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RRR (2022)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   8.0/10 97K votes
Country: India
Language: Telugu | English
Release date: March 25, 2022

A fictitious story about two legendary revolutionaries and their journey away from home before they started fighting for their country in 1920s.

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RRR (2022) : Movie Review -

High and Low. No, I'm not talking about Akira Kurosawa's Japanese flick from 1963, but I'm talking about SS Rajamouli's RRR. Actually, that's the best brief for the film I can think of. SS Rajamouli has been making mass-friendly commercial films for a long time, but Bahubali brought him pan-India popularity. He became a household name and a BRAND! So naturally, anything he would do after Bahubali was meant to look smaller or look comparatively less because the bar was set too high for any filmmaker and for himself too. The same happened with Prabhas when he came after Bahubali with "Saaho" and "Radhe Shyam". Let's just accept the fact that a film like "Bahubali : The Conclusion" (2017) can't be made again and again. Not just because it was a Massive Blockbuster, but also because the kind of extraordinary commercial cinema it presents is almost impossible nowadays. When I saw Bahubali 2, I called it the Greatest Commercial Entertainer of this millennium after Gadar (2001). Surprisingly, these two films are the only ones in this century to sell 5 crore+ tickets in the Hindi belt. It was acceptable to see such heroic characters in Bahubali because the film is set in an ancient period, which makes it reasonable. But with RRR, it can't be held reasonable enough because the film is set in the 20th century, where you expect some humanly possible stuff. It doesn't matter how big (fictionally) your character is, it has to make some sense when it comes to on-screen persona, as we have had so many legendary personalities during this period, who have served the nation till the last drop of their blood, and it all came with human restrictions. RRR looks problematic in that sense, but if you talk about mass cinema, then RRR is simply phenomenal.

RRR is a fictional tale set in the 1920s. Two Indian revolutionaries, Rama Raju (Ram Charan) and Komaram Bheem (Jr. NTR), try to fight the mighty British Empire and Nizam of Hyderabad in their own ways, which are interestingly opposite and unknown to each other. Bheem is after a little girl who has been abducted by British officer Steve (Ray Stevenson) and his wife, Lady Scott (Alison Doody), while Rama is a British cop who tries to stop him. Two powerful heroes, one fiRe and one wateR, are pitted against each other, and then you get to know about their agendas in the second half when the story unfolds the past events.

RRR presents Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in never-seen-before avatars. Rajamouli makes sure that their crazy mass fan following gets enough content to have a big mass party in the cinema halls. Ram Charan enters with a 5-minute long action scene, which does look a little too extraordinary for an ordinary mind, but that's what "mass cinema" means, right? On the other hand, Jr. NTR has got a crazy mass entry that has a class too. That entire forest sequence will blow your mind. A good happy warning to all Tarak fans: please keep your expectations high because Bheem is going to exceed all of them. The pair of Rama and Bheem work like a fireworks display during all those large-scale action sequences. Talking about the supporting cast, especially two Hindi actors, Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt, both have small but important cameos. Ajay Devgn does the speaking with his intense eyes again, and in other news, the sky is blue. This man has some charisma of his own. It's only a matter of a genius filmmaker who can use it correctly. Alia Bhatt as Sita looks gorgeous in every

krineshshukla 25 March 2022

This movie takes us to a world with emotional roller coaster ride, patriotism and strong characters. Every character has its own journey and a unique place in the story. I didn't expected VFX to be this good, I mean it was literally stunning to watch it in imax. The visual experience is what was very different from other movies.

Overall this is an festival which should be celebrated by everyone.

sujathakella 25 March 2022

Just watched #RRR. Are u going to read this review. Review less film, The Tag S. SRajamouli is enough to watch it Mind blowing, Charan,Tarak performances are Top notch , I think they gave carrer best performance. Vfx,Music, Production design every thing is Back bone of film, review is not more than this because Enjoy this master peice only in threaters....❤❤🙏🙏🙏 once again #RRR Pride of Indian cinema , Take a bow captain of the ship s.s rajamouli garu🔥🔥 4.5/5⭐ At last Dont encourage Piracy ,Enjoy those Veralevel Action Scenes only in Threaters.

owenpont-70803 29 June 2022

This was an incredible film. I never heard of this film until Netflix brought it up. I saw clips of the movie and decided it looked pretty good and watched it. I am glad I did, the dancing scene at the party was incredible. Arguably the scene was the best scene in the film. But also the first scene where Ram Charan takes on a mob of people was pretty awesome to watch as well. Overall this is definitely one of the best films of the year combining action, comedy, romance, dancing and great storytelling.

Quinoa1984 14 April 2022

Total militaristic propaganda on a scale that is as immense in scope as a David Lean and as bloody and brutalist as Mel Gibson. It's certainly nowhere near as subtle as the former (well, duh, kids), but it also manages to be rapturously stupid it's gruesome violence than anything the latter would do. My wife with me also pointed out Zack Snyder but far superior visa vi "here's a man with something to say... and it's LOUD and SLOW MO" and I concur up to a point. And if you don't like British people, boys and girls have I got a smorgasbord of "f the Brits" for you (it's alright there's the one good lady one).

But what experiencing all 187 minutes of RRR truly is - and final peppy and totally dissonant music number included that is the run time - is going to the All You Can eat buffet where you are not going to leave for like 10 hours: it's a somber and powerful war movie, a Gritty Run they the Jungle slaughter fest, a Cornball treatise on Friendship, a (at times very literally) fiery call to arms against the British or any Colonial power, a sliver of romance for good measure for Bheem, and for five to ten minutes a deliriously exciting Step Up dance-off movie. It's exhausting and crude and at times laughable (all those CGI animals oh my), and I had an absolute blast. You know what you're in for when our two heroes first meet under the bridge surrounded by fire. If you're not with it by then, leave and don't come back.

I know this is not historically accurate (LOL), but who needs accuracy when the exploitation-meter needs breaks through the glass and becomes a superhero bent on saving everyone with all the guns? This is gloriously crazy but it's totally sincere. Oh, and Ray Stevenson: performance of his career! (If only Aamir Khan was here, 5 stars easy).

m-ramanan 25 March 2022

RATED 10/10 Language: Telugu Media Partner: Zee5 Source: Nil HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Movie starts with two hero introductions, that itself like full meals satisfaction...Really the trailer shown the 30% of the movie, it has much more action blocks and goosebumps moments in the movie... its real double treat. Mass moments also doubled with dual heroes... Naattu song is the cherry on top, whole theatre goes mad on this one... the interval block action sequence is real jaw dropping one, even though we can guess this one, but cant guess the scale...

Second half starts with bit slow flashback, but it picks up to the peak immediately. Second half has more sentiments and more screen space for RC. RC outshines NTR in lot of places... All the action blocks are gravity defying but enjoyable.... After credit Janta song has cameo from Rajamouli. When the movie ends it was like completing the festival celebration....

Exceeding expectations in all aspects....

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