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Rose Island (2020)

Adventure | Drama 
Rayting:   7.0/10 12920 votes
Country: Italy
Language: English

An idealistic engineer builds his own island off the Italian coast and declares it a nation, drawing the world's attention. Values are tested when the Italian Government declares him an enemy, but to change the world risks must be taken.

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ue-53660 11 December 2020

This is a beautifully written, acted and directed little gem. It is very funny, sweet, intelligent and light. The design production and photography are particularly beautiful, colourful, a bit surrealist, reminiscent of Fellini's style. Very enjoyable.

Calicodreamin 10 December 2020

A really cool concept, especially considering it's based on a true story. I loved the music and the cinematography was well done. However, the storyline was slow and meandered a bit.

figueroa_j 27 December 2020

The majority of critics have no clue about the significance of the events carefully crafted in this truly Italian opereta. I was 18 when this happened and it looked absolutely insane looking at this from America. Fortunately I speak Italian and actors are just fantastic. I will give special credits to Francois Cluzet, one of my favorite French actors. The events are those that happened that year of revolts in France and elsewhere, while this engineer Rosa makes the impossible to pass the same message with technology.

yusufpiskin 12 December 2020

"Che vuol dire che si sono moltiplicati? Non sono mica dei cazzo di streptococchi!"

Starting with our protagonist, he's a very eccentric fellow. In my opinion, he's actually very smart, but maybe too idealistic and way too industrious to be considered "normal". Being idealistic and also zealously motivated to actually materialize your radical ideas is a very bad combination. It's one thing to have these really absurd thoughts, but it's another level when you actually diligently work on it.

I'm very interested in how they actually built this island. They are not backed by a major corporation, they are strictly working on a shoestring budget. The story of actually building this "island" is already an insanely fascinating story already by itself. It's a stupidly and laughably impossible undertaking; until they point when they actually were able to do it. This to me was a missed opportunity.

The film did show a lot from the sociopolitical perspective of this story though. That, too, are also interesting but I feel like it could have been more condensed and refined. Overall it's a bizarre story, this is something I have not heard of before; and I actually somehow enjoyed watching this film.

federica-scalise 16 December 2020

Such a charming real story, translated in a boring silly comedy. I really don't understand how people call it 'a gem', it was quite bad. Bad script, bad actors, super fake special effects . Nothing in this movie is about anarchy, freedom, '68, utopia. An historical fact so surreal, reduced to a stupid lame romance (with the most cheesy soundtrack ever).

faer_kr 10 December 2020

The incredible story of the island of the Rose is an Italian drama based on real events. It is about an idealistic young man who, seeing himself at one point frustrated and crushed by the system, rejected by his ex-girlfriend and alienated from reality, imagines a place that is only for him, building an island and unleashing the fury of the system. Entertaining Quality. Light jokes and sarcasms of situation. The time spectacularly recreated. The soundtrack at the moment. Good effects, except for two or three moments are not fully achieved. How many of us have potential and the system limits us and takes it away from us? How much of our potential and free spirit does the school and the system foster? Why does the system pressure us on those people or situations that it cannot control? That's what the movie is about. A film that invites us to exploit our potential and always pursue our ideals and those things that we are passionate about. It also shows how the system crushes you if you do not meet the standard that they want, and of course, the same society. The acting is good and the script is nice.

gcarpiceci 12 December 2020

Surrealistic cinema is a difficult art (and Italy has a real master in this field in Roberto Benigni), requiring subtlety, elegance, measure. None of these qualities can be found in Rose Island, despite the raw material - the real story - had a lot of potential. The movie is piles up cliché over cliché, offering just a series of rather tacky vignettes underpinned by an unnecessary and gratuitous foul language all over the movie. The performances are mostly of theatrical style, over the top and boasting, delivering caricatures rather than characters. So Rose Island ends up being a silly farce more than a surrealistic comedy.

marekoropallo 16 December 2020

Living not more than 30km from the place where 'Insulo de la Rozoj' was built, I was always interested in a movie depicting its history...This one leans too much on the comedic side (maybe to avoid a historic drama tone), leaving to the (skilled) actors the task of saving characters' depth. The technical details and photography are indeed very enjoyable, maybe it's just a bit noisy.

tmpsvita 2 January 2021

Aesthetically and technically speaking Sydney Sibilia is one of the few directors who manages to make a homegrown film at the level of other international productions and therefore addressed to a much wider audience, not limiting himself to the Italian one as most of the productions of the our country do. "L'incredibile storia dell'isola delle rose" is yet another confirmation of this: special effects, direction and, in particular, cinematography are of excellent quality, an example for all those filmmakers who want to change italian cinema to make it visible and appreciable in the rest of the world. Unfortunately, however, the screenplay does not propose the same quality, between forced and banal dialogues, poorly characterized characters and a fluctuating rhythm, everything that makes this (unjustly omitted from the history books) story wonderfully interesting is missing: the sense of affront and rebellion towards a system that seemed untouchable but also the absurdity, the incredible passion, the irony and at the same time the humanity behind it and its characters, are almost never perceived. The film works as a medium-level comedy-drama and manages to entertain and intrigue but is often unable to tell the facts as they deserved to be told, giving them the more than necessary political, historical and social importance.

fynnfinfynn 9 December 2020

This film tells the true story of the Rose Island. The focus is on the dreamer Giorgio Rosa, who is building his own island in international waters. The project soon attracted hippies and became a controversial topic in Italian politics. This film is entertaining, funny and educational. The actors do a great job and the sets are equipped with a great deal of attention to detail and a bunch of authentic vintage cars.

random-70778 10 December 2020

This film has great esthetics, probably watchable on that alone, but as a whole is a mess. The narrative is so drawn out, with at least a dozen repetitions of the same joke of incredulity on the part of staid bureaucrats, that about 30 minutes in, you'd be better of stopping viewing.

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