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Ron's Gone Wrong (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Rayting:   7.1/10 25K votes
Country: USA | UK
Language: English
Release date: October 13, 2021

The story of Barney, an awkward middle schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally connected device. Ron's malfunctions set against the backdrop of the social media age launch them on a journey to learn about true friendshi

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briancham1994 2 January 2022

I wasn't sure what to expect from this film, as it seemed similar to Next Gen (2018) and The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021). They all feature an Apple-inspired robotics company, a quirky young outcast and a world obsessed by consumer electronics. What are the differences? Next Gen also has a quirky robot but it's more militaristic than Ron who is just constantly a ditz. The Mitchells vs. The Machines end up with no technology on their side at all. I think this film touches on a lot of points that are salient for the younger generation nowadays - social media fame is fleeting, friends are valuable because of their differences, and our mistakes should not be eternal. It's message was better than Next Gen, which resorted to sci-fi action to convey its message about tech addiction. However, it was not as good as The Mitchells vs. The Machines which had a more nuanced message about tech affecting our social lives. Overall, though, Ron's Gone Wrong by far had the cutest robot.

paulclaassen 14 January 2022

Oh, what an absolutely delightful film!!

Welcome to the future of social media! The future of technology - for children, especially - is scary and worrying. Children of the future will loose the ability to play and have fun, unless they have the Internet - or social media for that matter, regardless of which platform. It's all about views, likes, and followers. Very sad indeed! One of the designers even exclaims "How can you have fun offline?" Yeah, so true, I guess...

The film revolves around a kid, Barney, who is considered an outcast, and is constantly being bullied. Being the only kid in school who doesn't have a B-Bot (a social media device and 'friend'), he is being mocked. When his Dad finally gets him (a faulty) one, Barney's life changes in so many ways - as well as his outlook on life. This unlikely friendship is responsible for many hilarious moments!

The B-Bot inventor is cleverly named Mark (get it; Mark Zuckerberg being the inventor of social media giant Facebook...). There are many satirical moments, and also so many important messages and underlying themes.

The animation is great, the premise is relevant and relatable, and the humor is quirky. It's an action-packed adventure young and old will enjoy! The mature audience will be alerted to the many warning signs illustrated here, disguised simply as animated fun. Very well done! Thought-provoking!

Would I watch it again? Yes, this was great!

UniqueParticle 19 December 2021

I don't understand the few reviews of absolutely hating on this it's not that slow or saturated with to much of anything! The main voices are wonderful throughout and color design is really good. Might not have as much to say as others but what I would say is the film is solid fun that shouldn't be taken as seriously as some vehicle stories. Lovable mindless entertainment with touches of all around genres!

westsideschl 17 February 2022

Basic storyline of bullies against a loner, and bad behavior vs. Good. Eventually the theme of valuing friends wins out. Little robot "friends" dominate the storyline as their programming goofs have them acting like stereotypical out-of-control kids. Animation quality slightly below average.

cricketbat 29 December 2021

Ron's Gone Wrong gets a lot of things right. It has a good amount of humor, with the title character of Ron getting most of the laughs. It also has plenty of heart, as you really care about Barney (Absalom?) and many of the supporting characters. However, it feels like the writers didn't really know how to end the movie, and the story kind of runs out of juice in the third act. Nevertheless, I would choose to watch Ron's Gone Wrong again.

Pjtaylor-96-138044 19 January 2022

'Ron's Gone Wrong (2021)' is a slightly derivative tale of a boy and his B-bot that touches on themes of friendship, connection in the digital age and the ever-expanding world of privacy-reducing technology. Its set-up is remarkably similar to that of 'Child's Play (2019)', with a lonely boy recieving a tech toy that has been purchased illegally and has had its safety features removed. Where that film takes its story into more sinister territory, this one steers it firmly into a family-friendly zone filled with expressive characters, keen observations and a predictable but satisfying central arc. Occasionally, it can be a bit too 'cutesy' for its own good, even if it is trying to be slightly edgier than some similar fare, and most of its comedy falls fairly flat. However, it's always an entertaining experience that manages to make you smile on a number of occasions. It does have a very strange structure, though. Essentially, it has two almost thematically identical third acts, which slows its pacing considerably and is just a really bizarre narrative choice. Still, it doesn't stop the affair in its tracks and the surprise finale is just as enjoyable as anything that precedes it. It's also worth noting that the film has mixed messages when it comes to its depiction of technology, at once portraying it as a means to an end for companies who want to gather as much data as possible for monetary purposes (basically spying on their customers in order to more effectively trap them into a consumerist cycle from as early an age as possible) but also portraying it as a tool for people to make genuine connections with both it (Ron is as rounded a character as any of his human counterparts) and each other. This clash comes across as a little hypocritical, especially since the piece goes to great lengths to showcase the negative side of an always-online world - which includes the fact that gamified online interaction can quickly replace real human connection and that any mistakes you make can potentially follow you for the rest of your life - but shies away from outright decrying this culture and the companies that perpetuate it by presenting the latter to have been corrupted by 'bad apples' and the former to be helpful if it is applied - or, I suppose, lived in - in the 'right' way. Still, these themes are appreciated even if they don't come full circle. I kind of wish the Mark Zuckerberg stand-in wasn't as pure of heart and un-robot-lizard-like, but at least the piece draws parallels between its business-minded bad guy and a few real-life tech personalities, most obviously (at least in terms of visual design) Steve Jobs. I suppose, in a way, the kindly inventor who has had his work corrupted represents the ideal big-tech genius, whereas the dastardly money-grubbing businessman represents the reality of most of those same people. Anyway, at least this picture provokes some thought as well as providing entertainment. It's probably a good starting point for a conversation with kids surrounding its subject, though they're far more likely to be enamoured by the Disney-selling B-bots and their impressive capabilities than they are to be repulsed by the reality that our current tech is already being used for similar purposes (gathering personal data in order to more directly take advantage of our individual consumerist tendencies and using that same data to spy on the population at large). The very idea that a piece of tech could be your friend is disconcerting, too, especially

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