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Run (2020)

Horror | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.7/10 29942 votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

A homeschooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.

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Blk_Ne190 29 November 2020

This was such a good thriller. I think it was one of the most effective ones that i have seen this year.

It was defiantly a fun, hour and a half popcorn fun movie but i think it was just that little bit extra too. The filmmaking was above that for me. It just had that little bit of extra care put into it and i think it made all the difference.

The acting was really great from both of the leads. I was really impressed with Kiera Allen. This was her debut film and i think this will net her even more roles because she was fantastic.

I found the score really great too. It really worked together with the script and filmmaking to really get you into the film. I appreciated it.

You should definitely watch this, its really fun, supper quick and well made.

bolingerross 25 November 2020

I didn't watch any trailer(s) for this movie before I saw it. So I can't say if the trailers give too much away.

I'd say, don't watch the trailer to this movies and you'll be impressed.

Performances were great all around and the directing superb. A wonderful thriller that was well thought of.

Predictable at times, sure. But still a good film and way to tell the story.

Give it a watch. I know I'll see it again sometime.

dejavuicutooo 20 November 2020

I love Sara Paulson and she always delivers. Of course, it seems alot like Gyspy & DeeDee story, but it's not exactly the same. It's what also makes the movie that much more thrilling, to know it actually happened and happens more then we think.Either way, it's a very good and a definite must watch, especially during quarantine if you like thrillers! I am sure you will enjoy this movie, it doesn't get boring or leave you feeling as if the ending was missing something.

evacosme 20 November 2020

I thought the movie started off a little slow, but i really enjoyed the way the real action started and i also liked the ending. All in all, it was a great movie, from the plot to the amazing performances, especially by Sarah Paulson, as usual.

amandaglarkin 21 November 2020

Sarah Paulson is my favorite, but this film isn't her best. I waited for months for this to come out and I'm left wondering why I was so excited. The trailer gave everything away. You knew the whole story before it even started. There was little to no character development and everything just felt like it was 0-100 with no pacing whatsoever. Also, the makeup department for Sarah's final look-the hell were you guys on when you came up with this? I actually laughed when I saw her.

It was an okay movie. One that you'd be pissed if you spent money on. Same old story, same old acting. Also, nobody knows how to act an asthma attack.

rivertam26 22 November 2020

Originally intended for release in theaters this smart, intense thriller was sold to hulu and premiered Friday. The brilliant Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) stars as the mother of a supposedly sick child that she's spent 17 years taking care of her. The young woman Chloe, played by solid newcomer Kiera Allen begins to suspect her mother may be the one keeping her sick. The movie is intense and edge of your seat filled with clever twists and turns. Although the material is familiar its executed creatively by Aneesh Chaganty of the criminally underseen Searching. This would have been great in theaters but is still damn good at home.

****/5 Eric: ****.5/5

gabogrance 20 November 2020

Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen (in her acting debut) provide us with great perfomances, a very special dynamic duo that for that alone is worth watching the movie. Both are the best of the film. The script, by Aneesh Chaganty (also the director) and Sev Ohanian, is good enough to get to know and develop the two characters, find out what the problem is and reach the climax. It may be a simple story, but it is still excellent. Finally, what every thriller needs, a good scoring, is achieved in this film thanks to the talented Torin Borrowdale. Without a doubt one of the high points of the film. It's a light and exciting ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

cartervanh 21 November 2020

I am so used to seeing Sarah Paulson portray the victim, I've never taken any of her dangerous and frightening roles seriously until this one! I was literally terrified of her performance in this movie , but I still cared for her character in a way. Kudos to the young actress who played Chloe in this movie, very well done. I give this 9/10 I found it to be a solid thrilling ride that has some heart to it!

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