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Rogue City (2020)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   6.1/10 6551 votes
Country: France
Language: English

Caught in the cross hairs of police corruption and Marseille's warring gangs, a loyal cop must protect his squad by taking matters into his own hands.

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stefischneider 10 November 2020

The good: beautiful cinematography, dark, gritty atmosphere contrasted with the sunny seaside environment. Gory, hardcore action scenes.

The bad: almost all characters are übermacho middle-aged men in dark clothing and no personality whatsoever. For me it made it impossible to follow the plot. At no point of the movie had I any idea who is who, who is shooting at whom and why, and generally what is happening. On the plus side at least I can't give you a spoiler.

The balance: if you are exceptionally good at keeping 30 French men's names in mind and linking them to nearly identical characters then maybe you will have a better time than I did. Otherwise don't bother.

sbweightman 7 November 2020

A French police drama where all the cops seems to be corrupt, weaving a complicated web of double crosses, macho posturing and the odd action scene. The plot holds your interest, moving along at a good pace and although the ending's a bit odd, it fits in with the overall theme. Good acting and setting, but apart from the opening, is lacking in truly memorable characters or scenes.

lewilewis1997 30 October 2020

A very French cops and gangsters film set in Marseille. Nearly everyone's having an affair, smokes, drinks too much, turns a blind eye, breaks the rules, is corrupt or a corruptor. Well framed with some excellent shoot outs, some clever twists to keep you guessing, and a finale that I certainly didn't see coming. I almost hit the stop button as a twee French acoustic love song came on, a que for the end credits. It wasn't, don't stop, keep watching. Recommended but not an award winner, a solid 7.

TopDawgCritic 31 October 2020

Ya see what I did there? 😜 The cinematography and special effects for the gore scenes were excellent. The directing was decent as was the cast performances, but I felt some actors were missing that oomf factor, and felt like they were there only for the paycheck. The action wasn't really anything to get excited about and felt bland. It certainly needed much more of it. The pacing was quite slow so the 116 min runtime felt like almost 3 hours. There were many plot and technical issues, and the story somewhat convoluted and seemed to be put together in a rush. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining film, but I feel it missed the mark to be a great one. So it's a 7 /10 from me

ops-52535 30 October 2020

And you have to go to french cinema to find such caracteristiques from the grumpy old man.

its a dead on target film about strains of south french mafia, very corrupt police at all levels, and a twist at the end that i didnt forsee to come. there are extreme shootouts, tons of blood in an extremely complicated plot that only socalled genials can commit and produce, and the action does never stop and you havent got a clue who to trust.

its a harsh and extremely realisticly made film that wont fit everyone, and just say that if youre a corrupt civil servant or if suicide lingers in your depressed mind, then take a break and skip this.

for the rest, eat this frog of supercriminal filmaction, its not a ten ,though a very strong 8

wjosephjorob 2 November 2020

An elite police squad, try to play on both sides of the fence between law enforcement and corruption, then they make a mistake that causes a shake up on both worlds they navigate, the film focus on their leader of the squad, trying to make the situation go away the best he can, decent character development with the time frame of the movie , the action sequences were well put together , the tension build up was also well done, I enjoyed the film especially because of the Director, I've been a fan of his previous police thrillers and with his experience as being a former cop, he understands his material very well, overall good crime thriller, pay close attention to the conclusion, it was unexpected.

spikeypoet 2 November 2020

This film is very good. The locations and cinematography are superb. The action scenes are QUALITY! It's a bloody brutal film, though. It is a top-notch, solid action movie that has had a very high production budget. Very stylish and entertaining. Kaaris looks awesome in this.

okalkhal 4 November 2020

You watched the trailer and got hooked? Well it's disappointing and boring! The plot is just in chaos but it's good for a french movie.

shadi-08870 10 November 2020

I have not seen a wonderful and interesting movie like this for a long time. The film brings us back to the action that is real and realistic, the film is very good I recommend watching it,but for adults only, it contains very violent viewing

me-389-325519 10 November 2020

A fun crazed French action cop gang movie where everyone is dirty and looks like they're in a really cool French sunglasses ad featuring tough cops and gangsters. The script and plot are about as to be expected from a sunglasses ad. 😅

Ravesalot 7 November 2020

The first hour is pretty decent. But after that it starts getting worse. Some ridiculous moments lead tot an impossible ending.

I guess the judicial system is quiet in France. Cops handle everything themselves, doe better or worse.

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