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Resistance (2020)

Biography | History 
Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: UK | France
Language: English

The story of mime

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Victor_Fallon 19 June 2020

The movie has several areas where it plays fast and loose with historical events, but broadly speaking it is well-intentioned and wants to focus on Marceau. His story isn't particularly interesting, but it is very 'dramatic', with very familiar 'beats', so I can see why the filmmakers wanted to portray this on screen.

Unfortunately, they chose Eisenberg. His theatrics are weak, his clowning skills are bottom-tier and his delivery (especially when it comes to accent and projection) is so bizarrely off-kilter that he completely dispells any cinematic illusion and deflates every scene. It's a shame, because there is a lot of excellent production here with quality sets, costumes and locations to enjoy. The music is somewhat generic, but fits well. The editing is clear and competent too.

If you can tolerate such an alienating performance, you will probably enjoy this for what it is - a semi-historical tall-tale. But it was too much for me. I spent most of my time daydreaming about who should have been cast instead.

rocco-881-459726 29 March 2020

The film itself is pretty formulaic, neither really bad nor really good. My biggest problem was Eisenberg as a total miscast for young Marcel Marceau. As a professional mime artist, I might be twice as critical here. But his stone face, stiff moves and rapid-fire talking are pretty much the opposite of real Marceau. So I simply couldn't believe his role. So in the end, there is nothing special about this film, apart introducing Marceau's WW2 experiences to an audience that might either never have heard of him or just know him as the world famous mime that he became later.

Roevivium 14 April 2020

Was this the most brilliant film I've ever seen? No. Was it a well-told adaptation of a true story that deserves to be remembered? I think that sums it up pretty well.

Jesse Eisenberg delivers a decent performance if you can look past the shoddy French accent, but Clémence Poésy and Matthias Schweighöfer are the true stars here, with the nazi brutality of the latter made all the more shocking when contrasted with the concern he shows towards his own child.

A few reviews comment on the 'formulaic' nature of this film - whilst from an entertainment perspective this might be a valid critique, I personally believe it is vital that these stories are told and retold, and highlighting the bravery of an individual is a valuable way to do so.

oeliwat 9 April 2020

If he Hallmark channel, Disney, and WWII had a threesome, this movie would be the child. Very weak either with regards to script or acting.

samuelwebster-05926 18 April 2020

This movie plucks at the heart strings. I will have to do some digging on how historically accurate this film was but I feel that Eisenberg did a fantastic job. Don't let the negative reviews deter you from this. The plot was well thought out and all of the cast portrayed their characters very well. I rented this movie from amazon for $7 and I am going to buy the dvd to add to my collection l.

aldiboronti 29 March 2020

The parts being Clémence Poésy as a Resistance fighter and Matthias Schweighöfer in a bravura performance as Klaus Barbie the Gestapo chief of Lyons. These two are superb and worth the price of admission alone, although that price includes having to put up with the mediocre acting of the rest of the cast, including a completely pointless cameo by Ed Harris as General Patton who is shoehorned in at the beginning for no reason at all. Does Harris really need work this badly?

joaosantos20 2 April 2020

I can't watch such a serious movie with such a bad actor. Make him do comedies or something, not this.

ernestouribedz 30 March 2020

Man is this a train-wreck, the result from a combination of a mediocre script and a really hilariously bad miscast. This movie is boring when it tries to be funny and hilarious when it tries to be serious. It's not all Eisenberg's fault, he's a good actor on the 10% of gigs he's actually suited for, but a teenage mime(lol) its not one of those. Again the script is also pretty mediocre, if this where the exact same movie, but with a foreign production and french actors with an adequate lead it would probably win some local prizes at French film festivals but nothing more.

guauen 30 March 2020

Marceau's life story deserves to be told. His body of work is a precious gift. Sadly, this is a journeyman's effort from Jon Jakubowicz; the script lacks nuance; and, the film falls well short of good cinema. Jesse Eisenberg does a fair job of his dramatic role but he is no mime, and here, that's a shame. Bella Ramsey stands out as Elizabeth. Not worth going out on a cold night to see this plodding tale.

legrandcaelum 29 March 2020

Honestly, Eisenberg is a disaster as actor and extreeeeemely bad choice for this title. He can't act, he has no charisma.

Seppe_VB 29 March 2020

... and above all less Eisenberg. He's just not believable. His fast talking style couldn't more out of place. The rest of the cast is doing a decent job, and it is a story that needs to be told and never forgotten. But this was not the way.

andrewzeleno 17 April 2020

In the late 1942 the lead of this Resistance says, "We are the only ones who are resisting Hitler". It sounds like a spit in the Russian face who just encircled 6th Army in Stalingrad. USSR lost 27 million people in this war. And it is only official statistics. The second problem is the leader of the resistance is woman and her assistant is a black guy. Is it a liberal political movie?

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