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Room for Rent (2019)

IMDB Rayting:   5.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Lonely widow Joyce rents out a room in her house and becomes dangerously obsessed with one of her guests.

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mjsreg 3 June 2019

Those who saw Lin Shaye billed and automatically thought this would be a horror will be disappointed. It is a suspense/thriller.

It is a strong story and the acting by all the cast is superb. As ever, Lin Shaye brings another diverse character to life in her performance as recently widowed Joyce.

The production is OK, but could have done with more emphasis on some of the darker moments to make it more menacing and keep the viewer guessing for a bit longer.

Some people won't like the ending, and more could have been made of it.

Even so, still a good film to watch.

laragi 13 July 2019

I really enjoyed this strange, sad, and laughable film. It has a lot of the truisms of life embedded in it. It's a step up from a Lifetime film with an odd lesson from a female perspective.

burningspear-15327 26 May 2019

Fantastic lead performance, a lady saddled with a heavy load of regret. As the story unfolds, you understand the reasons for her actions and weird social manner. A life tormented by the actions of another. Funny but tragic. I felt for her... well played!

Foutainoflife 11 May 2019

Upon the death of her husband, an older woman is put in the position of needing to find a way to take care of herself financially. She opens her home as a bed and breakfast and soon becomes attached to one of her guests.

So, this isn't a bad film but there's not much to be said about it. It is a psychological thriller but there isn't much thrill to it at all. The creepy factor is there and you wonder what is coming next but there is no real climax. You are just stuck watching a slow but steady deterioration of a woman's mental state but the bang isn't there and the viewer is left feeling unsatisfied.

If you are ok with the pace and the lack of a climax, check it out. If you can't stand those things, you probably should pass this one up.

geeklegionofdoom 26 March 2019

A lonely widow, Joyce ( Lin Shaye ) decides to rent out her spare rooms to get out of some financial trouble left to her by her late husband. She eventually rents a room to a drifter who may have a shady past. Joyce a fan of Romance novels starts fantasizing about her new tenant, and if things don't go her way, she will make it go her way by any means possible even if it's rather creepy. So what worked?

  • Lin Shaye is excellent in this role, making you feel empathy for her character even when she is going down the darkest of paths. A great performance that is frail but fearsome . Unpredictably manipulative , but still making you want to root for her in some fashion
  • The script aswell takes you on a journey with her character, expertly playing with your emotions towards her character. Kudos too, for not spoon feeding the audience with all the back story for certain events or characters, leading the viewers to fill in some blanks, but not to the point where it's unsatisfying or confusing .
-Confidently directed with great use of light and shadow. Great camera work and a growing sense of tension

What could have been better?
  • The story itself is somewhat predictable and you can see certain events coming a while off
-I'm not sure if i quite bought the 'Sarah' character, whose motivations for snooping around seemed somewhat flimsy

Overall a solid drama / thriller that has shades of Fatal attraction & single white female. Lead by a great turn by Shaye

xxxNICOLAxxx 11 May 2019

Oh my Lordy what a was good in the beginning with a little suspense that makes you keep watching expecting something to happen...but no. The ending is bad. Lin is really good in this (isn't she always), but the front cover shows her holding a knife...well that's misleading. I like the idea of the film but the storyline just went for a walk somewhere and got lost. Gave it a 5 for the build up and cos it's watchable, but i hate bad endings!

armanwhannell 29 July 2019

It's no surprise that Lin Shaye is a great actress. She nails every role she gets to play. However, I really enjoyed this movie, a very beautifully shot movie with a good story. I think I haven't seen a movie like this before, so this was kind of unique for me.

annablair-19191 4 October 2019

Lin Shaye has long been one of the hardest working and most underappreciated character actresses out there. Even if you don't know her name, you'd recognize her face and Room For Rent appears to be the first time she's been tasked with headlining a film all by herself and she proves to be more than up for the challenge.

After her husband's death, a painfully awkward widow (Shaye) is left penniless and decides to open up her spare room for guests. A handsome younger man takes her up on the offer and, in no time at all, she's snooping through his things, using his toothbrush and deodorant (in a comically creepy scene), and dressing up in a provocative manner to entice him. She's not going to let this one go and she'll fix anyone who gets in the way.

Room For Rent is low on style and scares, but there's a true human element to the story that many films of this type miss out on. The concept and material wouldn't feel out of place as an afternoon movie on the Lifetime network (and the production values are about the same), but Shaye's performance and a few disturbing touches keep it just barely out of those swampy waters.

Unfortunately, a lot of the other actors aren't up to Shaye's level and the film does suffer because of this. Some of the dialogue doesn't always help as in one scene where a group of young punks terrorize her on her way back home. No one in this scene resembles a real human being (even Shaye suffers during this bit) and one wonders why it's even in the film since these kids are only in two scenes and never heard from again. One wishes Shaye would have taken a kitchen knife to them at least.

ASouthernHorrorFan 2 June 2019

"Room For Rent" entices a thriller akin to "Single White Female" or "Hush". A dark and cold killer masking as a loving, comforting matriarchal figure. And to some extent it is. Only the thriller angle is soft spoken and not at all dark. The concept is, but the execution is not. There is no tension or suspense in Joyce's transition from caring to psychotic impulse. To Lin Shaye's credit though, her character portrayal is compelling.

The story is well written and the cast give great performances as these somewhat tragic characters. As a dramatic character study, "Room For Rent" is a perfect 'Lifetime' after dark TV movie. As a full on psychological thriller, the film fails to take off. The pace is too slow and mundane to ever rise above the melodrama. That being said, when Joyce does snap it is quick, and cruel and delicious. The problem is there is no real build to those moments and when it's over the tone goes straight back to sheer melodrama.

The horror elements are minimal in "Room For Rent". Very little violence happens aside from the typical pedestrian concepts. A pillow, a frying pan, and not much else. I think most of the nightmare takes place in Joyce's head, unfortunately it never gets fleshed out. When those moments do happen they are great glimpses into the psychological thriller this should be. Lin Shaye is great at bringing a little needed darkness and cruelty to the scene.

"Room For Rent" will be please Lin Shaye fans, she gives her character as much as she can. As always, her acting is queen. As for horror fans looking for a wicked psychological thrill ride, this one will disappoint. It will have an audience, the writing and acting is quality. All the makings for a good movie are here, its just they came together as a dark drama and not a real horror movie. Check it out if you really enjoy Shaye, but leave it if you want some psycho madness murder mayhem.

aramt-07935 9 June 2019

Lin Shaye deserves an Oscar for sure!And the topic is very painful as the population getiing older and older,but wants to stay young,plus the brain affected with old age... very unusual and brilliant film!!!

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