a windswept English coast and finds herself battling the shadow of his first wife, Rebecca, whose legacy lives on in the house long after her death.

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faolanredwolf 22 October 2020

How can something, so beautiful, so twisted and so disturbing, be so boring?

Blk_Ne190 15 November 2020

I don't understand why you would attempt to remake a film who's shoes are just too big to fill.

First off the film looks great especially the scenes in France and the story is good but that is the source materials fault not anyone involved with this film.

I thought it was pretty bland apart from the points above. The characters were just so blah. I literally cared more about Clarice the maid than the lead characters. She seemed nice which is at least an adjective, I can't really think of any adjectives to describe Mr and Mrs de Winters. So that tells you something.

I was really looking forward to the costumes too but for the most part I was let down. They stuck Mrs de Winter in like dumpy hats and cardigans that you could go and pick up from H & M. I don't understand this choice. In the Hitchcock film they give her interesting dresses and stylish tops. I was so confused.

I also don't believe the reviews that say this captures old Hollywood. I didn't feel it, it 100% felt like a 2020 film. If you want a old Hollywood movie just go and watch one.

I would honestly skip it, it was pretty confused. The first chunk of the movie felt like full romance but then it shifts into like a boring drama then it's all like Frankensteined together with horror tropes like "jump scares". It had no point of view.

maysaif 21 October 2020

It just kept me going back and forth, and I thought I'd land in a good place in the end, but no.

The first half was good, but the second half is when everything started to fall apart for me.

Without revealing too much, in the second half, especially towards the end (like the last half hour), the dialogue turned awkward & inconsistent. The events including significant revelations were RUSHED so much that there was no build up to them nor enough time to let them sink in before moving on to the next scene. The reactions to some news or events within the plot were dull & lacked sincerity and passion.

The editing for those scenes didn't help either. It just kept jumping too fast to the next scene or cut to a different frame in a different location in the middle of a revealing conversation. That's when they lost me. The emotional connection I wanted to feel for the characters kept being interrupted.

Though I still kept an open mind and was hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised that I'll love this movie by the end of it, but unfortunately, it just kept going the same kind of direction till the movie was over.

I've been looking forward to this, and even with my expectations being reasonable and not too high, I still didn't get what I wanted.

And just to be clear, I'm not comparing this to Hitchcock's version. In fact, I've never even seen it. So this is solely based on the execution of the story in this specific movie. It simply didn't do it for me.

rux_z 21 October 2020

There should be a rule, don't remake a great classic movie if you have nothing new or interesting to add to it. This looked like the Hallmark version of Hitchcock's classic film noir. Lilly James is overacting the shy, inexperienced character, she walks like Forrest Gump in some scenes, for example where she's following Rebecca's ghost at the party. She also pouts all the time. Armie Hammer has the intensity of a carrot, he's too vanilla for the role. His suits are horrible, badly tailored, the mustard suit in the beginning is an eye sore. Kristin Scott Thomas as Mrs Danvers is the only saving grace of this movie. And finally, the cinematography is bad. It's like somebody wanted to make a rom com and changed their mind in the last minute. Those happy, ultra saturated colors don't fit the mood of a dark gothic romance novel in the least.

Xstal 21 October 2020

... and not just the second Mrs. de Winter, so fascinatingly re-enacted by Lily James here. If you're in a position to be unbiased by the 1940 performance, are unfamiliar or uncertain of its existence - lucky you! It means you have something quite spectacular to look forward to. On the other hand, if you are acquainted with the exponential escalation of the Hitchcock masterpiece, you may well have found yourself tentatively looking forward to the finale, because up to and excluding the final twenty minutes, this almost had a chance of keeping its head above water. Sadly, however, that ending cascades from the cliffs, breaks up on the rocks, is torn apart by the waves to be cast out to sea, where it sinks to the bottom - Je ne Reviens.

stellafoster 21 October 2020

Rebecca is one of my favourite novels. It stayed with me years after reading it. The lead actress in this film is someone I've always enjoyed watching so I was pleased when I heard she was cast in this as I thought she would be good in this role. Unfortunately, I'm disappointed with this adaptation. It completely lacks charm and suspense. The whole film feels rushed and lines are delivered with no emotion. I didn't care for any of the characters. They didn't feel anything like those from the book. I just don't understand how - with such great material to work from - filmmakers can still get it so wrong in this day and age with every resource at their fingertips. So disappointing for the viewers. Overall, this feels like a TV adaptation, not a movie. Instantly forgettable.

deeveejay-72365 22 October 2020

I was excited to see this new version of a much-loved (by me) story. Sadly, this film falls horribly flat. There was no heat, no drama, and no suspense. The story and acting were both totally flat. WAY too much license taken with the story, which added nothing to the film. Dont waste your time here. Re-watch the Hitchcock version, or better still, read the book. Trust me, your inner imagination will be far more satisfying. (And I gave it two stars just because I love the story, so those two sad stars are for Daphne DuMaurier's story).

martyn_mansfield 21 October 2020

With no knowledge of the original novel or the Hitchcock adaptation, I had a sense of intrigue in the build up to watching Rebecca. Sadly, for all the impressiveness of the costumes and locations, the current 5.8 rating is about right. I found myself watching and waiting for something to happen, rather than actually being engrossed in the story. It is rather dull and fragmented, with little suspense and characters you come to care little about. There seems to be little or no repercussions for anyone's actions, and the ending is rushed and cut to pieces. It felt like there was more story to tell but even two hours wasn't enough to fit it all in. Maybe a TV adaptation would have been a better idea....

msclaus 24 October 2020

This adds nothing to a classic. It is so lame of a remake, all it can do is try not to embarrass itself too badly as it did with that horrendous yellow suit. The acting is subpar, the few changes just takes away from the story, the costumes made you cringe at times, there was no mystery, no suspense, no foreboding atmosphere, no thrill and not even the Danvers character could add anything redeeming to this. There was nothing in this version that made the original such a timeless classic. At least in others adaptions, there was something of worth, even if it could not live up to its predecessor. You might want to stick to the original and forget this ever was made.

zivasilverman 22 October 2020

What bothered me most about this adaptation was its handling of Maxim and the second Mrs. de Winter's relationship. Throughout most of the book, Maxim is reserved and standoffish toward the second Mrs. de Winter. Although he could be witty and playful, there was always a solid barrier between them. That's what made the scene where Maxim finally confesses what happened to Rebecca so potent. Finally, they (Maxim and the second Mrs de Winter) are able to be intimate because Maxim has let down his barrier. In this movie, they are all over each other from the outset. There are a few moments of emotional distance between them, but the constant physical contact between them took away from the tension, loneliness and doubt that was so apparent in the book. And the ending - don't even get me started! That was so, so cheesy. Ugh!

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