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Ride or Die (2021)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.5/10 925 votes
Country: Japan
Language: English

Rei helps the woman she's been in love with for years escape her abusive husband. While on the run, their feelings for each other catch fire.

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Khallie 16 April 2021

Unbelievable and nonsensical. Touches on some issues but wasn't put together well.

spaceynoodle 16 April 2021

Very emotional story, approached with objective realism and a deep, meaningful message; What would you do for love?

itsjaycube 16 April 2021

Had potential story with good acting, expect it too dark for romance movie and also the pacing slow.

sensensical 22 April 2021

Awful adaptation of an incredible source. Obviously made by a man. Just read the manga.

xavierenjoy 16 April 2021

Must watch movie!

Even tho I'm not a BI, but this movie give me a learn about love and and finding your happiness. Thanks for everyone who make this movie, such a masterpiece.

keikoyoshikawa 15 April 2021

Thankfully, this movie is not a knock-off of Thelma and Louis. That said, it has its moments but also a lot of flaws.

The good: The subject of domestic abuse or LGBTQ is not often seen in Japanese cinema, so this movie is a welcomed rarity. The soundtrack is also interesting, as if it is trying to convince the viewer that they are watching merely a romantic movie.

The bad: The acting is too wooden at times. The dialogue sometimes sounds like exposition rather than organic conversation. The story at its very basic is not very believable. This last part is the worst, because the movie seems.to suggest that if you're LGBTQ, then you must have a mental problem.

Verdict: It's worth a watch, but really it's more of an unevenly told story about two lost women that is more a fantasy rather than an important dramatic commentary on societal norms versus those who are different in Japan.

mgreenhalgh-15727 16 April 2021

I liked the purity of this film. Really felt the passion from the actors in this. Cute, sad, happy all at the same time.

dcuevas-30596 15 April 2021

A good and very close adaptation of the manga. Great acting and beautiful cinematography. The chemistry between the leads keeps you watching and is so easy to believe that they would go the extra mile for each other.

Lovely soundtrack, too.

nanami_touko 16 April 2021

Finally, I watched this movie. I haven't read 'Gunjou' yet but I did hear about its depressing tones. I was expecting more darker scenes but gladly the movie wasn't that depressing.

The movie is very beautiful. Both actresses did a phenomenal job. I also liked the actresses who played the young leads. They were also very beautiful and talented. Both main leads have lowkey toxic relationship. But despite that, I still loved them seeing together. They make a good chemistry together. Cinemagraphy was also very beautiful. I loved the plot too. It's very rare for us to get such kind of different thriller crimed lesbian based movies these years so I'm thankful for the crew who decided to make this movie. Also, this movie isn't for everyone. Don't watch this movie if you're expecting some bubbly cliche lesbian romance. This movie has thriller, suspense, high nudity, graphics, etc. I also suggest you not to watch it in front of your parents.

There's 1 thing that I didn't like about the movie. Some camera shots were repititive which made me feel out of plot and bored sometimes. Otherwise, it's a great movie. I suggest everyone to watch it. The ending is also absolutely beautiful and it made sense to the plot.

rot93 24 April 2021

But the i thought somehow it is only filmed to make the lead very popular actress in japan naked. I didnt like it because i know how many people in asia did watch this movie only because of that. Cruel world.

mabzlim 22 April 2021

I love the story and kudos to all the team who made this film. You all rock!

audreylebriez 2 May 2021

I didn't like the acting of the actresses. The movie is also too damn long. A lot of repetitions and the dialogues are sometimes very stupid.

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