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Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020)

Action | Drama 
IMDB Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: India
Language: English

A tough army major is deployed to Kurnool on a mission to keep the country safe from external threats.

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dstrtejadevireddy 12 January 2020

Director isn't good. He is following the same pattern like focusing on unnecessary fun by rhyming punches which creates just temporary enjoyment. Later onwards you don't remember the fun or if you can then also you can't enjoy. And hero elevations are routine. These directors are treating people as 🐑. Audience don't consider logics. They just want some damn slow motion shots , shadow effects of hero , and in fights also they don't consider hero's personality. They just shows hero's walking. And these things are really not execusible , the dressing styles of hero as a military soldier is worst. The director should show atleast some bloody respect towards them. The only thing which will be highlighted in all Mahesh babu's movies is his running scene😆. First of all I don't like the waste director's intension towards our people.

patmit 22 January 2020

Got bored with the movie. Waste of time to watch it. Please stop taking these kind of movies.

dheemanth11 11 January 2020

The whole 1st half was story less comedy. The whole second half was logic less fights. You have Mahesh babu and Viajayasanthi. Could have used all that star Power for a much better movie. Heroine's character looked so cheap. Walked out of the movie before last 15mjns.

saijack 12 January 2020

Here in this movie the hero play as a army officer in j&k it is literally looks like hero came to army for vacation it funny and there is no seriousness in army scenes ( there is no story, content, connectivity between characters and scenes unessary songs and fights the movie is below average)

sujaydsouza8055 23 January 2020

Honest review, 15% comedy 10% Flying fights 5% Showoff bakwas 70% waste of time

bhallukie 9 March 2020

Bad storyline, forced comedy, no role for heroine, and the scenes are just plain boring. I will rate this movie along with another mahesh babu classic brahmotsVam.

kgspavan 21 January 2020

One of the most boring,laggy, stupid movies ever produced by the tfi. F2 director is the worst part of this movie. Mahesh Babu is just not looking young anymore. His performance is ok though. DSP music is absolute disaster. Most negative aspect of the film. Watch this movie in prime and save your TIME.

gvndkrishna 11 January 2020

The movie tries very hard to excite the viewers but nonetheless it fails. It also fails in delivering the message to the viewers due to unnecessary fun and drama, and the music was not so good.The first half was a nightmare.There are some strong points like fights, protagonist's acting and the camera work but they don't work against all the odds of the film. Overall a routine film with unnecessary comedy. In my view this was one of my worst films.

ajithchowdary 12 January 2020

This is a typical tollywood movie! There is a problem, hero comes around solves the problem with few fights everyone is happy now. Heroine character is to flirt, dance and to have babies with hero.

OMG! The army shooting at the starting of this movie is really stupid and dumb.

vdpcool-vdp 18 January 2020

One word, Pathetic!

Nothing in the movie is worth watcing for. Louzy direction, Crappy story line, Forced comedy.

kavithasuba 8 March 2020

Movie was so bad and irrelevant to the title. As always the lady character dint play any role and added just for sake and quite irritating. Vijayashanthi was one of the best actress but she is too rigid by face with no expression.

waranvaithees 22 January 2020

Watchable Only for mahesh babu. Villain character is not strong. No use of heroine in this film very overacting and irritating expressions. This film is just for fans not for general audience. First half is too laggy because of the useless heroine.

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