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Relic (2020)

Drama | Mystery 
Rayting:   5.9/10 17059 votes
Country: Australia | USA
Language: English

A daughter, mother and grandmother are haunted by a manifestation of dementia that consumes their family's home.

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horrorbladesreviews 10 July 2020

I've been awaiting the arrival of this film ever since watching the trailer a few weeks ago. It had that depth of darkness and a feeling of realness to it that I look for in a good horror film. Relic explores the subject of dementia in a unique fashion that will pull at your heart strings. Especially for those that have dealt with the illness first hand.

Relic is essentially a drama which disguises itself as a horror film by using a few of the classic horror conventions and clichés. The metaphors provide the real horror here.

The three main actors do a great job of conveying the story and deliver a wonderful performance that will leave you emotionally gripped throughout. Where Relic lacks, is in pace. At times it can be rather dull, long winded and only finally picks up in the last 1/3rd of the film.

The climax of the film will have you on the edge of your seat and is easily the best part of the film. Those that don't like thought provoking, symbolic conclusions will probably want to stay clear of this one. Still, it's one of the more memorable endings to a film I've seen in a while and undoubtedly uncomfortable.

This one is worth the runtime just for the brilliant score, ambiance and composition. You definitely need a decent pair of headphones or a nice sound system to get the most out of this one. The film is very dark, visually, it can be hard to make out specific details in most scenes. Obviously this is done to expand the creepy and unpredictable atmosphere but if anything, makes the film seem duller.

It's not a 10/10 movie by any means but it does serve as a mildly entertaining way to pass an hour and a half of time. Especially if you don't have anything else to do or watch. Give it a go, you may like it.

My retrospective on this one: sometimes you have to discard the old version of a person you knew and learn to love them for what they've become.

Erwin-6 16 July 2020

Another one of these films where most reviews here say a lot more about the reviewer than the film.

This is quite an intelligent debut. Not a masterpiece, but obviously not "the worst movie ever" or "incredibly boring"

It's just a bit more original than the average Blumhouse blueprinted copycat.

michaeljpfitzgerald 11 July 2020

It's so rare that anyone uses the horror genre to tell you something you needed to know about life. I'm absolutely overwhelmed at how elegantly this film horrified me, how totally it drew me in, and the *work* being done by the cast.

A really beautiful, touching, absolutely terrifying movie, that hit me across nearly every note. My gosh. Worth a watch.

markwoodward4 10 July 2020

Honestly couldn't see half of what was going on. Greatly overrated, which is sad because I love a good Australian movie.

arabnikita 10 July 2020

Here we go again....Another attempt of a slow burn horror but the only thing that burnt out was my patience. I mean it's one thing if after all the build up made suspense we would actually get some genuine scares but here it is just not there. Nothing, Nada, not a single moment of fear.

At the end of the day the movie can look good, have fine actors and possess a decent story but it would be nothing without the actually horror which turns out to be the title of the genre.


gillianronnie 10 July 2020

Why do these awful artsy fartsy contrived dramas keep being passed as horror when they're absolutely not. Are critics just that clueless and deluded? This plays by the numbers like so many other critically hailed "horror" films of the last decade. Apparently to get great reviews you can just follow the same dry uninspired formula of symmetrical camerawork and supposed dread inducing overacting. Then add a deep metaphorical message that is just as effective as an actual visual monster because " what you can't see is scarier". No that isn't true horror. It's drama. It's just such a miserably lazy film even though Mortimer salvages it from being truly terrible.

karamolegos_george 11 July 2020

A young director clearly inspired by the great Aronofsky writes and directs a masterpiece about death and loss using craftily symbolisms.The movie is not for everybody to comprehend and clearly has an average of 6/10 cause most people expecting to see a cliche haunted house story.

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