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Republic (2021)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   8.3/10 2.9K votes
Country: India
Language: Telugu
Release date: October 1, 2021

An IIT gold medalist gets pulled into the Indian Administrative Services, where he confronts the newly elected political establishment.

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RameshJ85 12 December 2021

Deva Katta only known for Vennela and Prastanam. After watching Republic trailer got some hopes it'll be his 3rd hit. When I started watching this movie I feel wow what a interesting scenes in the beginning. Slowly movie graph was down. Director had much room to elevate few scenes but he was upset. Jathara song episode complete waste even song also not catchy. More editing work required. Expecting some interesting scenes after hero become special collector.

harris-javag 1 October 2021

It's not easy to understand deva Katta's writing and it's depth. People now a days like only useless movies like Love Story. These type of movies take time to become a success. Movie was about lengthy but there's too much depth in the movie. We do research for Nolan films even though we wouldn't understand a bit Even Deva Katta's movie need the same research in order to understand. This is going to be another Cult Classic after two years. I am requesting those routine and commercial movie lovers to skip this one because they say it's bad without understanding anything.

srinibglobalresume 25 December 2021

The script which you will forget on very next day..... I think after chiru garu none of his fanily members were able to bring that wow feeling

Dont please mix up allu family, because allu arjun is just amazing and not be counted in mega family.

ghanshanichirag 1 December 2021

You might be thinking , I have written something being emotional as my caption but I mean it , atleast I have no hopes left.

Harsh reality is we are a one country on face of it but internally we never were one and we never will be . Castes , religions , languages, greed for power , greed to rule , morally corrupt , no remorse etc defines our country. Sometimes its very saddening to think that such great people fought and gave their lives for this country to happen coming to the technical stuff, I loved dev katta's prasthanam and he did not disappointed here either.

Acting everyone justified their part and tej is improving with every movie also loving his script selection.

A must watch!!

Shubham10 28 December 2021

Although I'm stubborn enough To Give the system a Taste but an self observed theory have always been in my mind- The victim is victim till he don't have power one's he gets one he will be the same criminal and forget his past." and To be true this movie has made that wound afresh..I have been always cheated by system be it in 11th entrance,UG counseling that too of ICAR and rest is that I'm from Unreserved Category... I've been felt humiliated many times in Gov Exam's results. But being a Nationalist and having Idols named Abdul Kalam & Vivekanand it was hard to just to flee on from here.... But this movie has mentally disturbed me especially since Protogonist Tej and I Share same Attitude, Veraciousness,Approach of life and Fearlessness...Let's see Where life takes on but If i had someone to be alive with I will Definitely Try to Go abroad now.... Lets see What life has in Store...🙏 Especially when Telangana and Tamil Nadu would have been my idol destination beside Home State...{both has local parties in rule and they make situation like you'll see in movie}

yogeshnandal-44248 27 November 2021

I too want to be an IPS but this movie shows that It's not so easy to do our job even after became an IPS hard hitting good story with lot of emotions and scary stuff. :(

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